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By hunterz DF1 TDM 1,786 Downloads Added 12/05/2003 Updated 10/05/15 Add Comment PermaLink

A Counter-Strike remake.

By hunterz DF1 TDM 1,579 Downloads Added 12/05/2003 Updated 10/01/15 Add Comment PermaLink

Remake of the classic Counter-Strike sniper map.

By hunterz DF1 TDM 1,998 Downloads Added 12/05/2003 Updated 10/01/15 Add Comment PermaLink

Remake of the classic Counter-Strike hostile map.

By hunterz DF1 CTF 1,712 Downloads Added 11/21/2003 1 Comment PermaLink

English: Attack and Defense Map.
Portuguese: Bom Para Atacar E Defender, mapa ótimo para treinos de squads.

By hunterz DF1 CTF 1,026 Downloads Added 10/05/2015 Updated 10/17/15 Add Comment PermaLink

DF1 CTF Stocks Reversed + Disable Sand Lake
Ice Floes, Trench Lines, Beachhead and Blue River reversed.
Also disables Sand Lake.

By hunterz DF1 TKOTH 1,200 Downloads Added 10/17/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

DF1 NW TKOTH Fixed (5 maps)
NovaWorld TKOTH maps with fixed objects and respawns positions.

By < zero > DFBHDTS SP 1,685 Downloads Added 07/26/2011 1 Comment PermaLink

Triple X Hunterz Death
This is our true second map we done before we create a Shadow Syndicate Missions.This is a teleporting map,you must find those fire portals to teleport in another city.Objective is to kill all Jungle Mans and Terrorists then find the XXX Hunter that was a hostage.Its hard to kill enemies in Jungle so be carefull.This is the part two of our map name's "Wrecked Death". *Rate and Comment to our map*