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By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 2,116 Downloads Added 03/18/2018 4 Comments PermaLink

Operation Lonewolf 2
>>> Black Hawk 6 1 Went Down Not Too Long Ago. We Can Still Save The Helicopter Crew And Pilot If We Act Real Quick. Unfortunately Convoy Has To Split Up In 2 Parts. Convoy 4 2 Will Take Hostages Taken In Previous Operation To Our Nearest Base. Since We Don't Have Much Time, Convoy 5 1 Will Go Straight To Crash Site To Secure The Area And Hold Positions Until Convoy 4 2 Arrives To Extract The Team And Survivors. Enemy Knows Exactly Where We Are Headed So We Should Expect Heavy Resistance And Roadblocks. Little Birds, Romeo 9 And Romeo 3 Will Provide Much Needed Air Support On The Way. Once Convoy 5 1 Reaches The Crash Site, Medivac Will Be Dispatched To Pick Up The Wounded. Upon Starting This Operation Command Will Give You Further Instructions. <<<

>>> Your Objective Is To Reach The Crash Site. Try Not To Lose Your Men As They Are Only Ones You Can Depend On.Your Primary Objective Is To Save Anyone Who Has Survived From Crashed Black Hawk Crew. <<<

>>> HINTS : Once You Get To Crash Site Search For Most Secure Spot For Yourself As Soon Your Entire Team Will Be Attacked From All Directions. <<<

>>> HINTS : Don't Waste Bullets. There Are No Ammo Crates Or Armories On The Map. Make Every Last One Of Them Count. <<<

>>> HINTS : Do Your Best To Protect The Crash Site From Overwhelming Enemies. Your Team Alone Will Not Be Able To Handle Incoming Wild Attacks. They Are All Mortals And Destroyable So Help Them <<<

>>> GOOD LUCK : File Contains READ THIS. Read It Carefully As You Will Find Many Things Very Interesting. Lunaticc Here. I Hope You Will Enjoy Playing This Mission. Good Luck And Have Fun <<<