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By UltimatePlayer DFBHDTS SP 1,185 Downloads Added 09/01/2019 Updated 09/01/19 1 Comment PermaLink

Survival part 1
Your blackhawk was shot down on the way to help delta force inside the city.
Miraculously you survived with just a scratch while everyone else on the blackhawk died.
You managed to hide in a nearby building as the enemy swarmed the crash site. Somehow you were not found hiding.

You still had contact with the other delta teams on the other side of the city but they
are being overwhelmed by enemy forces and have no way of coming to rescue you.

Now that some time has passed and the enemy scattered the plan is that a littlebird will pick you up in a clearing to the north of your position.
Don't think getting there will easy.
We have 2 littlebirds with miniguns to support you.
Note: You can try to skip ahead at one in the mission this will result in you losing the mission.
Tell me if you liked it or how in the future i can improve my missions.
I hope you enjoy!!!