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By SpecOpsSniper DFBHDTS SP 2,522 Downloads Added 11/18/2017 Updated 11/25/17 1 Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: TIO Coop

AJFP Death Dunes
*This map is the first of 3 series we are now in the third campaign of the series. Map contains .bms .mis .WAC .til .ifl and atlast .bin
TIO COOP 9.2 are needed in the series.


IAJ have ambushed 101st Cavalry of Pakistan they wanted every suplies
they need. You and Mike will have to get to the site ASAP!
you will be deployed via HUMMMER.

This map took my 2-3 days to complete i hope you guys like it
if you like it please Like, Comment , Share.

PS: Map thumbnail or picture is edited.