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Interviews | bigsmellyfart
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Hello! What is your DF name?
bigsmellyfart , I chose that name cause I wanted to make poeple laugh

Which Delta Force game(s) do you make maps for?
I make Maps for the Delta Force Blackhawk Down series that includes expansion pack Team Sabre and the Teranova Mod.

Why did you start making maps for Delta Force?
There is a little bit of artist in me ie i've done a few Oil Paintings and I thought i would give map making a try and fell in love with it. I also write Poems and songs.. im one of those Poets and dont know its..

Did you find it hard at first?
No not really I cut my teath on a flat terrain first to get the feal of the med, but it did take a while to learn different aspects or features of the med and I still dont know every thing yet.

Have you ever read the mission Editor Manual on the DF CD?
HEHEHEHEH....Only when i need to find out somethong on how to do something or needed more indepth knoledge of a feature or something

If Yes - Was it useful or does it need more information?
it was usefull esp the appendacies and deffinatly yes it needs a lot more info .

If No - Did / do you know it is there?
i knew it was there.

What version of the MED do you use?
any previous version to 205b or 206b,
205b really stinks with a crashing bugs,
206b has only crashed on me only once but the wire frame has no controle over the H axis like previous versions did this makes the wire frame hard to use and I cant do Team Sabre maps on previous versions.
I can only hope Nova will fix this error in the code.
sorry bout the long answer but i have to get this in the open.

What's good about that particular one?
206b has new objects and terrians and i feel Team Sabre will spice up the gameplay in spite of its disapoinments.

Where did you get it from (if not the DF CD-ROM)?
From theTeam Sabre Cd

What is the most useful utility for a map maker apart from the actual MED?
There are Terrian generators and other pff extract and packing utilities allthough I have not used them yet there are certain things you have to do to use a custom terrain and i have not taken the time to learn how to do that yet as there are terrains in the med I have not even used yet and now with Team Sabre there are additional terrians so i just strictly use the med its pretty much an all you need editor esp for beginners
oh.. i forgot the BMS to MIS file converers are very usefull esp if you want to modify a stock map as a custome stock map or etc.

Where did you get that from?
DFHQ , DFBarracks, DF COMMAND AND CONTROLE , DFBHD.dk, DFA, nova inside ,nova sheep etc..

Do you have a favorite item / object from the MED?
I got carried away with emplaced weapons on one map and it got a poor review... but i finally reduced them to 25 to 30

What is the easiest game type to make a map for?
Death Match and Team Death Match, King of the hill and Team king of the hill...well there all easy. Death Match and Team Death Match, King of the hill and Team king of the hill you can put all in one map but its best to keep CTF seperate from the other types.

What is the hardest game type to make a map for ?

What is the longest time it has taken you to make a map / mission?
I spent 3 to 4 weeks on " River Town " and an hour or two here and there for updates. it was my second map and i have some versions not released/finished yet. compaired to " Frag -O- Matic " a Team Sabre Map and my latest Map which took only 3 days and some on going update time

Was it worth it?
Yes it was a surprise to me just starting fo it got 5 stars and won featured map at DFHQ.

Did you ever make a map before you found out how to zoom in / out in the MED ?
Well there was this one game called Rise of the Triad by Appogee, its editor was simalar to the med and i modified a few stock maps half life was all wireframe at least it appeared to be, I never figure it out.

What is the most useful thing in the MED (e.g. group rotate, different terrain views, absolute height)?
Group rotate and edit item atributes and of course Insert mode

What feature is the MED missing that would make map making a lot easier?
oh gee.. perhaps a select all objects in an area and copy delete move etc and gee i have to insert a pix here.
I recommend to Nova to rearrange the menu to this as normally clear is at the top have you ever been in a hurry and slipped and the curser was on clear and as it was your first attemp to SAVE AS...

How many maps do you think you have made?
Seven plus smaller versions of each map one is in process till i figure out how to do what i want to do i need to investigate the new terrains in team sabre

Do you have your own website for your maps?
No... Not yet but thanks for the idea

Do you submit your maps to any sites ?
Yes as many sites as i can but some sites are not in the know on the propper way to upload maps and that just hurts thier site if you do certian things in your map the med will generate a seperate file like a .wac or .til and a few other type files that need to be included with the map and these sites make no provisions for it.

If Yes - Do they get good reviews?
i dont know about some but i stick to major sites like DFHQ , DFBarracks, DF COMMAND AND CONTROLE , DFBHD.dk, DFA, nova inside ,nova sheep, Nova world and novaexchange etc..

Can you name the best map you have ever played and do you know who made it?
gee there are a lot of great maps out there and on the sever you can get the name when you play of the map but i didnt think to look for the aurthor in other words no not right now i have to play my favorite server and write it down.

Can you name any other people who make great maps (apart from yourself)?
Whisper-M- , Jonny Rubber and I havent had much sleep so I cant remember any more than that.

How did you learn to make maps (self, website, friend etc)?
I taught my self but was not unable to ask questions from great map bulders

Would you like to mention anyone who has helped you out a lot?
Jonny Rubber ..sometimes he ticks me off but I Listen to what he says and make ajustments accordingly but some times there is also a map designers perogative but maybee later i might change it after i have thought about it for awhile.

Do you have a tip that would be helpful to someone who was new to map making?
No map maker makes maps for just himself he makes it for a very large community and its thier ultimate enjoyment he must think about when taking criticism good or bad and all this what will make a great map is how much the community enjoys the map if it sucks then it sucks learn why it sucks and do something different.

Dont be afraid to try somthing its only a program and it will not hurt. even Rembrant made a few duds...

Have you ever made a map with the full amount of items?
hehehehehehh...all the time.. a limitation i hope nova will double or tripple etc

Ever put a yeti in a map?
tell me how..! where can i get it and is it big enough to stomp the players...! and is it easy to kill...? actually i know what athe mythical creature called a yeti is but what is the meaning assigned to your version if its diff.like a roman candle is a fire work but to a sky diver its DEATH...caused by a floppin in the breze parracute that wont open.

Do you have a terrain that you like the most?
dvdg1 or flat

Ever make your own terrains?
not yeti

If not - would you like to? Or do you not know how, but would if you had info on how to make them?
yes im looking for a terrain that that has a lot of foliage on it so i dont have to waste the item capacity of the med.

Is there any items / buildings / vehicles that you would like to see in the MED?
fish ,water foul ,Snakes ,lizards ,spiders( tarantulas ) scorpions and a fwe jungle creature like monkeys , parrots etc

Do you add a signature / your name to the maps you make?
Yes i add my callsign bigsmellyfart to the map detail

If Yes - What is it made from, what does it say and where do you usually put it?
under edit menu general information theres a place for the authors name

Has anyone ever stole one of your maps and claimed that they have made it?
no but i saw a map on a website that had a same name as one of mine but it was created at a later date i asked the author to change the name and i never heard from him.

If someone steals a map, should the original maker be angry, flattered, or both?
i think a little of both

Do you like Nova's multiplayer maps?
original bhd stock maps they are ok in the begining but i think they were done in a hurry some lack basic laders to allow player accesss to buildings

Do you think your maps are better?
nobodies map is any better than any one elses there not better just Different each map maker creates in his own style ,likes and disslikes and preferences. each map was concieved as and idea in the map makers headits called creativity. and poeple either like it or they dont.

Do you like Nova's single player missions?
i am normally a single player type but when DHD came along i fell in love with bhd multiplayer mode and really have not played sp in bhd much.

Do you think your missions are better?
No because i have not made any SP maps

Have you ever used a BMS to MIS converter to see how another map was made?
Yes its ok to look and learn new technics but not to change the map and call it yours

Do you get ideas / inspiration from other maps?
i might get some inspiration but my ideas are my own

Which is better: night maps or day maps?
i prefer day maps cause i cant see that good at knight i have night blindness

Ever made a map in the shape of a smiley face?
no but thanks fer the idea

Did you enjoy answering these questions?
pretty much so

Any comments you would like to add?
i enjoy making maps and those who feel intimdated just jump in and get your feet its basically dragg and drop.

Thanks for your time and best of luck with the mapping in the future :)

bigsmellyfart's maps are available to download in the map section of this site.