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What is your name / handle?:

Where are you from, where do you live?:
Northern Minnesota, about an hour and a half from Canada

How old are you?:

What is your Role at DFB?:
Co Owner / Pr (2 other owners A.Bullet, and Sir Heifer aka Brian)

What did you hope to achieve with DFB when you took control?:
When we bought the Barracks our main goal was to not see it die, and to run it according to the effort that Camo, and Hakske put into it. To have a website for the Gamer, with any and all resources available to him/her, and to provide wether it be 2 or 2000 visitors what they need and desire to make their gaming experience more enjoyable.

Have you achieved that?:
Well I think we are on the way, but still have a long way to go. It is A constant effort to bring new and exciting things to the site, and to keep up with everything people need and want.

What are you now hoping to achieve with DFB?:
The same thing we have always set out to achieve, to simply provide useful information, and resources to the gamer. We have more in the works, and alot of new things still to come, but you have to take one step at a time.

Were there any setbacks in the website making process?:
The largest set back was finding a programmer who cared about the gamer, and had the fortitude to put A LOT of time and effort into the site. A.Bullet is the pulse of DFBarracks, and without him the site wouldn't be half of what it is.

What has been the general reaction to DFB by the DF community?
I believe it has been positive, and by the growth we have experienced since we acquired the site I think shows that.

What can we expect to see on DFB soon?:
In the moderately near future there will be an interactive squad database, which will allow users to list their squads and squad rosters. We have been trying to work through the increase in transfer at the site, and that has prevented some new things from being added before now.

How many staff help run the site?:

What is so good about the DF series of games?:
I think the best thing about the series is the friends one can meet, the great gaming relationships one makes, and the majority of the DF gamers are true to that. That is why I am here, not for glory, not for anything but having some fun, and being with friends. And of course running through High Desert with my saw blazing is a plus as well!!!

What is the best DF Game?:
Well in my opinion I am still partial to DF2, is what I started on and where I find myself most. BHD has huge potential, and cant wait for the full version to be released.

One thing you could add/fix to a DF game what would it be?:
To remove anything and all things that take away the fun of the game, to let all play on an even field, as in lag by connection speed, cheats and trainers of course, and whiners.

What are you expecting from DF:BHD?:
Well am expecting it to be great by all the hype and what I have seen thus far, just wish they would not delay the release everytime it is close. Also I expect it to be a new generation in the series, with a huge following.

Would you like to say anything to NovaLogic?:
Yes, I would like to see them a bit more active in the entire community, and a bit more tech support for game issues active support as in their won tech forums, or visits to sites with game related tech forums.

Would you like to say anything to the DFB Fans?:
Thank you!! for your support, and if you have a want or desire let us know we are here for you, and if it is possible we will work on getting your ideas on the site.

And finally give a plug for/to something/someone:
I would just like to plug all the DF sites that put forth the effort only for one purpose to make the game more enjoyable, the owners who put out their cash, and time, and did I say TIME? to give a bit back to the game they so love.

Sean, thank you for taking the time to do this interview, we all wish you well and hope everything goes smoothly at the DFBarracks