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By tony991 DFBHDTS SP 66 Downloads Added 02/11/2018 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO Deadline

Deadline 4: Subway of Terrors
After finding yourself fighting your way through the city, you decide that being outdoors may not be such a good idea.. The subway must be a safe place.... It's underground!!

There's a secret boss in this map. The hint to its location is in the screenshot.

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By tony991 DFBHDTS SP 305 Downloads Added 01/08/2018 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO Deadline

DEADLINE 2: Lot of Death
After becoming unconscious and dragged away by an infected, you find yourself in an underground maintenance tunnel. You now know that the newspapers were correct, the radiation from the failed secret weapon has affected human life. It has turned people into undead cannibalistic creatures! Make your way back up to the city and look for help...

By tony991 DFBHDTS SP 189 Downloads Added 01/24/2018 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO Deadline

Deadline 3: City of the Damned
You're sure glad that you found your way out of the maintenance tunnel... Alive! Now, you have a bigger problem to face... The City of the Damned... Find your way to a safer place. Perhaps the subway?

This is the third of eight Deadline campaign maps to come.

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By tony991 DFBHDTS SP 319 Downloads Added 12/31/2017 Watch video 2 Comments PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO Deadline

Deadline 1: Awaken
The threat of radiation still looms in the newspapers from a failed military experiment. The papers are saying it’s affecting human life. The military denies these allegations. This was four days ago... Today, your alarm did not go off, you have over slept and now you're late for work. A siren and the sound of military vehicles passing by awakens you. You jump out of bed and grab a kitchen knife...

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This is the first of eight Deadline campaign maps to come. I wish I was able to get them out much sooner but life happens.


By tony991 JOTR SP 881 Downloads Added 06/06/2016 Updated 12/29/17 3 Comments PermaLink
MOD Required: World In Quarantine

Seaside Disaster
I run an auto repair shop in the small town of Deering. It's been a very long bloody knuckled day. The parts came in this morning and I was finally able to fix the ladys truck. To make matters worst, there's a huge snow storm on the way and I'm stuck in the shop waiting for the customer to pick up her truck... Can this day get any worst?

This map is made for World in Quarantine mod.
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By tony991 DFBHDTS SP 760 Downloads Added 02/22/2016 1 Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO MOD

Sanctuary - NSO
First and foremost, this mission does not exist! The United States doesn't want to get its hands dirty so we've been supplying weapons to North Korean rebel factions that are attempting to overthrow the Korean regime internally "without" U.S. involvement. We actually do this a lot. This time things went sour. A C-130 was shot down on North Korean soil. It was disguised as a U.N. supply plane but there was hundreds of weapons mixed in the load. You must find the crew and pilots before the Koreans interrogate them. Good Luck!!

By tony991 DFBHDTS SP 688 Downloads Added 03/26/2017 1 Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO MOD

Russian Krug CDAA
** Requires NSO MOD **

**This is the sequel of the Russian Woodpecker map** The main task of the Krug system was to test the parameters of the ionosphere and to determine the best operating frequency for the Duga-3 (Russian Woodpecker). The optimal propagation frequency depended on the current ionosphere condition, which changes within the day and is direction dependent. It consists of large antennas in a diameter of about 300m. In the center of the circle there's a one-storied building with reception equipment. The Soviets are now aware of your presence after the destruction of the Duga-3 array so resistance will be much larger. You must destroy the electronic reception equipment in the Krug building to guarantee total deactivation of the arrays.. Good Luck!!
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By tony991 DFBHDTS SP 689 Downloads Added 02/11/2016 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO Deadline

Christmas Outbreak - Deadline Mod
A secure military transport traveling from Watertown, New York to Limestone, Maine is carrying a biological weapon. If released, this chemical will not only have an effect on human life but will reanimate dead tissue. The gas vapors are heavy and stay close to ground level. The vapors easily combine with water making the chemical easily transferable into the atmosphere. If introduced into the atmosphere, it will have a tremendous impact on the entire region… You are a gas station attendant working second shift on the outskirts of a small town in New Hampshire. Not one vehicle has stopped by to fuel up today, which is surprising because this is the only gas station for miles and it’s ski season... It's like there's an apocalypse! Suddenly there is a loud crash down the street so you go outside to investigate. There’s two military cargo trucks-one has rolled over and the other crashed into a telephone pole knocking out power to the East. There was shooting, screaming and now silence...You run inside and grab your 12 gauge pump from under the counter. Soon after you get back outside, a humvee comes barreling toward you and crashes into a concrete barrier. You open the humvee door and a dead soldier falls out. By the looks of it, he didn’t just die in the accident… You step back, look around, the undead are heading straight for you!!

This map was made for NSO Deadline zombie mod V#120426

By tony991 DFBHDTS SP 695 Downloads Added 03/15/2017 4 Comments PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO MOD

Russian Woodpecker
** Requires NSO MOD **

Starting in 1976 a new and powerful radio signal was detected worldwide. It was later determined that the origin of the interference was somewhere in the USSR. The Duga-3 facility was erected between 1970 and 1975 and used as an enormous antenna. It is a huge lattice mega-structure, 150 meters wide, 90 high, and 750 long. To man the radar system, a small secret city was built, in which 1000 people lived. Duga-3 is a Soviet early missile detection system (over-the-horizon radar system). This site was NATO codenamed, "Steelyard”. It was nicknamed “Russian Woodpecker” due to the signal that could be heard on the shortwave radio bands worldwide between July 1976 and December 1989. It sounded like a sharp, repetitive tapping noise, at 10 Hz, giving rise to the "Woodpecker" name. The random frequency disrupted legitimate broadcast, amateur radio, and utility transmissions and resulted in thousands of complaints by many countries worldwide. You must enter the facility without setting off any alarms. You must destroy the Soviet radio equipment in the main communications building. After the radios have been destroyed Soviet patrols will not be able to radio in your presence. Proceed to the Duga-3 array and place C-4 charges and once you’re clear detonate the C-4.
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