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By thrasherstone DFBHD SP 1,861 Downloads Added 08/23/2018 Updated 08/30/18 Watch video 1 Comment PermaLink

The Last Delta
(UPDATE: Fixed errors in the .bin file.)
The Last Delta by TIO Thrasher Stone

Outskirts of Mogadishu, Somalia
August 22, 1993 - 1230 hours

STORY: While returning to base, your Black Hawk has been hit by an RPG. You and your squad crashed in a small ruins that is surrounded by mines. All radio equipment has been destroyed in the crash. There is a radio station near the town you've crashed in.

MISSION: Find a way out of the ruins and locate the radio station to contact command. Locate radio equipment to call for a medivac for you and your squad. Romeo 3 will be sent to escort you out of the hostile zone and pick up any casualties at the crash site.

TIP: You're a lonewolf. Stick to stealth and move carefully in the town.