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By TerraNova 1,751 Downloads Website Added 02/07/2004 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DF1 File Name: EXPII.exe

DF1 - EXP2:DF1
EXP2F1 brings more terrains, missions, sounds, objects and, the Kalashnikov AK47.

New smooth terrains, tall grass terrains and, a load of new multiplayer maps and, updated GUI gives the old dog a new lease of life.

This is a total makeover for DF1. It includes new objects, new terrains, reworked stock terrains, a new GUI, new sounds, new weapon options, and more!

It includes the no CD patch and requires a large install first.

Credit where credit is due:

There have been many many hands in this project over the course of 3 years (maybe more!)

Thanks to ACDC/Psycho who first found and showed me some hidden objects in DF1

Thanks to Rak who worked long and hard on many aspects of this.

The guy who did the no CD patch.

Thanks to Butcher for showing me the TT Error Patch trick.

Thanks to Celtic for the cool GUI, and some skins.

Mucho mucho Thanks to DV for converting the objects, the new sounds, and his constant and invaluable assistance to myself, TerraNova, and the entire DF community!

Thanks to Servant for many of the maps in this EXP.

And many thanks to Morales who brought this project back from the dead, made tons of maps for it, tested it and too much other stuff to list!

And thanks to all else who worked on this project who I'm forgetting at the moment.