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By SpecOpsSniper DFBHDTS SP 814 Downloads Added 07/08/2017 4 Comments PermaLink

Tutorial for mapping
hello while i was testing this map...something happened....:ohnoes
if you would look at the BlackHawk you would see two pilots which
scares me...to investigate open my map's mission file so you can
override my weapon On/Off make sure you use M21 i recomend it not
barret or MCRT 500. Tactical.I'm sure it's a glitch however if you
want to take a look at it do as what as follows-
pick an M21 before you start a mission as the Pavelow lands get out
quickly and take a look at the Black Hawk pilots if you don't see a
thing zoom out if no the BH is close.Please reply at the comments
for further information at the map i saw this before and here it again

Hello i made this map for Lunnatic so he can understand wac and wac is
Positive on this map so you need a /d command at your shortcut BHDTS
It explains to open doors of MH53 and Fastrope method but that thing
is very complicated.THIS IS JUST A DEMO MAP.You can still use it on
your maps....