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By LORDROACH DFBHDTS TDM, TKOTH 2,249 Downloads Added 01/11/2018 Add Comment PermaLink

This map is one of my most highly detailed maps. Indiana Jones would absolutely love this place! There is also a secret area that you can try and find and quietly sit there and shoot the enemy by surprise. The only problem with this map was at the time it was so detailed that low end PC's could not even run it. The other downfall to this map is that it is definitely only for the BHD Team Sabre expansion. There are hundreds of places to hide in this temple and if you are attacked by spawn campers you have plenty of room to maneuver around. To describe this map to you would be too difficult so think about an ancient society that lived together in a massive temple carved out of stone on a jungle type island. Thousands of years have passed and all that is left over is stone carvings and scattered debris. Yep, you guess it, that's what this map looks like! A cool feature of this map is the alligators. Depending on which end you start the alligators will only attack the players that start on the opposite side of the map.
Combat type: Open world
Map size: Large.
Map paths: Open, then down to one path to enter temple.
Tunnel system: No.
Water: Pools of water scattered throughout map. Some pools contain alligators.
Game Modes: Team King Of The Hill/Team Death Match.