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Ranked in this list since 09/03/2003 61 Comments
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The Delta Force Barracks is your one stop DF Series resource site, with the latest breaking news, Map and downloads database's for all 5 DF series games. Also the home of DF-FAVORITES / CHEATBLOCKER! Stop by and get EVERYTHING you need for DF Gaming!

Ranked in this list since 07/27/2007 4 Comments
Unique Hits Today 24 Hits Today 525 Total Unique Hits 355,131 Total Hits 2,062,379 Clicks In 3,589 Clicks Out 40,449

Delta Force Reload
Australian Owned & Run, DFReload is a Novalogic Resource Centre, supporting a Download Centre and Forums. With a large team of experienced mappers to help you out. Map Data is always expanding. Modding Forum Available. Modding Tutorials available. Map Database, updated with DFX:2.

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Australian Delta Force Info & Resource site for DFLW - DFAF.
- Downloads
- Mods
- Maps
- Forums

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TIO Co_Operative Gaming
TIO Co-Operative Gaming hosts three Black Hawk Down Co-Op servers, BHD, BHDTS and our own TIOcoop Mod. We have a download section with all the resources for Playing, Mapping, Hosting and Modding Black Hawk Down.
We have an experienced Mapping/Modding division on hand for advice. View our Mod through screenshots in our Photo Gallery or watch our Mod game play videos.

Ranked in this list since 06/23/2009 51 Comments
Unique Hits Today 14 Hits Today 40 Total Unique Hits 167,725 Total Hits 1,154,218 Clicks In 6,188 Clicks Out 3,706

Operations Task Force
Operations Task Force (OTF) - Established in 2006. We host Joint Operations Typhoon Rising, Battle Field 2 AIXS, Battle Field Bad Company 2, and Tiger Woods Golf 2008 games. In addition, we have an extensive Map Database, Downloads and Forums area. Check us out....

Ranked in this list since 04/18/2009 6 Comments
Unique Hits Today 10 Hits Today 34 Total Unique Hits 55,343 Total Hits 338,219 Clicks In 572 Clicks Out 1,853

Raptor Pack
RAPTOR-PACK was created on the 9th January 2005, with the intent of providing military oriented PC gamers with a meeting place to participate in friendly competition and cooperative game play with family-oriented, like-minded players. With an unfailing faith in God, our ongoing goal is to formulate an online community, populated with polite, professional-minded players that enjoy gaming with others in a trusted and safe environment.

Ranked in this list since 07/07/2005 2 Comments
Unique Hits Today 7 Hits Today 10 Total Unique Hits 114,982 Total Hits 347,675 Clicks In 404 Clicks Out 2,800

OZ Clan
A fast growing multi-gaming clan.
Multiple Gaming Servers - Server Stats
Images - Files - Music - Forums - Radio

Ranked in this list since 02/23/2011 3 Comments
Unique Hits Today 5 Hits Today 9 Total Unique Hits 3,555 Total Hits 30,462 Clicks In 1,005 Clicks Out 732

Quick Silent & Deadly
Dutch Game Squad

Ranked in this list since 10/07/2008 5 Comments
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DeltaForce: AngelFalls
german resource site for DF:Angel Falls, Delta Force Xtreme² and Joint Operations. Infos, Events, Downloads, Clandatabase, Map overview and much more...

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Weekend Warriors
Just a bunch of goofballs playing a crazy old but fun shooter. Check us out sometime.

Ranked in this list since 08/13/2005 4 Comments
Unique Hits Today 2 Hits Today 2 Total Unique Hits 49,360 Total Hits 533,440 Clicks In 801 Clicks Out 1,916

Australian Universal Soldiers
An Australian Delta Force clan since 2000. Currently fighting on the fields of BHD and DFX.

Ranked in this list since 05/13/2005 11 Comments
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I See Elvis
Black Hawk Down site for the small but loyal band of I See Elvis Players.

Ranked in this list since 02/18/2008 1 Comment
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VSK Get agrip  Get a gun.dk
Delta Force clan in DK
One and only in world for homeless in dk
there playing PC Game like DF BHD
VSK Get a grip Get a gun.dk is 1 and only

Look at:www.novalogic hq.dk

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LoneWolf's Black Hawk Down Mapping Site
Black Hawk Down resource site.Down-load utilities to help you in map making,mods, and maps.Feel free to up-load your maps. New BHD/TS Skins.

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DF1 Stats
DF1 Stats for our Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/groupdf