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By BrutalArts Version 0.25 2,274 Downloads Website Added 05/06/2008 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: JOTR, JOE File Name: reality25.exe

Joint Operations Reality Mod v0.25
This mod has taken various player requested enhancement, fixes, and designs into full consideration.

Tons of Blackhawk Down (BHD) assets, buildings, objects (including the vehicle decorations) have found a home in the update. Newly created and tested items such as desert trucks, Hummers, and more.
Decorations such as Destroyed Strykers (with or without smoke), and other vehicles allow map makers to construct realistic battle scense for any style of JO battle.
The addition of BHD assets and their own has taken this mod to a pleasing level for JOR players. Those who haven't tried the mod should really take a look.

JOE is not needed. Only JO Original.
All weapons ballistics reworked - damage now drops off over range, all ammo has correct velocity; diameter; weight; penetration, and accuracy.
All weapons over smg calibre will generate 'suppression' if they strike within <20cm [screen shake and tiny damage].
All weapons now have correct names - ALL fire indicators work properly.
Tweaked ammo names and descriptions.
Elevation display removed from AK-74.
Elevation display fixed on BTR.
Tracer rates adjusted - only belt fed and heavy weapons generate tracer.
Explosives reveiwed extensively - damage now drops with distance, killzone penetration tweaked.
Weapons recoil values reviewed.
60mm Mortar range upped to 300-2000m - 4 HE and 3 WP.
60mm White Phosphorous introduced, more smoke and faster, also dangerous to infantry.
60mm HE effect fixed - no longer has 40m instadeath zone .
30mm HEDP damage reveiwed.
Hand smoke grenades all generate more smoke and faster.
Hand grenade throw range dropped to 40m.
Satchel throw range upped to 15m.
Satchels dropped from 3 to 2.
Satchel blast damage/area tweaked, new explosion effect added.
Base Defense Gun fixed - ammo tweaked.
Base Defense Gun 'Thermal' sight removed.
M107 Barret, Stryker, Base Defense Gun all fire M20 API ammo now - new particle effect, and limited area damage.
Pistol sights corrected.
Pistol max ranges added.
SMG max ranges added.
Stinger performance tweaked.
Helo flare performance tweaked.
Helo hit points reviewed.
M11 Anti Tank mines added.
Assets now only begin to burn after taking 75% damage.
Snipers SMG's have 3 mags instead of 2.
M-9 Beretta has an extra magazine.
ALL Mk-19 AGL's now have zooming sights.
HMMWV, SUV, FAV, ATV handling and stability improved.
HMMWV and SUV climb angles tweaked.
ATV speed upped slightly, land and water.
Satchels, Clays and AT Mines all immune to small arms, explosives trigger them though.
JAV Damage tweaked, blast radius increased.
RPG burst area reduced.
M107 penetration and damage tweaked.
L115A magazine reduced to 5 rounds.
L115A anti asset capability added.
Boats all extensively reworked - small arms/hmg no longer able to affect most.
Landing craft both immune to smallarms/.50 fire
BTR cannon correctly modelled with the 14.5mm KPV autocannon.
Rabid Wombats removed.
RPK-74 changed to the RPK-47.
RPK sound changed to AK-47 sound.
Med Bug fixed.
Limited Medpacks introduced - 10 'uses' only, rearm at armorys.
Apache, Havoc rockets fixed - no longer have a 100m lethal area.
Barrels, Oil Tanks, Chem Barrels etc all given blast areas.
ALL AI bots given the same HP as players [was 100 now 150].
AI weakened weapons 'unweakened'.
Kneeling bots added, both temperate and desert.
Standing desert bots added.
Most bots now use improved Animations.