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By Pappy Version 1.02 3,046 Downloads Website Added 08/17/2002 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFLW, DFTFD File Name: DFBMS2MIS.zip

DFLW / DFTFD BMS 2 MIS Converter
The DFBMS2MIS Converter will allow you convert BMS files from Delta Force Land Warrior or Task Force Dagger to MIS files that can be edited using the either the DFLWMEDC or the TFDMED.

The program converts all the items with there correct attributes. All events are properly converted. This includes all sound files used during the game play. All waypoints are converted as well.

This is the most complete converter available to date. All weather effects are there. All groups, area triggers and waypoints that have something associated with them are labeled. All waypoint routes and area triggers have different colors for easy identification.

This version allows for Multi File conversion. That means you can select all the BMS file that you want and the program will convert them. When Multi Files are selected, auto naming is turned on so that all converted MIS files will have the same name as the BMS file.

You can also put you own favorite skin in the background. This is selectable from the menu bar. You can also restore the original background that comes with the program at any time.

DEBUG Option will dump conversion data to a log file that the support group can use to check for missing. This file contains data that has been converted as well as information that may not have been converted. This information has been provided to help the support people. It is not recommended to be used unless you feel you are having problems with a conversion.