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By .chancellor. Version 1.0 2,718 Downloads Website Added 07/22/2002 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFTFD File Name: DFTFD.Live.Map.Manager.XP.Installer.exe

DFTFD Live Map Manager XP
This is a quick little program to help hosts manage the map order dynamically (during a game). The host doesn't need to rename maps, and all maps in DF:TFD are accessible to put in order (custom maps as well as stock maps). If a map needs to be repeated, this is easily done. If the host wants to play stock maps in a different order, this can also be done. No changes are made to the maps themselves, and all order changes are temporary, so no need to worry about messing up existing maps.

Upon opening DF:TFD Live Map Manager, the game should already be up and running (hosting a map).

Click "Start" and all maps of the current game type are displayed, as well as the current map and game type. The program must be active in order to affect map order, so without clicking "Start" you will happily notice nothing.

The maps list is customizable to any order. When the current map completes, the next map in the list will be played. If the user wants to save the current map order, the menu option "Save Order" and "Load Order" are also available.

The menu "Options" contains and will contain various functions to alter DF:TFD game play. The host can pause the game clock by checking the menu option "Pause Game Time". If the host wants to repeat the current map instead of moving to the next in the list, just check the menu option "Loop Current Map". The menu option "Randomize Map Order" is self-explanatory.