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By PurpleMushroom DF1 CTF 3,416 Downloads Added 03/15/2004 Add Comment PermaLink

A furiouisly paced map that promises some serious action. Service hangars with nearby towers are the the arena in this CTF desert map. Plenty of open areas present excellent sniping oppurtunities.

By PurpleMushroom DF1 TDM, DM, TKOTH, KOTH 3,805 Downloads Added 03/17/2004 Add Comment PermaLink

Abandoned Village
This combo-map takes place around an abandoned village. The heavy foilage not only provides superb covering, it also indicates that the inhabitants are long gone. For whatever reason it was, they left behind a sweet battlefield.

By PurpleMushroom DF1 SP, CO-OP 1,867 Downloads Added 10/28/2010 Add Comment PermaLink

Shut Down (Modified)
This is a modified version of the original Shut Down mission.

By PurpleMushroom DF2 CO-OP 3,238 Downloads Added 08/27/2009 Add Comment PermaLink

Valley Crawlers
A rebel force is using a local village as a weapons dump. You're to detroy a communications tent south of the village, infiltrate the village and liquadate the cache. You will then proceed to a SAM site and destroy all launchers so Black Widow can extract you.

By PurpleMushroom DF1 TDM, AD 3,425 Downloads Added 03/13/2004 1 Comment PermaLink

Scud Hunt
This is a TDM with a slight twist. Each team has 2 mobile scud launchers in their base which they must defend. Loss of both launchers will result in a win for opposite team regardless of score.

By PurpleMushroom DF1 TDM 3,337 Downloads Added 03/12/2004 2 Comments PermaLink

Sand Castles
A fast, medium-ranged desert map with 2 small castles. There is ample open area for full scale assaults, also plenty of hiding spots for snipers. Ammo is scattered about for you die-hards; respawns are in and behind each castle. Hope you enjoy the map.

By PurpleMushroom DF1 CO-OP 3,739 Downloads Added 04/02/2006 1 Comment PermaLink

Life's A Beach
Approximately 8 hrs ago a U.S. Congressman was taken hostage by an unknown group while redeeming his "contribution", from a corporate lobby group, at an exclusive Club Med resort. As an elite group, you have been programmed to safely escort the congressman to the extraction point so that he may continue to accept bribes as such.

By PurpleMushroom DF1 TDM 3,412 Downloads Added 03/12/2004 Add Comment PermaLink

Jungle Warz
This map takes place in and around the ruins of an ancient temple deep in the jungle. A local militia is there to deter any unwelcomed visitors from the ruins and will use deadly force on all. The map has countless hiding spots, a few boxes of ammo, and some nasty suprises. Hope you enjoy it.

By PurpleMushroom DF1 CO-OP 3,728 Downloads Added 03/15/2004 Add Comment PermaLink

Bad Habit (Modified)
This is the original mission "Bad Habit" modified.