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By SpecOpsSniper DFBHDTS SP 750 Downloads Added 06/26/2017 3 Comments PermaLink

Perimeter Fall

Hello,This map is just a AI Vs AI Battle.You can still Help blue kill red
You will also learn something on here like=
The No Die Smoking Little bird= to Destroyable Bird but you need the
Pappy's Unlocked Mission Editor
and etc etc etc

To win wait for the BH to come in..
Ranger 1-Sir glad you make it we recieved a Distress call from the Ajafians they said "GET OUT RUN FOR YOUR LIFE EXPERIMENTAL BODIES GOT LOOSE"
Player-What the.Did they experimented and got loose?!
Ranger 1-Yes sir were locked and Loaded sir
Player-Have you send a Distress call?
Ranger 1-Yes they said a BlackHawk is inbound ETA 6 Minutes
Player-Oh Thank God...
Ranger 2-Oh no Here they Comes
Team Sabre 4-Same here they have RPG's TOO!!
Player-It's Gonna be Hell of a Firefight.........