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By LORDROACH DFBHDTS TDM, TKOTH 2,248 Downloads Added 01/11/2018 Add Comment PermaLink

Pfftt MEH
While creating this map and listening in TeamSpeak I heard someone say Pfftt MEH as they were playing in a BHD server. Therefore the name for this map was born. After asking a few people what they would want in a map, this is the end result. At the start of the spawn are a number of bridges that cross over water resembling wooden docks. There are some towers for the typical sniper players and some high up places against some walls. Like most of my maps you cannot leave the combat zone and gain those 20 point sniper kills. Once you leave the spawn start you can choose either to climb a tower or wall or cross the bridges and enter some sheds with vehicles and other miscellaneous meshes contained within them. Some rooftops can be accessed by jumping from the towers onto them and some rooftops are blocked by fences because of unfair advantages that can be gained by being up there. Each end of the map can only be accessed by running through the sheds reducing the chances of having spawn campers by restricting access to each spawn start. Though, if a spawn camper makes their way through the sheds and into the spawn start area they would find reasonable cover high up in the walls.
Combat type: Close quarters
Map size: Medium.
Map paths: Open, then there are two path choices you can take at spawn start.
Tunnel system: No.
Water: Yes, large pools of water at spawn start.
Game Modes: Team King Of The Hill/Team Death Match.