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By Domox Version 0.65 1,143 Downloads Website Added 04/24/2005 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: JOTR File Name: BlackOpsRealismSkinPatch.zip

Joint Operations Black Ops Realism Skin Patch
This MOD is based on AnArKey's Weapons/Realism Modification for Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising
V0.5 with some extra features added by Domox

CH-47 Skinned in black to match MH-47D, re-skinned cockpit with higher rez skins and MH47 instrumentation
Turned Dune Buggy into DPV Colors (like what the SEALs drive, black)
Made Mark V Darker
Stingers fly at realistic speed and deal realistic Damage.
Removed green bands from M82 and darkened rifle.
Modified Main Menu (mainly an expirament).
Fixed an animation error with the L115A Anarkey left in .3
Re-Skinned the Russian Character with Hi-rez Canadian CADPAT and Canadian Markings
Re-Skinned the M21 into a M14 DMR which means olive drap with blued finish on all metal
Adjusted all the choppers speeds to reflect their real life speed
Adjusted Survivability of all choppers to realistic levels. (the occupants get shot like normal)
Increased Damage of frag grenade (you can now toast a chopper with one thrown in the cabin)
[Removed since v0.65] Slighty increased smoke grenade time
New Skin for HMMV knockoff
New M9 Skin
Added A weapons familiarization range. (Coop Level)
Added a AS - Deluge this is a hard fought map, can be played strategically.
Added New Indonesian Airforce Skin to Super Puma
Added New Indonesian Airforce Skin to NB0-150
Increased Smoke Grenade time to that of an M8 instead of an M18. (this means 135 seconds of smoke)