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By deadrise DFBHD TDM 787 Downloads Added 10/07/2016 Add Comment PermaLink

Shipyard by deadRISE
Greetings all you die-hard BHD fans, I have another one of my maps to add to the community. This is one that was a favorite in our server, Weekend Warriors. Its a shame to not let the world enjoy it too!

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 853 Downloads Added 08/27/2012 Add Comment PermaLink

Capitol Punishment by deadRISE
This map is a replica of the US Capitol building in Washington D.C. Dont ask me why, i just thought it would be cool to try and make into a map. Two ways in. Have fun.

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 765 Downloads Added 08/27/2012 Add Comment PermaLink

Going Postal by deadRISE
You know i like the smaller maps, so here is another one. Small constant killing action map. the two sides are divided by a wall. Threre are 3 floors to the building and each floor has a passage through the wall to the other teams side. Blow up the walls to get through on the second floor.

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 619 Downloads Added 04/13/2012 Add Comment PermaLink

Padded R()()// by deadRISE
By the time you finish this map you will wish you were in a straight jacket. Bullets flyin at you from all directions, snipe, gunner, CQB, you name it, they all have a chance at blowing your head off. Advance by taking PSPs, there are only 2 points that you can jump from to get to the PSPs so choose wisely. Enjoy and dont cheat, it will stunt your growth. ~

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 812 Downloads Added 08/26/2012 Add Comment PermaLink

The Moog by deadRISE
Medium map with one PSP. Modeled after the movie Black Hawk Down, I was inspired to make this map after watching the movie again recently. Lots of places to get elevated position on the enemy. Choppers can get shot down which creates a great effect. This map is hours of fun, very realistic.

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 864 Downloads Added 10/22/2011 Add Comment PermaLink

Catacombs by deadrise
This map is hours of fun in a small to medium server. PSPs are protected by doors that almost always happen to have an explosive surprize behind them so look out. You have to navigate the catacombs and you can only see about as far as your torch will light. Its a good idea to listen to what is, or who is, around you in this one. Bases have 2 exits to minimize baserape. Lots of choke points and ambush areas to catch your opponents off guard.

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 761 Downloads Added 10/22/2011 Add Comment PermaLink

Swamp Foot by deadrise
Start at your base and you have 2 options to get to the center of the map. Get to the PSP first because this one is not that easy to change hands. If you have the PSP you have control of the map. To keep it, you have to have your head on a swivel looking for opponents to appear out of the mist then take them out. Dont get too cute trying to base rape, you will likely pay for that with the loss of the PSP. The crockidiles don't bite unless you provoke them. Enjoy this one with 2-20 players.

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 795 Downloads Added 10/22/2011 Add Comment PermaLink

Strobe dy deadrise
Another installment of my single PSP series. This one is dark and has a single floating PSP at the center that causes some serious deaths for anyone trying to capture and hold. There are places in the map where night vision is a must and others where you are better off without it. The strobe lights are destructable so look out for that guy who always stacks up satchels and blows the heck out of stuff...you know who you are, BlackRain. Gotta keep this one to a 15-20 player max to be most fun.

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 895 Downloads Added 08/27/2012 Updated 04/24/16 2 Comments PermaLink

Rust (MW2) by deadRISE
**Updated** (terrain and fog) and FUN!
Well, as the title describes, this is a BHD version of the popular map of the same name in Modern Warfare 2. Plays well and quickly with little opportunity to catch your breath. Great knife map or just good old fashioned shoot 'em up fun as well. This is small map so keep moving to get the most kills. Have fun and thanks for downloading. www.foggers.spruz.com

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 688 Downloads Added 04/13/2012 Add Comment PermaLink

Mall Mahem by deadRISE
Fun progesive map in the theme of your average mall that is set up for any size server. But dont hang around in Spencers looking at weird toys too long. You are bound to get your butt handed to you by the opposing team. Gunner, Snipe, CQB all work in here...dont forget to check out the roof. Hope ya like it. Have fun and respect the game, dont cheat. D-

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 978 Downloads Added 05/05/2011 Updated 05/18/11 Add Comment PermaLink

Jump by deadrise
(Updated 5/17/2011) Enclosed map that players have to parachute into (jump from 400m into the water). Hold the town or snipe from the adjacent islands. A boat will take you from island to island. Fun for a small to medium sized server. PSPs on the islands, a boat, and the choppers. (update made center ships indestructable and added more visual details.

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 1,010 Downloads Added 07/17/2011 Add Comment PermaLink

d day by deadrise
Action packet concentrated map that boasts non stop fun. Ground level has psp that is sure to change hands many times. Mid level is compact and hard to navigate making knife attacks more potent. Upper level is accessed by ladder, but look out, there is more than one way to get up there. real fun in small server, mayhem in a medium server, and completly rediculous killing in a large one. Download and enjoy.

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 897 Downloads Added 10/22/2011 Add Comment PermaLink

Tower Of Terror by deadrise
This map has all the fun activities that we have come to love in this game. There are hidden tunnels to get you up to the tower and you can run up the structure as well. There is no staright line between any two points on this map, many corners to go around means many clays so be aware. Hold the towers 4 PSPs. You can also snipe from or to the sister buildings and the surrounding buildings. Always keep your eyes to the skys, there is likely someone watching you from above. This map can hold a large server and is still fun with only a few players.

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 726 Downloads Added 04/13/2012 Add Comment PermaLink

Prarie Haus Theater by deadRISE
Wide open, like Little House on the Prarie, except with ample amounts of blood and gore. In this combat theatre, you can take the center building or the barns on the perimeter. Use PSPs to hold position because you will not know where the next enemy will be coming from. Fog actually helps make out long didtance targets, they look like little black specks on your screen. makes the map play a little smaller than it actually is. Enjoy and dont cave to the pressure, downloaded skill is no skill at all. --Weekend Warriors-find out more at www.foggers.spruz.com

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 970 Downloads Added 10/22/2011 Add Comment PermaLink

Asphalt Assult by deadrise
HUGE FUN MAP...This one is the largest by far of my maps yet the streets and allys make the map flow real well toward the centerpoint. There are PSPs and a couple PSP sister buildings to capture. These will give you good position to beat down the opposing team. Tunnels in this one have street level entry sort of like a subway. Check out the fire escapes throughout to get good snipe position. Buildings in the center are stacked to where you can get to the roof for overwatch. Pleanty of hiding spots for all types of players. This sucker will hold the largest of servers. I hope you enjoy it.

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 812 Downloads Added 10/07/2016 Updated 10/11/16 Add Comment PermaLink

Halloween Fight Night
Hello again, this one is a theme map for Halloween. I hope you like it! It's real scary!

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 1,156 Downloads Added 09/19/2014 Add Comment PermaLink

Hersey Hiway
This map was made by our friend Burner. Great detail and fun to play. Try to jump on the cars and go for a ride. Maybe do a drive by shooting gangsta style. Come see us at Weekend Warriors server. www.foggers.spruz.com

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 1,131 Downloads Added 09/19/2014 Add Comment PermaLink

This map was made by our friend Blackrain. He is an original fogger. This is a fun map and works well with 4-20 players. Please download and have fun. www.foggers.spruz.com Weekend Warriors server.

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 895 Downloads Added 07/17/2011 Updated 08/20/11 Add Comment PermaLink

*updated to fix building glitch* This Team Deathmatch map is a confined warzone with stacked buildings. There is a high overlook for those wanting to see and shoot opponents below. Some outside action as well on the psps. Hummers have an interesing glitch. Fun for all size servers. Download and have fun!

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 879 Downloads Added 08/27/2012 Updated 04/24/16 Add Comment PermaLink

Asphalt Assult 3
Super Fun map!
This is a remake of a popular map I put out last year. Its smaller for more compact action. Still has plenty of snipe opportunities as well. I changed to daytime environment to help spot enemy players. Run and gun map. Campers will be eliminated easily. Enjoy, and thanks for downloading. Check us out at www.foggers.spruz.com.

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 764 Downloads Added 10/22/2011 Add Comment PermaLink

Divide and Conquer
This map starts out with you staring at your opponents ugly faces then racing them to the top of the map to get the top PSP and hold it. I dont have to tell you the problem with having to go thru containers to get the PSPs back if you lose them, you will die alot. Unless you get creative and look for other ways to get around this map...hmmmmm. Gunners, CQB, and med in this one. The fog limits the effectiveness of snipe. Plays great in small and medium size servers.

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 806 Downloads Added 10/22/2011 Add Comment PermaLink

Sky High Die
Its an odd map consisting of 2 bases about 1000 meters apart. Pleanty of snipe opportunities to opposing base and to any troops working their way towards your base. PSPs along the way. This all happens a few hundred meters above a river that can be used to land in if ya fall off. This one works well with snipe, gunner, CQB, and med for those pushing their way towards the opposing base. Medium to small server i'd say.

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 830 Downloads Added 10/22/2011 Add Comment PermaLink

Sink the Pink
Both teams start out at the top of the hill and make their way down and around toward the enemys base. The map is designed to be contained, but there are glitches to get you out if you are that kind of player. Lots of hiding places and real close quarters combat in some areas. Check out the upsidown ladder in the abobe building, get on it using F4 to see yourself, its hilarious. I dont make many huge maps so this one is similar to the rest, lots of action in a fun area of buildings. Blow up a vehicle or two while you are at it, I have insurance.

By deadrise DFBHD TDM 755 Downloads Added 10/22/2011 Add Comment PermaLink

Westminster Abbolition
OK. got the idea for this one watching the royal wedding a few months ago. I mean I just saw parts of it on the news...really, i didnt WATCH it ya know, I'm a man and like to watch football and stuff...lol. Anyway, back to the description...upper PSPs can only be reached by starting at your base. Lots of hiding places for gunner and CQB, I have even seen snipe successfull. Actually would be decent KOTH but i didnt save it that way. Lots of deadly falls so be careful, but if you find the spots you will clean up. Meduim server.