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By stompem DFBHD SP 121 Downloads Watch video 1 Comment
Operation Savage Garden - Part 1 This mission uses special features and was made for use with the BHD AI Controller. To launch the mission with features enabled use the /d switch or download the BHD AI Controller which will do this for you. [url]http://www.novahq.net/files.php?ID=591[/url] SITUATION: An enemy blockade is preventing UN support reaching a Northern Township

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Posted 12/25/2016 by Scott 3 Comments

Merry Christmas! NovaHQ would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season!!!

Thanks to all the loyal visitors, forum posters and map submitters! We really appreciate it!

Hopefully 2017 brings us something new

Posted 12/08/2016 by Scott 3 Comments

JOStats with PHP 5.6+ support Since there are a lot of people still wanting to host stats for Joint Operations, I've managed to fix the code base for JOStats so that it works with PHP 5.6+. There were a ton of edits but it's now fully working on PHP 5.6+ so you no longer have to find a host with PHP 5.2 to run stats.

Please make sure you read the Readme-NovaHQ.txt file before you install or upgrade your stats. It has all the information you need to install / upgrade your JOStats. If you need more help, please post in the forums here.

Download JOStats PHP 5.6+

Posted 11/06/2016 by Scott 3 Comments

A Message from John Garcia John Garcia, former owner of NovaLogic, posted this message on the Novaworld2.com forums:

Hello Everyone,

As many of you have heard by now, NovaLogic has transferred its intellectual property to THQ Nordic.

The core NovaLogicians have put their souls and most of their working lives into our creations over the last 30 years. The work came from our heart and we owe our success to our incredibly loyal community. We thank all of you for being part of our lives.

There were many factors why we were not able to keep on doing what we loved, but we have all seen how in the last 10 years our industry has consolidated into a handful of companies that put slickness and marketing over innovation.

THQ Nordic is an exception. We believe that they are genuine gamers and have the wherewithal to carry the flame for years to come. We will help them do this if they so desire.

How do I end this letter? As a great fan of Stanley Kubrick, I leave you with this song.

Peace and Love,

I wonder what "We'll meet again means...."

Posted 11/03/2016 by Scott 11 Comments

Black Hawk Down Team Sabre HD 1920x1080 Patch Want to play Black Hawk Down Team Sabre @ 1920x1080 resolution? It's finally possible with our Black Hawk Down Team Sabre HD patch. This patch enables the widescreen resolution in the game menu and also updates the HUD so it displays properly. Special thanks goes out to Sil for making this patch possible.

Download the patch

Please let us know in the comments if you have any issues.

Posted 10/31/2016 by Scott 11 Comments

THQ Nordic Acquired Delta Force, Comanche, Joint Operations and other Franchises Vienna Austria, Agoura Hills CA USA, October 31, 2016: Today, THQ Nordic announced that an asset purchase agreement with NovaLogic Inc. containing all games and/or projects owned by NovaLogic Inc has been closed. In essence, that means that they’re back at it again with the acquisition of partly forgotten, but classic game IPs and this time is all about first-person military themed game franchises like groundbreaking and genre defining Delta Force, Comanche or Joint Ops.


I wonder what this means for all the old game lobbies?

Posted 10/18/2016 by Scott 1 Comment

Play BHD online using GameRanger There is a very active group on Facebook that is regularly playing Black Hawk Down via GameRanger. This is an alternative method to playing Black Hawk Down instead of the official NovaWorld lobby. If you're interested, visit the groups Facebook page.

If you're looking for help on playing Black Hawk Down via GameRanger, watch the video tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lI_EjH-UAn8

Posted 10/13/2016 by grenadier501 31 Comments

New Joint Operations Mod Coming Hey all!, a new mod will come by the end of the year most probably:
I'd like to share it with you all once it's completed.

It will feature the whole DFBHD single player campaign in Joint operations, same weapons, same dialogs, same soundtrack, same enemies with improved AI, but also keeping the stuff from the original JO engine

Drivable technicals with 50 cals
Riding the Iranian oil tanker
BHD psps
Drivable U.N. trucks

Posted 09/08/2016 by Scott 8 Comments

Happy 15th Birthday to us! Well it's official. We forgot again this year. On August 4th we had our 15th birthday! Can you believe it? 15+ years we've been around. That's crazy.

Thanks again to everyone that's been with us throughout the years!

Posted 05/26/2016 by Scott Add Comment

DF1 Mod for BHD KkampFZone (http://www.kampfzone.org/) have released a BHD mod that includes DF1 items and have also included remakes of all the TDM maps for DF1. This mod has zero gun recoil, and zero weapon spread. It includes remakes of the following TDM Maps: Beachhead, Snow Valley, Trench Lines, Dry River Bed, Three Mesas

Download the mod here: http://novahq.net/files.php?ID=592

Posted 05/13/2016 by Scott 2 Comments

Play BHD with full features app Revive your favorite missions.

Sets Global AI difficulty and applies the /d argument which enables the user to enjoy all the features of custom missions.

Play BHD and TS with custom features enabled.

Choose from 3 levels of difficulty. Difficulty levels for BHD will feature Regenerating Health for Low difficulty ranging to Degrading Health for High difficulty.

Version is configured for (Single Player only)

Download here: http://www.novahq.net/files.php?ID=591
View more info here: http://www.novahq.net/forum/showthread.php?t=47903