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By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS TDM, TKOTH 232 Downloads Added 06/01/2017 Updated 06/03/17 1 Comment PermaLink


Good map for TDM and TKOTH.

************** Enjoy*************

<<<Don't look at the image its not what you think.

I used Sub-Pictures............LOL

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS SP 275 Downloads Added 07/14/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

Ajafian Sniper Range
Map made for Snipers
for those who will download add /d command on your Delta force BHD first

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFX2 TDM 31 Downloads Added 10/17/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

Do or Die-Armored Combat
Do or Die-Armored Warfare
contains a LOT of vehcles both teams will meet each other at the middle of the map este WP ALPHA

this is a DFX2 noob map for TDM

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS TDM 94 Downloads Added 10/12/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

Oil Drilling Platform

this map has a oil drilling platform i missed out some stuff so that makes this map un-complete there a TWO drilling platforms one for BLUE and one for RED happy shooting!

if you want the .mis you need to convert the .bms

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS SP 258 Downloads Added 09/16/2017 2 Comments PermaLink

DC3 Landing Map
This map has a real DC3 Plane landing, It will be weird but it will do the trick!

well im granting you permission to use the map anywhere in your map
just do not edit the original map you make a copy out of it and edit it!.

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS CO-OP 281 Downloads Added 06/05/2017 4 Comments PermaLink

COOP on ISIS territory
This is a TS map my MED does not recognize/Sees the TS Items.
And if i play the map i cannot submit the Map.
That means map is un tested still things might not work





By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS SP 315 Downloads Added 08/26/2017 Updated 08/27/17 Watch video 5 Comments PermaLink

AJFP Extraction v2

Extract and Defend

This is the last map in the 1ST series of AJFP this is AJFP:IRAQ
the next chapter is coming soon....but i'l need some suggestion for the 2nd Chapter probably on Pakistani but this is the last map in this series,this map is advanced than any of my maps with special thanks to Stompem and Baldo_the_don.

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS SP 341 Downloads Added 08/03/2017 3 Comments PermaLink

AJFP Sudden Rage
No Picture was taken if you want to see the map see for yourself...

Operation Bird Nest

One of our BlackHawks was shot down by RPG the Helocopter that was shot was HAMMMER-1 The pilots survived but injured their last radio
they said "All of them was converging on on Road which is Main Road"
Samantha,Eric(GROUND-PILOT),John and Mike will be sent via Hummer
to find the crash site.Remember our priority are the Pilots.

We either die or live just to complete the mission just what S.A.F did.

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFX2 TDM 319 Downloads Added 06/02/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

DFX2 Warfield By Spec
all of my maps has no available picture so i used sub-pictures instead.

Multi-TDM map is a war-field,open ground wars choose your Vehicles either ground wars or Air wars.Its gonna be a firefight if you are on the middle of the battlefield and don't leave your craft their LOL.

PS if you want something to add on the map feel free to e-mail me at cennontubis6@gmail.com.I will not open e-mails not seen on the comments!

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS TDM, TKOTH 237 Downloads Added 06/04/2017 1 Comment PermaLink

WAR and Blood

Tracers everywhere little birds strafing and in the middle..

A fully armed BUNKER but if you got hit by a squib your dead but a psp is on the bunker so you'll be fine maybe...

this map is for TKOTH and TDM ...

the map is created for 2 SERVER the other one where i was Punted lol

and a surprise in the zip. file muhahahaha it's not a virus.
A TUT found on the ZIP. File

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS SP, CO-OP 336 Downloads Added 07/27/2017 1 Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO Deadline

Zombie COOP
Naval Special Operations

Static Signal.....
Static Signal.......
People getting eaten(ROAR)
Babies getting eaten....
Static Signal......
Signal with interference.....
Dogs getting bit
Static Signal.......
Radio:Hello anybody read me over.
Radio:Anybody there?
Radio:This is Unit 5 i read you over
Radio:There's a Roadblock not from on the Olympic Hotel get there over

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS SP 324 Downloads Added 06/01/2017 11 Comments PermaLink

SAS and Delta
*****First map to be created****


Two twin US buildings have been attacked.Remaining forces who tried to retake the building have failed causing death of two rangers.The british SAS have agreed to join forces together with SFOD-Delta.Go and storm our taken building and await further orders.

On the streets it maybe medium hard but one you reached and have eyes on the twin buildings Air support comes....

Causalities is not accepted.To finish the Mission go in the front of the last US build (COMMAND AND CONTROL CENTRE)........

Sorry for no available image...

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS SP 241 Downloads Added 06/23/2017 Updated 07/09/17 Watch video 9 Comments PermaLink

AJFP The last stand
As you can see there's a .WAC available so you must have a /d command
on your shortcut if it did not work just walk it off

Briefing is available on the map..

This is still a part map the second one is coming soon....

This map has never happened on the real life but the Marawi clash is True.But the AJFP never existed it is also know as

1#Armed Joint Forces of the Philippines.

2#Advanced Joint Forces of the Philippines.
there's an upcoming version of this map which has really a wac so hang tight till the next map comes..
with special thanks to Medic/Spotter for all his help and cooperation

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS TDM 238 Downloads Added 06/07/2017 Updated 06/07/17 Add Comment PermaLink

BHDTS Shore War A
No available pictures.....

what team will you join Blue or Red?

each team has different modes like

The other team will defend and the other team will attack however the defending team has no emplaced weapons the other team lots of them including a tank.but the other team which is running for cover and attacking opposing forces they have an air support but that is limited the main obj. for them is take the psp same for the opposing team.

TDM Map not Attack and Defend
one last thing the host must edit the map to unlock the air support

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS TDM 282 Downloads Added 06/07/2017 Updated 06/07/17 Add Comment PermaLink

BHDTS Shore War B
No available pictures.....

what team will you join Blue or Red?

each team has different modes like

The other team will defend and the other team will attack however the defending team has no emplaced weapons the other team lots of them including a tank.but the other team which is running for cover and attacking opposing forces they have an air support but that is limited the main obj. for them is take the psp same for the opposing team.

TDM Map not Attack and Defend
One last thing the host must edit the map to unlock the air support

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS SP 40 Downloads Added 10/17/2017 Updated 10/20/17 4 Comments PermaLink

AJFP Nuclear Warfare
***LAST MAP IN AJFP-AMCA-Pakistani Campaign***

Description; Map has no text voice or anything to guide you only the briefing can only guide you..password for the archive
if you can't understand pls PM me

While Extracting back to base the Division grouped with 5 ships escorting a nuclear warships and submarines however.. those WMD packages were hijjacked. Amcanian forces transported you on the T.A join with Cobra disable the WMD.

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS SP 152 Downloads Added 09/30/2017 2 Comments PermaLink


Recent Operation with Eagle Squadron has revealed secret documents leading to a nearby enemy river channel near Pakistan. Since JAF cannot raid an area regarding a water system a new Company is built
the Ajafians call them as A.M.C.A stands for Advanced Maritime Control Agency. They Specializes in River combat and Sea Combat.
Also able to deploy troops to raid offshore oil rigs. If this channel
is still operational this Rebels will have reinforcements from other rebels. You are deployed via RHIB clear out the river until the west end.

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS SP 219 Downloads Added 09/20/2017 8 Comments PermaLink

AJFP Alliance
Operation Mercenaries For Hire

After the war on Iraq Pakistani forces wanted a deal to A.J.F.P
they are desperate because of crimes commited outside and inside
of their borders. A OP has been assigned to your team to deploy EMPs
he is needed on this mission if he dies the mission is a failure!

Their Drone which we donated to Pakistan have spotted a heavily armed convoy headed to Pakistan, anymore question will be briefed on you
on air-ed black hawk Further more damaging the APC is not tolerated!
i expect you to win this Operation we need the money so our tech will
live for genarations, Pakistani is now our Ally.

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS CO-OP 50 Downloads Added 10/14/2017 Updated 10/14/17 2 Comments PermaLink
MOD Required: TIO Coop

TIO92 ze_city rage
*This is a TIOcoop92 map*

Mission Status....
its been 3 months now and were still stuck in this hell-nightmare city...people have gone wild and started biting and eating us...
we need to get these operatives back to base ASAP....if we fail..
its going to be another World War.....all about....VIRUS....
Survivors will protect the Operatives (PLAYERS) while they distract these zekes, your main objective is to get on that highest tower and signal the V-22 Osprey and extract remaining forces.....
****I recommend to use a high speed connections because of the map**
the map is inspired by CSS,CSGO and CS i created this map because
i never got the chance to play the Zombie mod through CSS

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS SP 294 Downloads Added 07/08/2017 4 Comments PermaLink

Tutorial for mapping
hello while i was testing this map...something happened....:ohnoes
if you would look at the BlackHawk you would see two pilots which
scares me...to investigate open my map's mission file so you can
override my weapon On/Off make sure you use M21 i recomend it not
barret or MCRT 500. Tactical.I'm sure it's a glitch however if you
want to take a look at it do as what as follows-
pick an M21 before you start a mission as the Pavelow lands get out
quickly and take a look at the Black Hawk pilots if you don't see a
thing zoom out if no the BH is close.Please reply at the comments
for further information at the map i saw this before and here it again

Hello i made this map for Lunnatic so he can understand wac and wac is
Positive on this map so you need a /d command at your shortcut BHDTS
It explains to open doors of MH53 and Fastrope method but that thing
is very complicated.THIS IS JUST A DEMO MAP.You can still use it on
your maps....

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS SP 253 Downloads Added 06/26/2017 3 Comments PermaLink

Perimeter Fall

Hello,This map is just a AI Vs AI Battle.You can still Help blue kill red
You will also learn something on here like=
The No Die Smoking Little bird= to Destroyable Bird but you need the
Pappy's Unlocked Mission Editor
and etc etc etc

To win wait for the BH to come in..
Ranger 1-Sir glad you make it we recieved a Distress call from the Ajafians they said "GET OUT RUN FOR YOUR LIFE EXPERIMENTAL BODIES GOT LOOSE"
Player-What the.Did they experimented and got loose?!
Ranger 1-Yes sir were locked and Loaded sir
Player-Have you send a Distress call?
Ranger 1-Yes they said a BlackHawk is inbound ETA 6 Minutes
Player-Oh Thank God...
Ranger 2-Oh no Here they Comes
Team Sabre 4-Same here they have RPG's TOO!!
Player-It's Gonna be Hell of a Firefight.........

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS TDM, TKOTH 315 Downloads Added 07/16/2017 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO MOD

NSO Roque Forces
Naval Special Operations....

There are several PSP's on the map we take them we live the
Stealth Hawk cannot land as it is on the air there are only one
Checkpoint but lot of Player Spawn Points so we have ground armor
only Strykers so it upgraded to be indestructible except it's wheels
is on the water so keep it off sea level.Another area where we can win
is that area that location has 4 towers and 4 sandbags so stray bullets is a major problem.RED is on backside of that mountain and we are here.
That Building can be Snipers vantage point so other teams will be covered but we also need to cover them.So be careful they are everywhere
************************************************** **********************
I encourage you to host a Naval Special Operations server so this map
will be in good hands so Good Luck.If you're an Admin please host this map.There's a 10.0 percent you will see this map on NW.Again good luck.

By SNIPER 12345 DFBHD TDM, TKOTH 549 Downloads Added 05/26/2012 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: ShocknAwe

Stone Age SNA
Here's a remake of an NSO map Dark did. Multiple psps located around this small enclosed map.

By fredd_29 DFBHDTS TDM 599 Downloads Added 07/29/2004 Add Comment PermaLink

Turn back to the medieval age and play TDM in a very realist and detailed scenery with many surprises... Do you want to know them??? download it and check it!!! Just one advise.. be carefull when crossing the ditch.
Please mail me for any review and comments.

By SandTiger TIT DFX CTF 578 Downloads Added 01/02/2006 Add Comment PermaLink

Blood And Snow
Snow map with stone age looking igloo's around the map, and a center village with the same in. very smooth playing and has been alot of fun. enjoy