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By Tanya DFX CO-OP 2,312 Downloads Added 12/27/2017 3 Comments PermaLink
MOD Required: SO Mod

SpecOps_3 by Tanya
This map only has respawn at the beginning of this first road, within the city has no respawn no.
Do not change the events, be sure to add the wac file, and do not blame me if the map does not work if you have moved the events or edited certain things, I make events with my ideas, if you convert the map and edit your way not working out is your problem and not mine.
I already used all these maps on my server and everything worked perfect.
Never leave documents if you lose if a map asks to find a book, intel, if you die check where you died to lie on the floor and recover the book, if you get lost the game will not end, this is true for all my maps that have a book.
And do not leave any enemy alive, this is true for all my maps.