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By Axe-CI5 Version 1.1 1,542 Downloads Added 01/20/2004 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFBHD File Name: BHD_LOK-N-LOADER_1.1.exe

BHD Lok n' Loader
BHD LOK-N-LOADER (v1.1) is a mod manager for Black Hawk Down version 1.3.x. It lets you choose an installed mod and launches the game with the correct command-line parameters.

By Cpt.AXE¤CÏ5¤ 4,106 Downloads Website Added 04/25/2003 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFBHD File Name: BHD_ENV.zip

BHD Environment & Terrain Viewer
¤CÏ5¤ Environment Tool helps you set the stage for your Black Hawk Down mission by giving you a visualize of the environment you are going to create.

By ¤CÏ5¤ Squad 1,421 Downloads Website Added 11/25/2002 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFTFD File Name: CI5_DFTFD_Object_Viewer.zip

DFTFD Object Viewer
Excellent HTML/Flash based object viewing tool. Includes all terrains, almost all objects, buildings, vehicles, people, tunnel sections, oil rig components, skies, ~300 z- values for stacking, and a real time color picker for fog which gives RGB and Hex color values. Very useful! Includes installer and uninstaller.