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By Sigurd Project Version 0.5b 1,508 Downloads Website Added 02/22/2008 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFBHD File Name: SigurdServerPublicBeta0.5.exe

Changelog For Sigurd Server 0.5:

- You can now protect a server while there are players in it.*
- Port detection is added, the correct port will be shown on the the lobby now.

- A start has been made to display the clients IP addresses, however, this isn't working yet.
- The "About" button is now enabled.
- The "Donate" button is now enabled.
- "ACP Only" / "All Players" enabled. This means you can make the server so everybody can play in it (All Players), or only players using Sigurd (ACP Only).
- Support for protecting multiple servers on 1 machine is now enabled. (See for example Sigurd Europe Servers - Currently running as of announcement of this topic.)

- Cosmetic improvements.
- Updated error messages.
- Improved internal source.
- Improved stability of the server.
- Now there will always be asked for confirmation when you want to exit the server (except on certain errors).

* If you start the server and protect the server while there are already players in it, these players will need to rejoin
to show up on the list with people who have Sigurd running. In the future this will improved, so players don't need to rejoin.

There are some issues left (and maybe some more internal), but these are planned for Sigurd Server 0.6 (Hopefully, our latest Beta of the server). These are those issues:
- Reconnect options, so you don't get the error that you lost connection with the Lobby.
- Fix the displaying of IP's.
- Display public Id's instead of private Id's.

By Sigurd Project Version 0.4.3 Beta 2,269 Downloads Website Added 05/03/2008 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFBHD File Name: SigurdClient-v0.4.3b.exe

Change Log For Client 0.4.3

+ Display the public ID's on the main window.
+ Added detection for Nova login names.
* Improved the internal code.
* Improved the logging.


Support for 0.4.2 client will remain until Thursday 1/05/2008 00:01AM at this point 0.4.2 will no longer work.

By TerraNova 1,426 Downloads Website Added 02/07/2004 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DF1 File Name: EXPII.exe

DF1 - EXP2:DF1
EXP2F1 brings more terrains, missions, sounds, objects and, the Kalashnikov AK47.

New smooth terrains, tall grass terrains and, a load of new multiplayer maps and, updated GUI gives the old dog a new lease of life.

This is a total makeover for DF1. It includes new objects, new terrains, reworked stock terrains, a new GUI, new sounds, new weapon options, and more!

It includes the no CD patch and requires a large install first.

Credit where credit is due:

There have been many many hands in this project over the course of 3 years (maybe more!)

Thanks to ACDC/Psycho who first found and showed me some hidden objects in DF1

Thanks to Rak who worked long and hard on many aspects of this.

The guy who did the no CD patch.

Thanks to Butcher for showing me the TT Error Patch trick.

Thanks to Celtic for the cool GUI, and some skins.

Mucho mucho Thanks to DV for converting the objects, the new sounds, and his constant and invaluable assistance to myself, TerraNova, and the entire DF community!

Thanks to Servant for many of the maps in this EXP.

And many thanks to Morales who brought this project back from the dead, made tons of maps for it, tested it and too much other stuff to list!

And thanks to all else who worked on this project who I'm forgetting at the moment.

By Shadow-Z Version 12.11.10 3,498 Downloads Added 12/11/2010 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX2 File Name: Marksman 12-11-10.exe

DFX2 Marksmen Project
The Marksman Project aims to enhance the game-play set out by stock DFx2 with more accurate ballistic modeling and more weapons to play with.

This mod does not necessarily seek to create a new game out of DFx2, but rather push the engine to its fullest potential in terms of player vs. player combat.

This version of the mod is considered to still be in the Beta phase. That is, this mod is not complete, but is offered to those who are interested in testing the ballistics and game-play changes. Additionally, it is highly recommended that any thoughts, concerns, or comments pertaining to the mod be directed to shadowz1954@hotmail.com.

To install this mod, simply download the installer and read all of the instructions provided. You will have to make a complete copy of your DFx2 manually, and then install the mod to that copy. A future version of the installer will do this automatically.

By Michiel Nederlof Version Beta 5 / 6 / 7 88 Downloads Website Added 05/02/2017 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX, DFX2, JOTR, JOE File Name: NMedBeta7.zip

NMed Beta (Mission Converter)
This mapping tool is created for Joint Operations, but can probably be used for DFX as well. It is made to combine the NILE and DFXMED editor by allowing project files to be converted between the 2 formats. The tool is intended for maps to be exported to .bms in the end using DFXMED, which unlocks more features for NILE users. Some of the features can be set up in NILE itself in the object properties, the converter will recognize and translate these extra settings to make it work again.

By Scott NHQ Version 1.7.9 151 Downloads Website Added 12/07/2016 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: JOTR, JOE File Name: JOStats_Standalone_V179_PHP56.zip

JOStats Standalone PHP 5.6+
Standalone version of the JOStats that is compatible with PHP 5.6+. For use with the BAB.Stats Multi Tracker v3

Please make sure you read the Readme.txt file before you install or upgrade your stats. It has all the information you need to install / upgrade your JOStats. If you need more help, please post in the forums here.

You can help with this project here:

By Next Doors Kid Version 1.2 1,411 Downloads Website Added 01/01/2003 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DF1 File Name: DF1_custom_skins_tutorial.txt

DF1 Custom Skins
The Delta Force game comes with a standard uniforms. I have customised one of them so in the game I see my edited uniform.

I've made a custom uniform with UK flag on the upper arm and "British Army-Jungle Warfare Wing" emblem on the backpack.
Seeing as there is a lot of interest in this I've written up my notes on how it is done. This document describes the steps involved in doing such a project.

The skins are bitmaps (*.bmp). They are contained in *.3DI files. The *.3DI files are contained in the Df.pff file, found in your Delta Force directory.

Note: The changes you make are only viewable to yourself. For someone else to see the changes they have to pack the edited 3DI file into their Df.pff file.

I have a test PLAYER01.3DI downloadable from my website, that has a modified jungle uniform with numbers written on each part of the uniform, and a grid around the upper arm region.
My homepage URL is: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/director/nextdoorskid/index.html

By TeamTXD Version 5.0 2,554 Downloads Website Added 12/23/2007 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: JOTR, JOE File Name: SnA_JO_5.0_Installer.exe

Joint Operations ShocknAwe JO Mod v5.0
Shock 'n Awe for JO MOD details:
* all JO stuff
* all Escalation stuff

Most of the stuff from:
* Urban Assault
* Deep Jungle
* Insurgency
* Terranova
* and some newer stuff

TEAMTXD.COM (bhdmods.com) Has spent hours on end to get this mod finished and ready for release. We would like to thank everyone involved in the project for all their help. We will have the mod ready for Download here in the downloads section sometime later today. I just want to make sure there are not last minute changes that need to be made.

v5.0 NOTES:
This is a completely new release of the original ShocknAwe JO Mod. This version will completely replace version 1.4 if you have it. All existing JO, JO-Escalation and ShocknAwe JO maps will work with this version. We did a full release instead of just an update due to the amount of changes that we made.

Here are a few changes that were made as well as items added.

- Fixed terrains issues

- Fixed grass from rendering upside down

- Increased ammo count on Javelin and Barret

- Allowed more weapons to be carried by More Classes and all weapons are now available to Joint Op' & Rebels.

- Optimized files to run faster with less lag than the original JO game.

- Optimized sound files

- Thermite Grenade (We would like to Thank the IC Mod team for the Thermite Grenade).

- Added a Dart gun for the Medics called the Adrenalin Gun. It allows you to heal teammates from a distance. However if used on the enemy and or a healthy teammate, it can be deadly.

- added about 200 more models to the game including a lot of favorites from BHD and TeamSabre.

**This mod has been approved by NovaLogic for release on NovaWorld, based on limited testing of functionality and content. NovaLogic accepts no responsibility for this mod and anyone playing it does so at his own risk. NovaLogic retains copyright and ownership of all NovaLogic created assets in this mod, but makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for this mod, including any copyright or intellectual property infringements in the mod, which are the sole responsibility of the mod creator(s). NovaLogic reserves the right to rescind its approval at any time for any reason or no reason.