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Interviews | DC-Scout-67
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Hello! What is your DF name?
DC-Scout-67, but most players just call me: DC

Which Delta Force game(s) do you make maps for?
So far I only make maps for Delta Force Land Warrior, tho I do own all of the Delta Force Games.

I am currently working on map # 54 for Land Warrior.

Why did you start making maps for Delta Force?
I love the Land Warrior game because it keeps the fun in the game play, so when I started hosting it was only natural that I would want to host some maps that I had made personally. It also satisfies an artistic need in me, and I do like taking my time on each map, so that others will appreciate my attention to detail.

Did you find it hard at first?
LOL, yes, mainly because I read the manual too fast the first time, therefore on my first map { DC_Winter_01, of which DC_Winter-Snipe_01 is the update to } and the next two, I did not know you could zoom in on the MED. Yes, that way it turned out to be a big map! I still use it occasionally tho, in fact we played it tonight.

Have you ever read the mission Editor Manual on the DF CD?
Yes, and I must admit after reading the Manual slowly, and several Tutorials that I found when I did a search: Delta Force Land Warrior Map Making, it quickly became easier and easier to make maps.

If Yes - Was it useful or does it need more information?
The Manual is good, but confusing in places, however with the Tutorials, such as those found on DFHQ.net, it is much easier to learn. I personally printed out the Manual and Tutorials, and put them in a three ring binder with thumbs tabs for quick reference. That plus the patience to take your time and get it right, makes map making a satisfying hobby, and much more fun for the players.

If No - Did / do you know it is there?
It was the first thing I looked for when I wanted to learn to make maps.

What version of the MED do you use?
I use Version # 2001.

What’s good about that particular one?
It seems to work very well with my Windows ME.

Where did you get it from (if not the DF CD-ROM)?
As with all my utilities for DFLW, I found it posted for download on DFHQ.net.

What is the most useful utility for a map maker apart from the actual MED?
An organized, printed out Copy of the Manual and Tutorials.

Where did you get that from?
Printed out the Manual from the CD, and the Tutorials after doing an Internet search for: Delta Force Land Warrior Map Making

Do you have a favorite item / object from the MED?
Mayan Towers would have to be my favorite object, and secondly I would have to say the common ladder, placed at -8 degrees on every building so I can get to the roof, lol. I like the high ground !

What is the easiest game type to make a map for?
The Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch games, are the easiest.

What is the hardest game type to make a map for?
I have for quite awhile been making my maps for only DM, TDM, KOTH, TKOTH, and CTF, therefore I would not know about the other types of games; but out of those five, CTF is the hardest. Primarily, because I like to put the flags in unusual places, not just on the ground. Anytime you are dealing with Z heights, it increases the difficulty, and frequently the only way to get it right is the "Trial and Error" method.

What is the longest time it has taken you to make a map / mission?
I seldom keep track of the time, as I am determined to keep at it until it looks right. I have had a few maps that took me numerous hours to complete. For example, DC_Mech-Wars_53, is one of those. I even had to build a very high ladder to climb up and look at objects up close to decide just how far to move or raise each object so that the end product, was a giant Mech Warrior, that looked right. Of course you got remember to delete that ladder before you make the final save of the completed map, lol.

Was it worth it?
Absolutely ! It is especially satisfying to complete any map, and even more so with a difficult map.

Did you ever make a map before you found out how to zoom in / out in the MED?
LOL, I am really glad to know that I am not the only person to make that mistake. I felt like a real dummy when I reread that page and found out I missed it the first time I read through the manual quickly. That was after I had taken numerous hours to aline the simple octagon CQB arena wall on my third map: DC_Tower-Circle. It would have gone together so much faster had I just zoomed in.

What is the most useful thing in the MED (e.g. group rotate, different terrain views, absolute height)?
I would say group rotate, because moving groups objects into different positions, is how you create custom objects, such as my Mech Warriors, and saves a lot of time.

What feature is the MED missing that would make map making a lot easier?
I am very glad you asked this question ! Yes is good to be able to change the PITCH end to end, but where is the TILT, so we can lean them side to side also ?

How many maps do you think you have made?
I have made 54 maps to play, one as a map maker tool to copy and paste vertical exploding letters and numbers {DC_Exploding-ABCs}, and 21-Gun-Salute, I made only to honor our troops who fell in battle when the war in Iraq started.

Do you have your own website for your maps?
No, I have not gotten into designing my own website yet.

Do you submit your maps to any sites?
Yes I post all of my maps on DFHQ.net. I used to also post them on EliteMaps.com, however I have been unable to upload to that site for some time. I emailed their tech support address several times, but it appears no one is maintaining that site anymore.

If Yes - Do they get good reviews?
Yes, from DFHQ.net. I really like their map rating system. It is a challenge to try to make a five star map, which adds to the fun of map making.

Can you name the best map you have ever played and do you know who made it?
There are a lot of good maps out there, for example your SB 3 Peaks is still one of my favorites. Another old time classic is WEED's: T_rex bone. But if I had to pick one that is the best made, and most fun to play with several players, I would say: ThreePointsToDie4, by Megzamani.

Can you name any other people who make great maps (apart from yourself)?
LethaL has some very good maps, and so does Who42 and Megzamani. Lyzzard is another Author that makes excellent maps.

How did you learn to make maps (self, website, friend etc)?
Actually, the NovaWorld computers went down late one Friday night, and I had a three day weekend at home alone, because my wife was visiting relatives. Figured it was a good time to read the Manual and some Tutorials, so I could learn how to make maps.

Would you like to mention anyone who has helped you out a lot?
I do not remember the name, but there was a host back then that did not mind if I asked him questions. So, now I return the favor and am willing to answer questions for any new player, or map maker that stops by my Colored_FOG site.

Do you have a tip that would be helpful to someone who was new to map making?
Log on to Private Games with a password, and test, test, test, that map until you get it right. Look for corners of buildings up in the air, and put a foundation under it, using wall pieces, etc.

Have you ever made a map with the full amount of items?
If you mean every item in the MED, no. There are a lot of items, and too many items cause lag.

Do you have a terrain that you like the most?
I use d4.trn, more than any other because of the huge spot of level ground. They should have made at least one area of level ground on each terrain, like in a corner so you could use it or not use, depending on the type of map you were making.

Ever make your own terrains?
No I haven't made my own terrains. My understanding is that just like skins, everyone playing would have to have that terrain or skin downloaded onto their computer or they would get punted. I like to host Public games, and therefore keep my maps so that everyone can play.

If not - would you like to? Or do you not know how, but would if you had info on how to make them?
I probably will try to make my own terrain some time, just for the fun of it. I obviously would only host it on a Private password game.

Is there any items / buildings / vehicles that you would like to see in the MED?
A tank for LW would be very nice, but the simplest objects would be the most useful. The item I would find the most use for is simply a plank. There is one hanging off the end of a building in the City block, but we need a loose one. A working door would be very handy for making custom buildings, also a large brick that you do not fall through, and a large slab of cement that you do not shake on while trying to use a scope. Some large curved pieces of cement would be helpful in making unusual custom buildings, etc.

Do you add a signature / your name to the maps you make?
Yes, you will find a DC on everyone of my maps. Most of them have the vertical DC that explodes with one or two bullets. Everyone seems to get a kick out of shooting my DC. That is why I made the alphabet and number set: DC_Exploding-ABCs, so that anyone can add the appropriate letters to their maps as their signature.

If Yes - What is it made from, what does it say and where do you usually put it?
They are made out of crates of explosives, and each crate slightly overlaps the next, so that they all explode after only one or two shots from a pistol even. I also found that if the letters are place fairly close to each other, the adjacent letters also explode. Since they are vertical letters, they have to be placed over level ground, or the shape of the letters will become distorted.

Has anyone ever stole one of your maps and claimed that they have made it?
Yes, on one of those Public Games sites from China. They changed my name for the map from DC_Halloween-CQB to: CQB-Halloween, {not very imaginative}, and changed it from a night map to a day map, {guess they knew nothing about the holiday we call Halloween}, but the every tree, bridge, building, and armed yeti were exactly where I put them. For that reason I was disappointed when NovaWorld stopped posting the name of the map on the public game site.

If someone steals a map, should the original maker be angry, flattered, or both?
I guess I felt both angry and flattered, but I do wish that when they alter a map like that, that they would take my signature off the map before they host it.

Do you like Nova's multiplayer maps?
NO, quit using them very shortly after I started hosting. For the most part they just large, boring, very simple maps.

Do you think your maps are better?
Absolutely! Any custom map is usually far better than a Nova map. They would do well to hire some of us to design a collection of maps for a new game before they released the game.

Do you like Nova's single player missions?
I used to play them a lot at first, but Multi-Player gaming is so much more fun, that I only play Single Player, when the NovaWorld computer is down.

Do you think your missions are better?
I have not made a COOP mission. I specialize in small arenas and medium size maps for DM, TDM, KOTH, TKOTH, and CTF.

Have you ever used a BMS to MIS converter to see how another map was made?
Got to admit I gave up one day trying to figure out how LethaL came up the all black arena floor. It was so simple, I kicked myself for not figuring it out on my own. Just click "No Voxels", and the ground becomes the color of the fog.

Do you get ideas / inspiration from other maps?
Very rarely, I find it is much more fun to come up with a unique map idea on my own. Now I must admit that watching a lot of SciFi movies when I was growing up, has given me the inspiration for several of my maps.

Which is better: night maps or day maps?
I like them both, however as one who hosts Deathmatch games most everynight, I have found that most players prefer day maps. If you are making a night map, I recommend you use a full Moon, with level 2 light blue colored fog. That will frequently make a night map playable without night vision.

Any comments you would like to add?
Think of map making as an art form and take your time to get every detail just right, before you host it.
Remember that the game is supposed to be fun; and that bickering and using cheat codes ruins the fun for everyone. Also, know what legitimate cheating is, so that you do not accuse someone of it falsely. I have seen numerous players falsely accuse anothers of cheating, which takes the fun out of the game also {for example: players from Australia seem to jerk across the screen occasionally, but they are not cheating. It is the time it takes their signal to get here that is causing the jerking, not a speed lag cheat. Just lead them more, and you will kill them the same as anyone else. And know that a guy standing still after he spawns cannot be killed, until he moves or fires his weapon. Stop calling people cheaters falsely, JUST HAVE FUN ! ! } Lastly, if anyone wants to try one of my maps before hosting it, just stop by Colored_FOG and ask me to pull it up. I am usually on the air from 8PM - 10PM Pacific Time, and I am always playing. I still love Land Warrior after two years of playing it.

Any comments you would like Novalogic to take note of?
Don't give up on Land Warrior ! There are two types "First Person Shooter" players out there: those who want their game to be as realistic as possible, and those of us who just want the game to be as fun as possible to unwind from the stresses of our daily jobs. I love to jumping off tall buildings shooting all the way down and not dieing when I hit the ground. Keep Land Warrior on the cheap racks {such as WalMart} and we will keep pointing them toward BHD, etc. when they get tired of LW.

Thanks for your time and best of luck with the mapping in the future :)