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By ICE Mod Team Version 1.0.5 8,593 Downloads Website Added 08/10/2008 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: JOTR, JOE File Name: ICE_v1.0.5.exe

Joint Operations International Conflict Europe (ICE Mod) FULL v1.0.5
IC Europe (ICE) Features:

Over 50+ new vehicles including Harrier War jets, Zubr Attack Hovercraft, Battle ships and many more

Stunning new terrains cortousey of BuLL , and Christopher Beckham as well as some old favorites from DFX.

New decorations contributed by some of the Communities leading modellers and communities.

Glock 17/18C MK23 MP5-SD Shotgun MP510mm SR25-SD PSG1-SD
P90 M16A4 M16A3 CAR15 M4A1 AK101 G36E L85A1 Sig 552 FN-FNC
RPK M249 AK103 AK47 G3A3 GPMG PKM L96A1 L115A Dragunov M21
M24 SR25 PSG1 M203 GP25 MK19 Nade Claymore Mortor Frag Round
RPG Stinger SAM SideWinder AA Guns Barret Mortor HE Round AT-4