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By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 955 Downloads Added 08/29/2017 10 Comments PermaLink

Heavy Rain
>>> This is Full On Assault Mission. Earlier Today, Our Ground Forces Trapped Enemy Leader And His Forces In This Town. They Have No Tunnel Networks to Escape underground. We Blocked Every Exit Of Town. Our Ground Forces Tried To Get Closer And Closer To Enemies But They Put Large Roadblocks Everywhere Making It Impossible For Ground Forces To Reach Them By Themselves. They Are Pushing Us Back With Everything They Got. That's Where You Come In. As A Leader Of Air Force Division , Your Are Leading 16 Elite Rangers Right Into The Center Of Hell. Your Objectives Are To Search And Destroy Everything Not American. Leave Nothing Behind. Your Most Primary Objective Is To Locate And Capture Enemy Leader. Upon Starting This Operation , Command Will Give Your Further Instructions. <<<

READ THIS : First Few Seconds Of game Will Be a Bit Laggy but then it will be absolutely fine. Map is Really Big And Loaded. You Need To Pay Attention To Texts On Your Left Below Corner. They Tell Your Very Important Things Such As Directions , Objectives , Hints And More. I Spent Nearly 2 Months Making This Map So I really hope All of you will enjoy playing it.