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By Scott NHQ Version 1.4.0 520 Downloads Website Added 10/09/2015 Updated 11/09/15 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DF1 File Name: DFHostTool140.exe

DF1 Host Tool, Server Stats, Mission Manager, Auto Messenger, Vote
This is a complete hosting package for DF1 (and soon DF2) server hosts. View screen shots here: Feature List

Features include:
Multi game and multi game process support
Voting System (Change map, punt, ban)
Auto Messenger / Startup Messenger
LIVE Mission / Map Manager
LIVE Player List
LIVE Game Type Changer
LIVE Win conditions settings
Sever commands (Both for players and Admins)
Custom IP Ban List
Weapon Restriction
Server Stats with local stat support

And more.