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By NovaLogic Version 020304 5,639 Downloads Website Added 01/28/2004 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFBHD File Name: dfbhd_modtools_020304_xx.zip

BHD Offical Mod Tools
The download includes the following tools:

Text Tool - Allows the user to change the text in the game. This includes objectives and any other text that displays in game.

Object Editor - Allows the user to take 3DMax files and convert them into assets that can be used by the Black Hawk engine.

Terrain Generator - Allows the user to make new terrains for the Black Hawk engine.

.def files - Allows the user to place their own objects in the game and set their properties.

Pack.exe - Allows users to pack their assets into a mod .pff. This will allow them to run a map featuring their own assets.

Sample files and Tutorials are also included in the download to help the user.