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By Sigurd Project Version 0.5b 1,500 Downloads Website Added 02/22/2008 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFBHD File Name: SigurdServerPublicBeta0.5.exe

Changelog For Sigurd Server 0.5:

- You can now protect a server while there are players in it.*
- Port detection is added, the correct port will be shown on the the lobby now.

- A start has been made to display the clients IP addresses, however, this isn't working yet.
- The "About" button is now enabled.
- The "Donate" button is now enabled.
- "ACP Only" / "All Players" enabled. This means you can make the server so everybody can play in it (All Players), or only players using Sigurd (ACP Only).
- Support for protecting multiple servers on 1 machine is now enabled. (See for example Sigurd Europe Servers - Currently running as of announcement of this topic.)

- Cosmetic improvements.
- Updated error messages.
- Improved internal source.
- Improved stability of the server.
- Now there will always be asked for confirmation when you want to exit the server (except on certain errors).

* If you start the server and protect the server while there are already players in it, these players will need to rejoin
to show up on the list with people who have Sigurd running. In the future this will improved, so players don't need to rejoin.

There are some issues left (and maybe some more internal), but these are planned for Sigurd Server 0.6 (Hopefully, our latest Beta of the server). These are those issues:
- Reconnect options, so you don't get the error that you lost connection with the Lobby.
- Fix the displaying of IP's.
- Display public Id's instead of private Id's.