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By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 759 Downloads Added 08/01/2017 10 Comments PermaLink

Rise Of Terror
>>>Hello Everyone. It's Been A While. I am back With Another Single Player Mission. With That Said...Are you Ready to Be A Bad Boy?<<<
>>>DESCRIPTION : This is Small Mission packed With Actions Both From Your And Enemy Sides. You Are Somalian Soldier Fighting Against Americans. If This Mission Will Be Well Liked, I will create Second part of this Storyline. In Short This Mission Is Something New For DFBHD Community And I Hope All Of You Will Enjoy Playing It. Don't Forget To Leave Comments. Give Me Your Opinions And Suggestions.<<<
>>>OBJECTIVES : Remain Stealth Until Right Time Comes. Then Strike And Destroy Everything On Your Path Except Supply Trucks. Securing Supply Trucks Is Your Primary Objective. Villagers Are Not A threat so don't kill them. Last Thing We Need Now Is To Deal With Local Ambushes. Your Secondary Objective Is To Kill Or Capture Enemy Sergeant. If Captured then Better. We Cannot Afford To Lose Here. Good Luck...If You Need it... <<<
>>>HINTS : Pay Attention To Texts On Your Left Below Corner. They Tell You What To Do In Details. Don't Rely On Waypoints. Your Waypoints On Radar Will Disseppear Shortly After Game Starts So Don't Freak Out When You Don't See Any Arrows And Don't Think It's a Glitch. As I Said Earlier only Thing you Need To Rely on is Texts And Your Judgement.<<<
>>>https://www.facebook.com/irakli.gudadze<<< In Case You Want To Contact Me As Far As Mail Goes Well... I am not much of a user of it so Facebook is only way to contact me. Once Again I Hope All Of you Will Enjoy this map. And I am out Peace