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By tony991 DFBHDTS SP 38 Downloads Watch video Add Comment
Deadline 6: Breakdown of Society After fighting along side the military in the subway station, You told them that you're unaffected by the undead biting you. This has turned out to be a big mistake. You were rifle butted and locked in a cell - After all, the lives of many outweigh the life of one. Right? Don't forget to rate and comment!!

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Posted 03/21/2018 by BlacKSmurF Add Comment

I'm always on the lookout for new Delta Force news and thought I'd share what the new owners of the IP (THQ Nordic) are up to.

So why does this matter to Delta Force fans? Check out this graph from the Rolling Stone article:

And from the Games Industry article:

"Koch Media was really a strategic move for us, because what we didn't have at THQ Nordic was this partner publishing business," CEO and founder Lars Wingefors explains to GamesIndustry.biz.

"Koch Media has many things. Marketing, B2B marketing, PR, product planning, strategic launch planning... they are a key business partner for many people.
The crux of the articles is this: THQ Nordic has bought a ton of old IPs, including Novalogic's, and while the articles state nothing will immediately happen with THQ Nordic and Koch Media, it will obviously become a lot easier to create and distribute new games based on these amazing franchises.

Of course, this could mean they focus on a select few IPs that perform best and never do anything with the old ones they've acquired. I don't think that's likely, however, since Koch Media does a lot with indie devs - a high volume of releases instead of simply a few high-profile ones is closer to their MO.

As a business owner that studies the gaming industry recreationally, I don't see anyone else doing what THQ Nordic does - buying up beloved intellectual properties that were neglected by their creators and re-releasing them is really smart. Not only do you get an immediate return on investment by re-releasing the games, but when investing in a company that has a lot of developer power (Koch Media), it's possible we'll start seeing THQ Nordic's recently-acquired franchises make their way into new games.

Considering their savvy approach to the business, I imagine that once both companies have squeezed out whatever workload is in their current pipeline, they'll look at what's selling well and dig back into their extensive IPs they just purchased to determine what would best fit today's mold. Right now Battle Royale is hot, but what if mil sim came back into vogue? With the success of hardcore games like Rainbow Six Siege and PUBG, it's possible we'll see a new Delta Force game down the road.

And I'd also wager that if any modders created a 1:1 remake of any of these games with nothing but enhanced graphics and 4K support, THQ Nordic would happily fund further development. Maybe if the Terranova modding crew was up to the task...

Posted 01/31/2018 by Scott 31 Comments

BHD / C4 / DFX / JO Med Fix (UPDATED 2018/02/05) If you've been having issues launching the BHD / C4 / JO Med (Or any other NovaLogic med) recently, Sil and I have found a fix for it.

Download the app below. This will install a set of compatibility flags for the mission editors to help them run properly under Windows 10 1703+. It will also allow you to install fixes for DF1, DFLW and DFTFD and other games.

Thanks to everyone for all the information that helped make this app possible.

Download here: http://novahq.net/files.php?ID=728

Posted 01/30/2018 by Scott 14 Comments

JOBotz - Dynamic AI Bots by Arwill JOBotz makes AI bots in game Joint Operations behave dynamically. Nothing is pre-scripted, the add-on figures out where to move the bots.

The add-on manages the targets where to send the bots and does its own path-finding. Since there is no extension API for the game Joint Operations, the amount of information that the add-on has access to is minimal. That means that the offered functionality of the add-on is limited, so don't expect some clever behavior from the bots, or perfect path-finding.

Currently the JOBotz addon can make the bots play AAS maps:
° The bots attack the active LFP targets
° The bots respawn at fully captured LFP targets
° The presence of bots affects the takeover of LFP targets
° But currently the bots themselves cant take over LFP target (they can't flip the flag)

° The addon requires around 500MB of memory for its own purposes, depending on map size and complexity.
° Some of the calculation is CPU intensive, if this proves to be a problem for someone using the addon, i will try to implement possibilities to limit CPU usage.

° Install Java 8 from www.java.com.
° Make a new folder of your choice. For example C:GamesJOBotz.
° Extract the ZIP file to the new folder.
° Copy the files from "maps" subforder to where your Joint Operation game is installed.

Using the addon:
° Start the addon by doble-clicking the "jobotz.cmd" batch-file.
° A message will appear repeatedly in the console: "Waiting 3 sec for JO process"
° The addon is ready to interact with the Joint Operations game.
° Start the game, you can start a LAN game or connect to Novaworld.
° You can use both dedicated serving and serve&play.
° If you intend to play alone, host a LAN game in serve&play mode.

Maps included:
° Currently only a modified stock map Karo Highlands (file AS-KaroBOTZ.npj) with 100 bots on each side (200 bots total)
° Further maps can be prepared to work with the add-on, i'll make a tutorial and tools for preparing own or other stock maps for use with JOBotz

DOWNLOAD: http://novahq.net/files.php?ID=727

DOWNLOAD @ NEXUS MODS: https://rd.nexusmods.com/jointoperat...ising/mods/493

Posted 01/22/2018 by Scott 46 Comments

Delta Force 1 32 Player Patch Thanks to Frank from the NovaHQ forums, we now have a 32 player patch for Delta Force 1 that is working perfectly. I've already updated the DF1 Host Tool as well as the Heartbeat DLL's so they are compatible with this new patch.

Download 32 player patch: http://novahq.net/files.php?ID=726

Download updated host tool: http://novahq.net/files.php?ID=568

Download latest Heartbeat DLL: https://novahq.net/files.php?ID=707

Thanks Frank!

Posted 12/30/2017 by Scott 31 Comments

DF2 UN-FREEZE fix official release So, with help from a dude who I only know as Frank, I’ve made a patch that allows you to unfreeze your DF2 game. With this patch, when your game freezes, simply press the INSERT key on your keyboard the game should resume like normal. After you download it, replace all the files in your games folder with the contents of the "DF2Fixes" folder. PLEASE read the readme.txt for help or post here. Again, when you appear to freeze while playing DF2, if you have this patch installed, you can simply press the INSERT key on your keyboard and the game will resume like normal. You’ll keep your score and everything.

This fix is compatible with any server, including DF2 EVO servers. As well as all COOP and Single Player! Literally any DF2 server or game. Press the INSERT key to unfreeze your game when it appears frozen.

DOWNLOAD THE PATCH HERE: http://novahq.net/files.php?ID=540

Posted 08/31/2017 by Scott 12 Comments

10,000 Maps now on NovaHQ! I just noticed that we now have over 10,000 user submitted maps! Nearly every single map on this site has been added by our community members. That is a lot of maps and they are still rolling in! Over 125 maps have been submitted to us in 2017 alone so far. User Lunaticc submitted the 10,000th map to NovaHQ (Congrats )!

Maps from NovaHQ have been downloaded 8,714,149 times since we started tracking it

Thanks to all the community members that are helping keep the game alive!

Posted 08/28/2017 by Scott 3 Comments

NovaHQ Heartbeat DLL Update (1.0.5 + PHP Status Script) I finally got around to creating the PHP Status Scripts for the NovaHQ Heartbeat DLL. Along with the new PHP Script are some minor fixes to the DLL's and support for the new TIO Coop Mod.

With the latest Heartbeat DLL files (1.0.5) you'll now be able to send your games status to your own website. It's pretty easy to setup and install. Read the Readme-PHPScript.txt file for info on how to use the DLL with the PHP Scripts. I still see a lot of websites that manually update their server status, so this may be really useful for some people.

In addition to reporting your games status to your own website, the game will still report it's status to NovaHQ, Novaworld.cc as well as the Official NovaWorld lobby. These files do not affect game play in any way, and work perfectly with the official lobby and any other hosting tool out there that you probably currently use.

20+ servers from DF1 to BHD are now running these files without any issues. I really appreciate everyone that has helped and please continue to help spread the word. The more servers that use these DLL's, and the more players that use the custom Startup.htm files, the better. I see so many people on Facebook say they can't play when NovaWorld is down. These two tools completely remove the requirement for NovaWorld as well as work perfectly with the Official NovaWorld lobby. They are also very easy to use. Drop them into your games folder, overwrite when asked and you're done!

Download the Heartbeat DLL files here!

Download the custom Startup.htm files here!

Posted 08/26/2017 by Scott 6 Comments

Joint Operations Somali Conflict Mod (JOBHD Mod) Somalian Conflict brings almost all of the Black Hawk Down/Team Sabre stuff to Joint Operations engine, that includes vehicles, AIs, weapons, HUD, buildings, decorations, terrains and environments.

If you want to experiment how would it feel to play black hawk down with the JO engine, this is your mod.

Click here for more info about this mod.

Download Here!

Posted 08/26/2017 by Scott 3 Comments

MEdHQ for DFBHD DFBHDTS JOCAG DFX DFX2 Play with 3 levels of difficulty
Open your games and editors from a single app
Quick Links to files and MODs
Scans for maps, mods, programs and shortcuts
Backup and system tools included

Install In Your NovaLogic Games Folder
Example: C:Program Files (x86)NovaLogicMEdHQ

Created by Stompem 2017* with thanks to the NovaHQ community
*Special mention for... Dave61, Scott, Skinny Killer, Dashy, and Swifty Helen

Download Here!

Posted 08/08/2017 by Scott 8 Comments

Happy birthday to us! Well it's official. We forgot again this year. On August 4th we had our 16th birthday! Can you believe it? 16+ years we've been around. That's crazy.

Thanks again to everyone that's been with us throughout the years!