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By grenadier501 Version 1.3d 3,203 Downloads Added 03/24/2016 Updated 09/29/16 Watch video 5 Comments PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX, JOTR, JOE File Name: DFWIQ_1.3d.7z

Delta Force: World In Quarantine
World In Quarantine is a Joint Operations, stand-alone, portable modification.
THEME: story takes place in the mid-late 21 century.

Earth is a chaos, global warming, environmental pollution, famine, corrupt governments, civil wars..

And to complete, humanity got invaded by a humanoid-alien empire, slightly technologically advanced than humans, they call themselves the 'combine empire'.. This isn't over yet, for what people says, it seems that an experiment winch was being carried out in a clandestine complex somewhere in Russia, has gone extremely bad, lots of wild animals got caught and were being exposed to dangerous and stressing situations, even radiation..
Seems like some animals were not properly locked on their cages, they have escaped, bitten some of the workers. Those workers got infected by some kind of rage virus, they started to bite other people, and so the virus started to spread.

And so it begins, zombies, aliens, wars everywhere,You're a survivor, your only objective in this planet is: survive!

You have a nice variety of weapons to defend yourself from the dangers, starting from basic melee weapons, civilian and military firearms, explosives, and even sci-fi weapons brought to you by the combine empire.

The mod is fully portable (RAR file) you don't need to install anything, you just download the file and extract it wherever you want in your hard drive!

No it Does Not contain virus, don't worry, i checked it with like 3 AVs..

This is a stand-alone game, you don't need to install any other game or program to play it, everything needed to play
comes with it, even the Mission Editor.

If you have any problem with it contact me and i'll be glad to help

I do this just for FUN, I Do Not want to earn money from this or anything like that.

Have fun playing!

(updated: SEPT-28-2016)


By grenadier501 Version 1.3d 748 Downloads Added 09/28/2016 Updated 09/28/16 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX, JOTR, JOE File Name: DFWIQ_1.3d_PATCH.zip

Delta Force: World In Quarantine Patch
To install this patch, just unzip the files into the main game folder, open the batch file "INSTALL_UPDATE_1_3d.bat", and let the "pack" program do the hard work for you.

You only need this if you are playing on 1.3c or below. Please check the version before applying this patch.

Missing particle and explosion sound effects added to some objects.
Some small sound changes.
Added dialogs from DFBHD.

(updated: SEPT-28-2016)


By 4rc28 2,533 Downloads Website Added 04/27/2014 1 Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX File Name: DFX1SPmodby4rc28.zip

DFX Single Player Mod by 4rc28
Everything you need to know about the install is in the zip file, just follow the steps

About the mod:

- New missions for peru, chad, novaya zemlya
- Indonesia, uzbekistan campaigns added to the campaign menu
- Quick missions in single player/instant action
- Short campaigns in single player/instant action: australia, egypt, colombia, antarctica

All the maps/campaigns made by me: David Vadász aka 4rc28(novahq profile name)


By SGM Luke Nadewalker Version 2.0 1,345 Downloads Website Added 05/02/2012 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX File Name: DFXSG-V2.exe

DFX SG Mod v2.0 FULL
SG-mod is a Modification to DFX, DFX2 and Joint Operations. Starting its life as a small stargate themed weapons mod , it then evolved into a full blown "SG" mod containing themed buildings,terrains,sounds,AI,Vehicles and more. Ever ongoing the mod developed way beyond the original plan and vision, Evolving yet further, expanding its library of mapping objects to the bursting point.

SG-mod now swelled with content provides a wealth of unique items and is ideal both for sci-fi themed maps AND urban combat maps. As you'd expect there are some unique features available for mappers to implement into their maps, such as;
Individual (or groups of) player/AI teleporting
Vast selection of terrains
Multi-terrains (4 in 1)
Large choice of buildings and objects
Ambient sounds
Different Invisible blocks: control what goes where
Special effects
Many "modular" kits to make custom buildings,complexes, and tunnels.

In short , this mod is Fun and chok-full of things to play with. The only limitation is the imagination.

By bearforce.de Version 1.3 Patch 1,477 Downloads Website Added 08/10/2009 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX File Name: BFM-v1.3Patch.exe

DFX Bear Force Mod (BFM Mod) v1.3 Patch
Update BFM to v1.3. You must have v1.2 FULL installed before installing this update. http://novahq.net/mods.php?ID=403

Click here for install help

By bearforce.de Version 1.2 FULL 2,476 Downloads Website Added 03/04/2007 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX File Name: BFM-v1.2FULL.exe

DFX Bear Force Mod (BFM) v1.2 FULL
Click here for install help

Changes in the HUD Section:
V9TE-MED for Delta Force Xtreme Full Version

New primary weapons:
Shotgun (sustained fire)
AK47 (sustained fire and independent fire)
AK47/GP-25 (sustained fire, independent fire and mortar)
AK74 (sustained fire and independent fire)
AK74-Thermal (sustained fire and independent fire)
AK74/GP-25 (sustained fire, independent fire and mortar)
FN-FNC (sustained fire, burst of fire, independent fire)
G3 (sustained fire and independent fire)
G36 (sustained fire and independent fire)
M4-Thermal (sustained fire and independent fire)
M4/203 (sustained fire, independent fire and mortar)
P90 (sustained fire and independent fire)
MP5/10 (sustained fire and independent fire)
PKM (Machine Gun)
RPK-74 (Machine Gun)
M240 (Machine Gun)
M60 (Machine Gun)
L115A (marksman gun with zoom lens)
M21 (marksman gun with zoom lens)
M21-Thermal (sniper rifle with zoom lens)
PSG1 (sniper rifle with zoom lens)
SR-25 (sniper rifle with zoom lens)
SVD (sniper rifle with zoom lens)

New secondary weapons:
Anti- Tank Mine
FIM-92A Stinger (ground to air rocket with tracking)
RPG7 (Antitank grenade launcher)
Body Armor
M224 60mm Mortar
Javelin (ground to ground rocket with tracking)

New Vehicles:
Apache Gunship like KA-52
Abrams M1A2 tank like T-80
Civilian Taxi

Additional Features:
The M4 got now an aim laser.
Shot-(!) and Loading Sound for the T80.
Ammunition of the AT4 up on 3 rockets.
M60 on the zodiac works now too.
Helicopters with rockets can shoot now.
And the Ka-52 has a Gunner with MG and rockets now

New Terrains:
10 new Terrains for DF:X added by Cavebear exported from JO:E

The MEDPACK is now on Key 2 and can be used infinitely.
- New Compassring created by Cutter-s8-.
- New HUD Icons for most vehicles.
- New HUD Icons for some Weapons.

Changes in the Vehicle Section:

- Apache Gunship is now available.
- Abrams M1A2 Main Battle Tank is now available.

Changes in the Weapon Section:

- New Secondary Weapon for the Apache Gunship (Hellfire-Rocket with tracking).
- New Secondary Weapon for the Hokum Gunship (Vikhr-Rocket with tracking).
- Cleaned up Scopes of the G36 and P90.
- Change of clip size and Ammo at some Weapons.

Changes in the Game Section:

- 20 free chooseable Ingame Avartars.
- 13 New mission goals for Coop Maps.
- New Ingame Stats created by Cavebear-HB-.
- The 7 Exp Terrains created by SoniDeath.
- New Design for all Power-ups created by TOUROK
- 5 New Power-up Boxes (Javelin, Stinger etc.)

Changes in the Map Section:

- 300 New Items and Decoration.
- Now Rats available created by Cavebear-HB-.
- Now Piranhas available created by Cavebear-HB-.
- And some little surprises. Very Happy
- Now Single Shot Javelin Bot available.
- Now Single Shot Stinger Bot available.

By Vlad Version 3.3 2,548 Downloads Website Added 02/15/2006 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX File Name: DJ3-Full.exe

DFX Deep Jungle 3 (DJ3 Mod)
DFX Deep Jungle 3 (DJ3) Mod,

Click here for install help

By Tanya 203 Downloads Website Added 05/11/2017 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX

7 EXP for DFX SO
There is a program named DFX Terrain EXP.
But it comes with several files that a lot of people do not even use.
So I decided to only remove the land that is used.
I removed from it only the 7 terrains that are used in Mod Delta Force Xtreme SO.
Just extract all this content somewhere to open the copy all folder and paste it inside your main folder (Delta Force Xtreme OS).

By 4rc28 1,105 Downloads Website Added 10/15/2014 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX, DFX2 File Name: FlatTerrains_4rc28.zip

DFX Flat Terrains by 4rc28
Flat Terrains used in maps by 4rc28 and others.

Terrains include:

By SoFuRo / Cavebear 1,735 Downloads Added 04/28/2012 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX File Name: VX-full.exe

This MOD is a stand alone MOD never install VX-full.exe into your DJ³ Folder, because it will crash your DJ³ Game.
VX-MOD is the Player Section of DJ³ and it`s full compatible to old DF:X Maps (Stock maps).

By SoFuRo / Cavebear 3,536 Downloads Added 05/10/2010 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX File Name: V9TE-MED-WithPatch.zip

New weapons, terrains, medpack, AK47, M4/203 etc. Includes the latest patch.

By Jet Version Beta 1,694 Downloads Added 05/09/2009 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX File Name: SO_patch.exe

DFX Special Ops (SO MOD) Patch
The Special Ops patch is now available, everyone please download this and install.

This will patch your Special Ops mod. The fixes are: Grenade Launchers, Javelin, Stinger, Mortar, Flak Cannons, Island Wars campaign, Cracks trees, Cracks Helopad with elevator, and several terrains.


Run the full install and the updater before installing this patch


By Jet Version Beta 1,732 Downloads Added 05/09/2009 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX File Name: SO_Mod_Updater.exe

DFX Special Ops (SO MOD) Updater (Alpha to Beta)
This will update the full version of the Special Ops mod to the Beta version.

After you run the updater, run the patch

By Jet 1,029 Downloads Added 05/09/2009 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX File Name: somod_med.pff.zip

DFX Special Ops (SO MOD) Med.pff with Pictures
Med.pff with pictures for the SO MOD

By XO Mod Team Version 2.0 523 Downloads Added 05/09/2009 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX File Name: XOv2.exe

DFX Xtreme Operatives Mod (XO Mod)
New Operatives, Weapons, Vehicles & Effects

By Delta Roughnecks 3,082 Downloads Added 05/09/2009 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX File Name: XT-MOD.exe

DFX Xtreme Tactical Mod (XT Mod)
Sounds, Weapon's & Sights, Avatars, Terrains, Med Pack and Changing Crosshairs & Colors in Options!

By Jet Version Alpha 2,767 Downloads Added 09/01/2008 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX File Name: SO_Mod.exe

DFX Special Ops (SO MOD) Full
Special Ops MOD for DFX. Please also download the patch. Install this MOD and the patch into a copied DFX directory.

105 choose-able player avatars! Custom compass! 124 terrains From JO, BHD, and custom! New vehicle skins. And many new vehicles! Stock maps are compatible! 2 new campaigns! 924 total new and imported items added for mapmakers to use in maps

After install, run the Updater

And then the patch

By BOSS-(GER) 3,005 Downloads Added 05/09/2008 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX File Name: DFX-PM MOD.exe

DFX PM Mod, new weapons, vehicles etc.

By Brokenmachine 1,310 Downloads Website Added 08/22/2007 Add Comment PermaLink

DF1 Villa Collection For BHD, DFX, JO
Here is the DF1 Villa Collection for BHD, JO, or DFX. This pack includes the original drug lords villa and the walls, towers and stair ramps.

This is an early conversion I started on years ago and never got around to finishing. All the hard work is completed, only slight adjustment or upgrades is needed to port these to JO or DFX. (You'll need special collision volumes so vehicles can't pass through the structures).

As always, please include me somewhere if you use the models in your mod. Some of these have been floating around for awhile in a few bhd mods. Now you can have these models in your mod and make any appropriate changes necessary because you'll have the source files too!


By SonicDeath 1,393 Downloads Website Added 02/15/2006 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX File Name: DFX_TerrainEXP.zip

DFX Terrain EXP Mod
7 new terrains for DF: eXtreme or Joint Operations.

By Silentraiders & SonicDeath 2,869 Downloads Website Added 02/15/2006 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX, DFX2 File Name: soncity1.zip

DFX Flat Terrain Mod (soncity1 Terrain)
Are you sick and tired of not having a flat map for DFX? Well here it is, the latest flat map mod from silentraiders and sonicdeath.

Widely used by mappers, a must have download.
Just drop the files into your DFX Folder.

By Mod Depot 5,701 Downloads Website Added 05/09/2005 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX, DFX2, JOTR, JOE File Name: ModTools.zip

With these tools you can mod Joint Operations and Delta Force Xtreme.

Relase Notes:

Tools from Devilsclaw:

decompresses various files (.wav, .dds etc.)

converts a .bin file to a .txt file

converts a .txt file to a .bin file

converts a rtxt file to a .txt file

converts a cbin file to a txt file

Tools from DareHacker:

allows you to make .lwf files that are used by the game to play sounds.
It is also able to convert the .lwf to a .txt file.

commandline tool to decompress and compress various files (.wav, .dds etc.)

Tools from DV:

converts a BHD 3di file to a 3di file that can be used in JO.

- check "Convert PANM" if your 3di does not show up or crashes the game.
You should only check it when converting weapons.

- does NOT convert 3di files that have bones in them (GPP header)
- does NOT convert light data
- does NOT convert 3di's with multiple rotating subobjects properly

compresses the raw depthmap of a .cpt terrain file so that it can be used in JO.

encrypts and decrypts files with a 'SCR' header used by Novalogic games.

By Mr. McGarrett Version (Final) 1,690 Downloads Website Added 05/03/2005 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX File Name: ReloadedMod-Final.zip

This Mod is experimental, and is provided as is. I nor anyone who help make this mod is not responsible if you get banned (just don't go into Nova servers). As of 5/4/05, Nova doesn't support lobby access for Mods. If you want to try in online, look for a public server that has the word "Mod" in the title. I am not responsible if this mod is abused for cheating. I do NOT condone cheaters.

By tm.Thunder 2,063 Downloads Added 04/23/2005 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX File Name: JOTerrainsForDFX.zip

Joint Operations Terrains for Delta Force Xtreme
This mod includes all the JO terrains for use in DFX.

Intall notes are in the zip file.