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Reviews | Everglide Xtreme Mats
Review By: Steve Score: 8/10 Product Link 4,435 Views Added 05/03/2004 2 Comments PermaLink


  • Product: Everglide Xtreme Mats
  • Manufacturer: Everglide http://www.everglide.co.uk
  • Supplier: Everglide UK http://www.everglide.co.uk
  • What you get:
    • 1 x Everglide Xtreme Mouse Mat
  • Specifications:
    28.0cm High
    40.6cm Wide
    3mm Deep
    Vinyl Matte Finish
    Non-Skid Rubber Backing

I just had to get my hands on these when I saw them. Take a look at the pics below to see the excellent designs that these mats have:

Black Hawk Down

Delta Force

Joint Operations

As a game fan you have to admit that they look pretty stunning. On the Everglide website they say "the quality of the print is second to none" and I can tell you that they aren't joking. The pictures above don't give the pads justice to be honest, believe me. Any Delta Force fan would certainly be happy to have one of these under their mouse.

If you noticed the specs at the top you will have seen that the mat is 28.0cm high! If that wasn't big enough then did you notice that it is 40.6cm wide?! If you have no idea what I'm trying to get at here then check the picture below to gauge the size of the mat:

It is simply huge, and if you had any doubts about the 'Xtreme' part of the product name then you shouldn't have now.You will never lose the mouse off the edge of your mat again. This is of course if you have enough space on your desk, if you have a cramped area then the pad is a no-go really.

The mat is ideal for those low sensitivity gamers who utilise as much space as they can get to achieve pixel perfect aiming.

The mat is made from rubbery type material, and will flex as much as you want it to. This means it will achieve a flat surface well and there is no danger of warping. Because it is soft, it is much easier on the wrist and hand, making longer gaming sessions a breeze. It also doesn't get cold like metal or glass mats, so no problems with sweaty hands either.

It has a low profile design of 3mm so you will not be affected at all really by having this under the mouse.

This thing sticky like glue to my desk, its hard to image someone moving this along the desk while using their mouse.

Not only does the mat look really nice, it performs well. The mat can handle a ball mouse and optical mouse equally well with no slipping or skipping. The is not much more I can say about it apart from it works, even with my 1000dpi Razer.

I think if you are a fan of DF, BHD or Joint Ops (why are you on this site if you're not?) then this is a piece of kit you would love to have, or a great gift for someone you know who likes these games. The designs are of stunning quality and you won't be disappointed by the performance.