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By =Haro»EID«=Badger= DFBHD DM, TDM 2,349 Downloads Added 04/08/2018 6 Comments PermaLink

Embassy Wars II Haro=Badger
This map is an enclosed version of one of my maps "Embassy Wars" which Badger ask me if he could modify my open map to an enclosed map, and of course I let him do it, so it came out great, he did a great job, I know lots of you guys downloaded the enclosed map over 700 times under the name
"Embassy Wars II" and my original open map around 500 times, which we thank you guys very much, the only change that I did to this map is as follows, added Badgers name and mine to this new version, and added a spawn point on default base to red and blue, raise the armories at natural spawn just a bit,and 4 more above ground bunker straight piece in front of embassies at natural spawn, 2 on each side, and that's it, so whosoever wants to have this map on your squad with both of our names on it, your'e all welcome to download and have fun everyone.