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Reviews | Delta Force Xtreme - Sniper's Perspective - Review
Review By: DevilDog#1 Score: 7/10 Product Link 5,144 Views Added 05/02/2005 1 Comment PermaLink

Over all the game is great for gunners, however, the game definitely lacks the sophistication for a serious sniper. I'd call it a 7/10

Reach of Ammo
Usually, lack of zoom can be compensated by having ammo powerful enough to cover the distance but the game does not allow sniping for more than 650 meters.

Anyone can grab a sniper rifle and hit a still target at 500 meters but the true skill comes into play when someone can hit a sprinting target at 800+ meters, while also being on the run himself. This is where DFX seriouly lags behind its predecessors.

Ammo's Firing Trajectory
In the past NL made sure that Ammo's Firing Trajectory was present in the game. However, DFX seems to lack this capability. Bullets seems to travel on a linear path and disappear in mid air due to lack of firing reach.

AT4 (Rocket Launchers) also seem to disappear in mid air if they miss overhead flying choppers

Limited Sniper Rifles
Limiting the number of sniping rifles (M81 & M24) and was a good idea. This really lets the players concentrate and hone their skills with these rifles.

Although, including PSG would have given more versatility to the arsenal.

Maps for Sniping
DFX provids excellent maps with perfect sniping spots. However, lack of firing reach makes most unskilled snipers sitting ducks.

Presence of Vehicles
Presence of choppers, bikes and other moving vehicles provides excellent opportunity to snipers to not only practice their moving target skill but also elude straffing choppers or getting run over by a bike.

To conclude, the game does have great potential to lead another line of products, however, due to the problems pointed out above could turn off lot of players. Overall it's a great game which reminds me of good old Df2 and LW days.

P.S. I tested the game on two separate machines, ME with Pentium 3 933 Mhz processor, 383MB RAM, and GForce4X 64 MB Card; and XP laptop with Pentium 4, 2.3Ghz 520 MB RAM, and ATI 9800 VGA Card.