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By MAJWIZ DFX SP 5 Downloads Added 04/18/2019 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: SO Mod

River of Death 2
Bravo, this mission is on a voluntary basis only. Glad you volunteered. There a very high possibly you won't make it out of this mission alive, but then that's our job. go in and destroy the antenna towers that are disrupting our radio comm. links, remove their leader and protect the civilians.

By Riefenstahl82 DFLW SP, CO-OP 16 Downloads Added 04/16/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Red Eagle
Russia and Venezuela have really escalated things now. They have abducted our Ambassador mid Peace talks and are trying to create an excuse to start a new Cold War. We do not play games. Rescue the Ambassador and end this nonsense. Good Luck.

By Riefenstahl82 DFLW SP, CO-OP 22 Downloads Added 04/16/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Night Mission, Going in to make a direct attack on Somali terrorists who ransacked an American Embassy and kidnapped several High ranking officials. Go in and wipe the area clean, if the officials are still alive bring them out as well. Good Luck. Show them how Justice is Done.

By MAJWIZ DFX SP 85 Downloads Added 04/10/2019 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: SO Mod

Bravo, this rebel leader said he would be WORLD leader soon. BRAVO, this can't happen remove him from power along with all his followers. (INFO. this map can be played in DFX or DFX2.)

By MAJWIZ DFX SP, CO-OP 96 Downloads Added 04/08/2019 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: SO Mod

Bravo, a group of rouge merc's have vowed to take over the small country of zippydoda. There government has asked for help from Delta Force to remove these hostiles. Your mission is to remove all hostiles and destroy there base of operations.
Good Luck Bravo team.

By MAJWIZ DFX SP 100 Downloads Added 04/07/2019 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: SO Mod

Nato, has just received information that a crazed lunatic has been storing nuclear weapons and serin gas to sell on the black market. Bravo you need to go in and destroy anything that isn't nailed down.

By Argjend DFBHDTS SP 104 Downloads Added 04/07/2019 Watch video 2 Comments PermaLink

Operation: Burning Ranger
After "Operation Red Enemy" finish. Board The Boats, Destroy all boats and eliminate all resistance and black hawk comes 1-2. And please rate comment

By Creator DF2 SP 107 Downloads Added 04/05/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Frozen Base
Hostiles have taken control of a base in Antarctica. Secure the base.

By MAJWIZ DFX SP 140 Downloads Added 04/01/2019 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: SO Mod


By Argjend DFBHD SP 155 Downloads Added 03/31/2019 Watch video 8 Comments PermaLink

Operation: Valiant Convoys
Mission Objectives: Protect Convoy, Destroy Weapon Crates, Board The Convoy, Reach The Extraction.
I Hope you enjoy my new map. Mission Continues with "Irene Campaign".

Vailant Convoys
Date: July 3rd 1993, - 1906 hours
Location: Mogadishu, Somalia

Convoys Vailant my third mission. 5-1 Protect Technicals Many RPG. And Reach The Weapon crates 1-3. Board the technicals in location. Good Luck 1-7 3rd.

By Badger DFBHD TDM 113 Downloads Added 03/30/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Main Event
Another old map from our server, for a medium map has a lot of action can handle 20 players. You have to control three spawns. There are many areas you need to cover so they don't get behind you! Guardian & Badger

Have fun

By Badger DFBHD TDM 112 Downloads Added 03/30/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Escape Route
Fun map two ways out of main a tunnel to the 2nd spawn or run around and take 1st spawn. Don't let pics fool you plenty of action even with 20 players. Very old map in our server plays great! Guardian & Badger

By Argjend DFBHD SP 200 Downloads Added 03/28/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Cause In Territory
Cause In Territory
Location: Mogadishu, Somalia
Mission Created By: ARGJEND

Super Six One has been hit with a rocket-propelled grenade and has gone down northeast of the target building. Take the convoy to the crash site and secure it. We need to get a team there before the Habr Gedir overrun their position.

By Argjend DFBHD SP 231 Downloads Added 03/23/2019 Updated 03/23/19 Watch video 1 Comment PermaLink

I'm Back! Because I am not Taking A Break!!!!
Hope you love this mission, and don't forget give a vote.

Nevermind black hawk it's going to land And teammate And RPG Coming one them we teleports and enemy targets comes and little bird coming to destroy enemy targets and teammate moving and Destroy Weapon Crates and two technicals of them and follow your waypoints board the 50.cal convoy And we are moving And black hawk coming in The area and black hawk we destroyed 5-1.

By ilT.Nickle DFBHDTS SP 276 Downloads Added 03/23/2019 22 Comments PermaLink

Assault Of Infantry
Assault Of Infantry
Date: July 14th unknown year
Location: The Northern area of slums . Unknown City

We have a active situation:Numbers of local officer and guards are being held as hostages with some explosives around,three relief convoys are pinned down in different places and unable to make their way to rescue the hostages.
Your team is the last hope of this emergency,regroup with any ambushed convoy and rescue all hostages,the 10th armored convoy would reach the site as long as all bombs are disabled.We can't afford any more casualties,good luck!

By Argjend DFBHD SP 224 Downloads Added 03/20/2019 Updated 03/23/19 Watch video 1 Comment PermaLink

Finally Here !! Board The 50.Cal and Convoy 2 will be Dead in 6 seconds in the area!! And Hope you will like Dialogue

By Argjend DFBHD SP 269 Downloads Added 03/16/2019 1 Comment PermaLink

Operation: Arachinovo 2
Hello There!! Of Course i'm back
Don't forget give a rate ^_^

Arachinovo 2
Date: September 10, 1993 - 0700 hours
Location: Mogadishu, Somalia

We have reports of a large Habr Gadir clan meeting happening today in a complex built by the Soviets. We're sending in teams to capture as many of them as we can find. If we're lucky, one will talk and give us information on Aidid.

By thrasherstone DFX2 SP 328 Downloads Added 03/14/2019 Updated 03/14/19 Watch video 4 Comments PermaLink

Operation: Diamond Dogs
Operation: Diamond Dogs by TIO Thrasher

MISSION: Insurgents has occupied a small town in Afghanistan. They have taken over an oil refinery and small villages. Our mission is to shut down their operation. Eliminate their weapons, chemicals, communications, SAM sites, and leader. There will be three optional objectives in this operation. Find any intel, secure a small village to keep the civilians safe, and find weapon/drug money. There will be a vehicle team waiting for you. Select any vehicle to start the operation, or go on your own. It's your call, good luck.

By MAJWIZ DFX SP 254 Downloads Added 03/14/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

The new rebel leader just killed everyone on this small island and claimed it for his own. The local government has asked for our team to go in and remove him and his loyal men.

By Argjend DFBHD SP 371 Downloads Added 03/11/2019 Updated 04/06/19 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation: Irene #1
Operation: Irene
Date: October 3rd, 1993 - 1535 hours
Location: TFR base outside Mogadishu, Somalia

Two of Aidid’s high-ranking officers will be meeting with other militia members today near the Olympic Hotel in the heart of Habr Gedir territory. This is our best chance to capture two of Aidid’s top lieutenants and a number of lower level officers. This mission will include four chalks of Rangers, Delta assault teams, and multiple SOAR helos. We should be in and out in under thirty minutes.

By MAJWIZ DFX SP 298 Downloads Added 03/10/2019 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: SO Mod

Bravo, three evil leaders were having a meeting. they got some info that they were being tracked and they moved to different locations. go in and find the leaders and remove them from power.

By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 321 Downloads Added 03/10/2019 Updated 03/10/19 2 Comments PermaLink

Airfield Interdiction
Twelfth Mission in Campaign:
Utility helicopters are sent for attack Paulo's smuggling airfield.

By MAJWIZ DFX2 SP 319 Downloads Added 03/09/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Bravo, from the last mission Intel we located another base of operations for the rebel leader. We need you to go in and destroy his base of operations.
Good luck Bravo Team.

By Argjend DFBHDTS SP 316 Downloads Added 03/08/2019 8 Comments PermaLink

Operation: Red Enemy
Mission 04 hope you enjoy this mission.
Eliminate all resistance red enemy color i think good map
Date: March 8 2009, - 0009 hours
Location: Columbia

First kill all enemy red change color and teammate it's not get waypoints and player not, So eliminate all resistance change red and you going to win VICTORY.

Objectives 1:
First kill All Red Enemy

Guns: CAR15/203, Colt.45, AT4.

By MAJWIZ DFX SP, CO-OP 319 Downloads Added 03/07/2019 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: SO Mod

no way home
Bravo team, Gen. Lutz has setup a drug lab in the country side village of Dogpatch.Your mission is to destroy any drugs and weapons. Also remove the Gen.from power.
Good luck Bravo team