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By earwax DFBHD SP 1,003 Downloads Added 05/01/2017 1 Comment PermaLink

Operation: Clean Sweep
Operation Clean Sweep

My first map.

A Blackhawk has gone down north, deep in enemy territory.
Because of heavy militia forces in the area, extraction by Blackhawk Helicopter is, at this time, impossible.

Delta 51 has been given the task of moving north in a Blackhawk and securing the area.

Be advised, there are reports the enemy has taken the city. You may be required to go most of the way on foot.

Enemy:with AK's and more guns.

- destroy all communications towers
- kill the warlord
- destroy all radio equipment
- kill all enemy soldiers en vehicles
- destroy all wooden crates
- destroy bridge

No waypoints, just look at the map for directions.