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By SpecOpsSniper DFBHDTS SP 2,006 Downloads Added 03/24/2018 1 Comment PermaLink

AACA BadLands
Hello Everybody Spec_Ops AKA SpecOpsSniper is back!
Its been long since i last uploaded here but i am back with the campaign with classic chat system and classic stuff. although
i did not used the TioCoop 9.2 because the MOD is in the other computer that is rekted (again).

Have you guys though of what happened after "AJFP-Alliance"? well
here it is. You play as one of the soldiers fast roped at the vicinity. Although These is YEARS back (in-campaign) but there's an event or happening in the map after that you will be flashed back into the present day of his life(in-campaign) something bad happened to that poor guy but it's not just him who experienced the tragedy. There were others....

Some Content of the Map contains SPG Content (L)
Some Content also contains some rudeness to People
Please Play With Supervision(If Possible)

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The following content used belongs to their respective owners (the picture i'm saying) and should not be distributed but be used here in this site. The map or any of my maps can be distributed just not the picture.