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By Mr.POW 1,761 Downloads Added 04/20/2009 1 Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFBHDTS File Name: MR_POWs_Mapmakers_Reference.zip

BHD Mapmakers Reference
The mission in this map, is to demonstrate some of the new features of Team Sabre. I also hope it adds more topics and discussions on WAC file programming on the bulletin board. The map contains various types of assaults, mostly by zodiacs and helicopters. Follow the waypoints, and I promised you'll see things you've never seen before on any Delta Force map. I used a lot of wave files to kind of carry the story. To complete this mission, simply follow old waypoints, and live to tell about it. The highlights of this map, from a technical viewpoint, would be the dramatic airplane crash, the Little Bird clearing out the main harbor, the zodiac patrol run around the island escorted by a missile firing Little Bird, and last but not least, the minigun and rocket strafing run on the fuel depot, which employs a squid routine. I don't know if it's consider a playable mission, I didn't plan it to be, so please rate this fairly. Hope you enjoy. Mr.POW, out

By De Buurman 466 Downloads Added 03/12/2008 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DF1, DF2, DFLW, DFTFD File Name: DF2mappingFX.zip

Delta Force Special Mapping Effects & Methods
Collection of tutorials by De Buurman on how to do various non-standard map effects, includes many sample maps. This is based on the Df2 game but might be working for the other DF games.

Tutorials include:
Parachute Tutorial
Shading Tutorial
Special Mapping Effects
Teleport & Assigning Tutorial

Includes sample missions: POW XIII.bms, POW Q.mis, S.O.S.mis, Pagode.mis