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By =Haro»EID«=Badger= DFBHD DM, TDM 86 Downloads Added 04/08/2018 7 Comments PermaLink

Embassy Wars II Haro=Badger
This map is an enclosed version of one of my maps "Embassy Wars" which Badger ask me if he could modify my open map to an enclosed map, and of course I let him do it, so it came out great, he did a great job, I know lots of you guys downloaded the enclosed map over 700 times under the name
"Embassy Wars II" and my original open map around 500 times, which we thank you guys very much, the only change that I did to this map is as follows, added Badgers name and mine to this new version, and added a spawn point on default base to red and blue, raise the armories at natural spawn just a bit,and 4 more above ground bunker straight piece in front of embassies at natural spawn, 2 on each side, and that's it, so whosoever wants to have this map on your squad with both of our names on it, your'e all welcome to download and have fun everyone.

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD DM, TDM 725 Downloads Added 12/16/2017 Updated 12/24/17 3 Comments PermaLink

Go Karts II =Haro»EID«=
Hey Badger I made version II of your map, we always play the original version of this map on our squad made by "Nikolai" similar to Badger's "Go karts" and I always want it to make a different version of the original map, I'm sure you won't mine the name Badger.
I added some hummvees to the map,also buildings and lots of open space for more fun.
Thanks Badger!

By Badger DFBHD TDM 803 Downloads Added 11/27/2017 Updated 11/28/17 4 Comments PermaLink

Embassy Wars II
This map was made by =HARO=EID was nice enough to let me modify his map to a enclosed map and a few other changes. Good map plays very well walling it in kept all the action inside main map area. =HARO=EID asked me to put this up as another version of his map.

Enjoy have fun!

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD DM, TDM 867 Downloads Added 10/29/2017 Updated 12/12/17 2 Comments PermaLink

EID's Equalizer =Haro»EID«=
From the famous 365th Equalizer maps, I made a map a little different and at the same time kind of identical in a few ways, lots of twists and turns so you can wreck havoc, have fun and hope you'll like it.

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD TDM 534 Downloads Added 09/18/2017 2 Comments PermaLink

Embassy Wars =Haro»EID«=
This is a great open map, that honestly took me months to make cause of the terrain, great for everything, hope you'll enjoy it.

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD DM, TDM 699 Downloads Added 12/26/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

Mini Domain =Haro»EID«=
This is a short version of my first map "Insane Domain" that I made ,
a few years ago,hope you'll enjoy playing it.

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD TDM 518 Downloads Added 09/17/2017 Updated 03/11/18 2 Comments PermaLink

Boom Docks =Haro»EID«=
Thank you staff members for uploading my maps.

This an enclosed map with lots of hiding places to snipe, knife or do your favorite thing, it has 5 spawn points, 2 huge rooms on each side, and a long corridor, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD DM, TDM 299 Downloads Added 03/11/2018 4 Comments PermaLink

Closed'o'Phobia =Haro»EID«=
This is a boxed in style map, the name says it all, I saw a similar map in here and decided to make me my own with some nice changes and surprises, great small map with a big bang for sure you'll love it.

So you'll have lots of fun ya hear!!

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD DM, TDM 375 Downloads Added 02/24/2018 Add Comment PermaLink

Sister Heights =Haro»EID«=
This map looks big but is not, pretty good tight map, got the idea from "Golan Heights" map, I got rid of the bottom side passages, added some sisters to the middle of the map, and a few other things, should play very well.
Enjoy everyone!!

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD TDM 628 Downloads Added 12/26/2017 Updated 04/08/18 2 Comments PermaLink

Insane Domain =Haro»EID«=
This was my first map when I started doing maps, made lots of mistakes but I fixed them all little at a time, it was very frustrating at the beginning but I began to loved the challenge, I also made a short version of this map just in case this one is a bit too big for your squad called "Mini Insane" which I will put in here too.
Enjoy guys!!

Just took out the "DM" out 4/8/2018

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD DM, TDM 113 Downloads Added 04/05/2018 Add Comment PermaLink

2 Sisters Plus =Haro»EID«=
Here we go again guys and gals, Sister vs Sister, enclosed great small map but there are ways of getting out, pick a spot in the fog or on top of roofs and kill your enemy, best if you get the "plus" which is the spawn way on top for easier domination, one of my favorite old map that I used to play, made it with a few nice changes for greater action.

Download and have lots of fun everyone!

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD DM, TDM 590 Downloads Added 01/20/2018 1 Comment PermaLink

Havoc Oasis =Haro»EID«=
This is an enclosed map with a minimum level of water, sorry can't swim on this map, but lots of havoc closed quarter battles and great hidden places to snipe, you can find your way out and in on this map if you want, but I recommend staying inside for all the action and fun in this awesome map, I build this map from scratch from a similar old map.
Have fun everyone!!!

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD DM, TDM 363 Downloads Added 03/03/2018 Updated 03/30/18 1 Comment PermaLink

Warehouses Inc. =Haro»EID«=
Nice small map with lots of warehouses put together, some sisters and a tunnel on each side that will take you all the way to the middle of map, be careful if you get all spawns, your enemy's warehouse is well armed to the teeth.

Hope you like it!

Sorry everyone!
I found a few errors and I fixed them, I just want the map to be perfect, just download the new files and replace them no big deal
Updated 3/06/2018

Updated on 03/30/2018 just my name, everything else is the same.

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD DM, TDM 549 Downloads Added 09/18/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

Own the Roof II =Haro»EID«=
From the famous map "Own The Roof by Frog" I made version II, with lots of hiding places, secret corridors, identical but totally different, with five spawn points, three in the middle top, and two on bottom of the Mogadishu buildings with the two main entrances top and bottom rear and a secret one located beside the regular armories on top by bushes.
Have some fun guys!!

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD DM, TDM 435 Downloads Added 10/07/2017 Updated 03/17/18 2 Comments PermaLink

Killer Walls =Haro»EID«=
One of my favorite maps!
With lots of places to discover and kill, I'm sure you'll love it, find the secret "Killer Walls" the secret corridors, you and your squad and everyone else will have lots of fun playing this new killer map.

Updated to a greater version, with a few more killer walls, ladders to get to the outside of walls [inside] and more ways to get to your target on the other side, and on to the roofs.

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD DM, TDM 420 Downloads Added 02/20/2018 Updated 03/31/18 Add Comment PermaLink

Warehouse Brawl =Haro»EID«=
Nice small map, but is really cool for CQB or snipe from home base, has some secret corridors cover with weeds by default spawn so you can go from one base to the other around inside map walls, if the other team lets you, it has area triggers all around the outside of map just in case you glitch out, area triggers are set to -100 health ratio, so as soon as your'e out you will die, you can remove them if you want or what ever is best for your squad.

Updated new images on 03/31/2018 that's all.

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD DM, TDM 791 Downloads Added 11/28/2017 Updated 03/15/18 1 Comment PermaLink

Aquatic Ctr. II =Haro»EID«=
Hello everyone!
Probably some of you guys remember the famous "aquatic Centre" map, some of you hated it and some loved it, it all depends if your team had all spawns or the only 2 on the old map, nading down the pool from top with no where to run, some quit and some stayed.
I made a new version of the old map with more spawns and lots of hiding places to stay away from the grenades and 203's.
you will spawn way up high like the old map and when falling down you will see all the fun that you will have,download and enjoy everyone.

Missing two ladders by armories fixed.

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD DM, TDM 105 Downloads Added 04/04/2018 Updated 04/05/18 2 Comments PermaLink

Proud Sisters =Haro»EID«=
Another sister map my friends!
Cool small map with lots of action for sure, when you spawn you can come up the front door or go behind thru tunnel all the way to the top of your sister building, try getting middle top spawn to dominate your enemy and get lots of kills, fierce fighting for spawns that's for sure, you loose spawns and you'll be in huge fire fight for survival.

Download and have lots of fun and enjoy it everyone!

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD DM, TDM 719 Downloads Added 11/27/2017 Updated 12/03/17 Add Comment PermaLink

Primal Tombs =Haro»EID«=
Great small map with a short tunnel and three spawns, don't let them get all spawns you will get hurt pretty bad and turn it into a tunnel war, has bridges on the side, access to the outside but the fog is pretty thick so you won't get too far, you can change the color of the fog or get rid of it so it will be less lag.
I saw this map a few years ago and liked it, my respects and all the credit to the original map maker who ever he is, made my own for BHD and my squad, not as good but I try my best.
let me know if something is wrong with any of the files.
Have fun everyone!!

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD TDM 532 Downloads Added 09/15/2017 Updated 03/19/18 1 Comment PermaLink

Boxed in Style  =Haro»EID«=
Hello Everyone!!
I'm new to this website, and I would love to share lots of maps that I have, I been playing BHD and BHDTS since it came out and still love this game, I used to be an OCS member, now I belong to the EID Squad,I love making maps and this is my first time uploading maps to this site, I have tons of new maps made from scratch that I'm sure you'll enjoy them,it took me lots and lots of time, weeks of rethinking and remaking them over and over to do'em the best that I could, even months, so lots of you guys will be able to enjoy them over and over again, if you want to make a change for the best I'm ok with it if it makes your squad happy.
You can change it to "TKOTH" "TD" Etc. if you want.
This map is my version of a boxed in style, I make all my maps with tender love and care, hope you will enjoy them.

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD TDM 64 Downloads Added 04/10/2018 2 Comments PermaLink

Rage Tower =Haro»EID«=
Brand new and very exiting map, with choppers, hummvees, few other moving vehicles, catch the choppers if you can make it down, they won't fly until your'e inside, if you missed them you can catch'em at the tall buildings with the radio antennas glowing red, it was very frustrating working with the events, waypoints, trigger areas, etc. on the flying and moving stuff, great map for everything, I love the way this map came out, the tower is awesome inside and out, map is raging with lots of action and fun, I'm sure you'll love it too.

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD DM, TDM 167 Downloads Added 03/30/2018 Add Comment PermaLink

Mayhem Bridges =Haro»EID«=
Something new and different from the rest of all my maps, made this map from scratch, it took me lots of time aligning everything cause of the terrain, similar to an old map we use to play long time ago, it's a great enclosed and open map at the same time, there are lots of ways of getting out if you want, for sniping or to surprise your enemy at his home base, control the mayhem bridges and the rest will be easier, nice medium map for all kinds of action and surprises, get all spawns and the action will intensify dramatically, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Take care everyone!!!

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD TDM 548 Downloads Added 09/17/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

Kaploosh II =Haro»EID«=
This is a great map that I used to play long time ago, I haven't seen it for years since I played it on OCS, I don't know who's the original map maker of this map, can't remember, and since I didn't had no map files at all from the original one to put into our squad, I decided to make one almost identical as the original one, I did it the best as I could remember how it was, I just added a few more stuff, like the outside surroundings and called it
"Kaploosh II" I remember the original one was called "Kaploosh"

My respects to the original map maker of this map, all the credit goes to you my friend.

I did everything from scratch hope you'll enjoy it.

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD TDM 566 Downloads Added 09/16/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

Hotel Cali II =Haro»EID«=
Hello guys and gals!!
This is a new version that I made of the famous "Hotel California" which I'm sure mostly everyone knows and had played that map and still do,I remember when I was in OCS Squad "Elad did a nice version of it too, I made it a bit different from both, I added some short tunnels to avoid the nadeing from top, and added a regular spawn point to each sister and a middle bottom spawn point, and of course a top middle spawn,has access to the outside and made an opening on top of each sister building's door for more exiting action,hope you like it.

By =Haro»EID«= DFBHD DM, TDM 388 Downloads Added 02/26/2018 Updated 03/14/18 2 Comments PermaLink

Toxic Stadiums =Haro»EID«=
This map also looks big but is a small one!
All the action is up on top, some will be on bottom too, but I took the picture from bottom of stadium, I think it looks pretty cool.

We got this map on our server under the name "Payback Time" but I decided to change the name and a few other things like, water, green fog, etc, if you don't like the water nor the fog you can remove it in the mis file that I give you, please take care of it and make what ever changes you want, this files are very vital to a map maker, is like the blue prints to a construction, this map is a small version to one of my maps called "Doom Stadium" which is a bigger map, maybe later I'll upload it.

take care everyone and have lots of fun!

Large oil tank leg fixed. 3/09/2018