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By Othello / Scott NHQ Version 1.00.09 17,015 Downloads Website Added 09/21/2002 Updated 02/23/17 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFTFD File Name: TFD_Fixer.zip

DFTFD No Cd / 8 Player Co-op / VON Fix / App Fix / Startup.htm
App Fix: This will install an application fix that will remove the low swap file warning message, as well as remove the borders from the game.

VON Fix: If you freeze while joining a game, you need to replace your Dftfd.exe with the one in the VonFix folder.

Startup Fix: If you cannot connect to the NovaWorld lobby, or don't want to login to play, overwrite your Startup.htm with the one in the Startup Fix folder.