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By luk108 DF2 SP 1,684 Downloads Added 08/11/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

Eastern Perspective
An extremist group has threatened the local government for agreeing to receive humanitarian assistance from western countries. U-2 overflight has located the main terrorist camp. Eliminate all hostiles in the area.

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Hidden Rat
Intelligence has identified the location of the enemy lieutenant, your job is to capture the lieutenant and escort him to the extraction point. Be careful compound is heavely patrolled, good luck.

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Bandit Pit
The local militia has started an illegal weapon commercialization, increasing the crime and violence in the country. Your job is to destroy the weapons crates at objective Vandal. Alpha and Charlie team will bring safe passes to the extraction point.

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Tallest Hit
The Talibans have set an observation post, keeping US forces from mobilizing in the area. Also there's a book inside the compound that has information about enemy activity in the region. Your job is to secure the OP and steal that book, good luck.

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The UN has delivered food and other resources to a small african village. The Militia of the region has taken control of this village, having access to the supplies. Your job is to keep the militia from stealing the UN supplies.