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Tutorials | How to play DF2 Online on NovaWorld
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1) Install your DF2 game. It does not matter if you do it via Steam or you have the original CD.

2) Update your game to v1.06.15: Download Update

3) Download the lobby fix Download Now (Includes the fully patched no cd df2.exe file)

Thanks to the lobby fix, the game is now super easy to run and play again on NovaWorld. No pingers or other software is needed. Install DF2, update to the latest version and replace your game files with the ones in the lobby fix archive. You should be able to join and host games like you used to without any other software.

If you get a "Height Map" error, or other error like below when joining a game you need to install some expansion packs like the EXP2b, X-Pack and TXP. These are only required to play on servers with these expansion packs installed.

Play the game!