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By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 2,384 Downloads Added 02/03/2018 5 Comments PermaLink

Operation Lonewolf
>>> This is Command. Intel Reports That Aidid Leaders As Well As Several Extremely Dangerous Drug Dealers Have A Meeting In This Building To Discuss About ,,Peaceful Resolutions''. Since We Have A Pretty Good Idea Just What ,,Peace'' Truly Means For Aidid Leaders, We Will Not Let This Meeting To Run It's Course <<<
>>> Little Birds And Black Hawks Will invade Airspace. While Black Hawks Provide Air Support , Little Birds Must Drop off Rangers On Rooftops. Once Target Building Is Secured And All Evildoers Are Apprehended, Rangers Will Create Defensive Perimeter For Convoys Arrival. As They Arrive, Rangers Will Make Sure Caught Evildoers Are Ready To Extract. After That Convoy Will Return To Base To Refuel And Reload. Good Luck <<<

>>> Hello Everyone. How Have You Been? I am Finally Back. I Have Been Extremely Busy This Last Months. That's Why It Took Me So Long To Upload This New Map. I Hope All Of You Will Enjoy Playing It <<<