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By Argjend DFBHDTS TDM 431 Downloads Added 07/10/2019 6 Comments PermaLink

Dawn Of The Dead
Hi! This is my first map on Multiplayer is(Team Deathmatch) enjoy it!!
If you have account gameranger go to my room "argjend" on delta force black hawk down team sabre .

By Argjend DFBHD SP 1,242 Downloads Added 03/28/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Cause In Territory
Cause In Territory
Location: Mogadishu, Somalia
Mission Created By: ARGJEND

Super Six One has been hit with a rocket-propelled grenade and has gone down northeast of the target building. Take the convoy to the crash site and secure it. We need to get a team there before the Habr Gedir overrun their position.

By Argjend DFBHD TDM 139 Downloads Added 08/25/2019 Add Comment PermaLink

Knife Only
Enjoy it!
And Don't Worry i will make custom campaign you have to wait

By Argjend DFBHDTS SP 1,081 Downloads Added 04/07/2019 Updated 04/29/19 Watch video 3 Comments PermaLink

Operation: Burning Ranger
After "Operation Red Enemy" finish. Board The Boats, Destroy all boats and eliminate all resistance and black hawk comes 1-2. And please rate comment

By Argjend DFBHDTS SP 317 Downloads Added 08/02/2019 Updated 08/02/19 2 Comments PermaLink

Estate Infinite
BHD-Estate Infinite
Date: August 1st
Location: Columbia.

Enemy Targets arrives on iran civillian Ranger will follow you, go to rendezvous Some Ranger on black hawk Destroyed and follow you waypoints that's it. Now Go To Cargo Truck 1 on area and will move to arrives, Now you have to destroy Weapon Crates on warehouse and Good Luck!

By Argjend DFBHD SP 555 Downloads Added 06/28/2019 Updated 06/30/19 4 Comments PermaLink

Operation: Marka Warehouse
I Submited this mission again, but i do not have those mission I've deleted. I've got the Operation Marka Warehouse. I Don't have Operation Afgan 2, Break The Forces, Operation Shadow Assault , Operation Red Enemy.! Check this mission play hope enjoy it. Write in the comment man see ya!

By Argjend DFBHDTS SP 582 Downloads Added 06/24/2019 Updated 06/30/19 2 Comments PermaLink

Operation: Wolfernations
Operation: Wolfernations
Date: July 18th
Location: City, Paulo

5 1 Command Convoy lead the crash site, Location Weapon Crates Take out the two RPG!. The Barricade will varporize and Incoming Technical and Incoming some Enemy On Location Shattared Palace, Little Bird coming for you and Board The Little Bird LB-2 and destroy some enemy And Reach The Extraction Good Luck 5 1!

By Argjend DFBHD SP 420 Downloads Added 07/19/2019 Updated 07/22/19 3 Comments PermaLink

Date: December 3 1993 - 1998 hours
Location: Jubba Valley

UN Forces are attempting to distribute food and provisions to local civilians. Intel reports that Habr Gedir militia may be planning to raid the distribution center and take the supplies for their clan's use. You must prevent any militia unit from taking food shipments. Secure the village and ensure that enemy reinforcements cannot reach the UN Convoy.

By Argjend DFBHD SP 736 Downloads Added 05/30/2019 Updated 06/30/19 Watch video 1 Comment PermaLink

Operation: Cache Takedown
Hey all! Finally i'm back i fix the computer finally.

Operation: Cache Takedown
Date: 30 May 1995, - 0768 hours
Location: Cache Mogadishu

Now you have to wait for little bird will open strafe we killing targets. And now follow your waypoints ranger will stop waypoints and wait for them...Destroy Radio Tower and little bird will arrive on shattared palace target building and Good Luck!.

By Argjend DFBHDTS SP 1,352 Downloads Added 03/01/2019 Updated 03/02/19 1 Comment PermaLink

Irans Patrol Boats

Hello Welcome Everybody!
Destroy Enemy PATROL Boats And Sink The Cargo Ship

Irans Patrol Boats
Date: August 08, 1998 - 0050 hours
Location: Iranian, Rebel

Destroy Enemy Patrol from the bridge and sink the cargo ship teammate are indesctructable and player get indestructable !!! Good Luck man.

By Argjend DFBHDTS SP 1,458 Downloads Added 02/18/2019 Updated 06/19/19 7 Comments PermaLink

Operation: Golden Legend

Operation: Golden Legend
Date: January 01 2006, - 1997 hours
Location: Columbia

Rebel forces still hold the oil terminal on the south end of Kharq Island and plan to destroy the tanker jetty facilities. Delta will traverse through a hostile town via Humvee convoy. Your objective is to capture a patrol craft and infiltrate the tanker facility before they can call in Véhicule Blindé Léger (VBL) armored vehicles to fortify their position. Be aware that there are civilian non-combatants in the area.