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By IC Mod Team Version 4.1.2 2,723 Downloads Added 05/01/2008 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: JOTR, JOE File Name: IC_4-1-2.exe

Joint Operations International Conflict (IC4 Mod) FULL v4.1.2
New Stuff
We did not add as many new objects this time around. Search in NILE for IC4: to find them. Here are some highlights:
-Tiger helicopter: Comes in several versions. One allows the pilot to fire stingers while still having a gunner on a cannon.
-Wiesel: Mobile platform for stingers, TOW missiles, or a 20mm cannon
-DF2 Manor and ware house
-New Bull & R8Bob terrains
-Added 2 missing BHD buildings
-A few more desert/snow/jungle options to some stock vehicles
-Barb wire fence which causes player damage if you come into contact with it

Skin Changes
-Quite a few changes on both sides.

Howitzer / Nuke Howitzer Changes
-Both howitzer types now drive properly (won't flip over so easy)
-Both types cannot be fired level directly at a target. There is no longer a "skip point" on either howitzer's gun.
-Both types drive like tanks and have moving treads.
-Turrets are allowed to rotate freely
-The nuke round now fires with the trajectory of a standard howitzer shot. You get to use the mortar aimpoint on the map.
-The destructiveness of the nuke has been increased and has a big flash of light when it goes off
-The standard howitzer destructive radius has been reduced slightly
-The standard howitzer fires at the rate of 1 round per 6 seconds for the first three rounds (same rate as v3) but thereafter it can only fire at a rate of 1 round per 12 seconds.

Mortar Changes
-Mortars now have 5 types which can be fired. Press your mortar key repeatedly to cycle thru the types:
--Fragmentation round: large blast radius but low effectiveness (1 hit not lethal). Multiple people must fire together to get a kill zone.
--High explosive round: high damage level (1 shot kill on APC) but small radius, need a spotter to use well
--Flash bang round: 20 meter radius with same black out time as the hand nade
--Illumination round: lights stuff up, duh
--White Phosphorus round: smoke 'em if you got 'em

Other Changes / Fixes
-A number of weapon sights updated. Check out RPG in particular.
-Semi auto shotgun added
-Thermite effects changed to look like it is burning for several seconds before causing damage.
-Effectiveness of minigun rounds returned to v2 specs (they were made very ineffective in v3)
-Effectiveness of stingers returned to v2 specs
-Skip point on gunboat turret fixed
-Hit box on OH-58 rotors fixed
-Some weapon sounds changed

Known Issues
-If you rotate the howitzer to the side and use max angle, the gunner's feet are visible and can be shot with small arms from outside the vehicle.