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By SpecOpsSniper DFBHD TDM 1,262 Downloads Added 10/22/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

The Vantage Tower
Another (NOOB map)
map in the Z.SpecOps,Age directory!
Map features the easy build tower protected with stone walls!
base rape is ENABLED!!!!

and amigos if...something.......happened......look down


By SNIPER 12345 DFBHD TDM, TKOTH 850 Downloads Added 05/26/2012 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: ShocknAwe

Stone Age SNA
Here's a remake of an NSO map Dark did. Multiple psps located around this small enclosed map.

By fredd_29 DFBHDTS TDM 893 Downloads Added 07/29/2004 Add Comment PermaLink

Turn back to the medieval age and play TDM in a very realist and detailed scenery with many surprises... Do you want to know them??? download it and check it!!! Just one advise.. be carefull when crossing the ditch.
Please mail me for any review and comments.

By SandTiger TIT DFX CTF 866 Downloads Added 01/02/2006 Add Comment PermaLink

Blood And Snow
Snow map with stone age looking igloo's around the map, and a center village with the same in. very smooth playing and has been alot of fun. enjoy

By Uber-Pirate DFLW DM 813 Downloads Added 02/15/2006 1 Comment PermaLink

U-P Age Of Towers
Just as the name says, this map features lots of towers. And they all come together to form a inverted pyramid! Ideal for Naders and CBQ players alike, although I guess a couple crazy snipers could get into the action as well lol

By dustyred DFBHDTS TDM, TKOTH 778 Downloads Added 04/16/2004 Add Comment PermaLink

dUsTyRED's Castle
This was a hard map to make. A castle with 4 gard towers and on big kings room. If you are wondering why I have cannons every where thats because I tryed to make the player feel like he is in the mid-evil age. A very nice map to have. I hope everyone enjoys. dUsTyRED

By FtroopDad DFBHD TDM, CTF 1,283 Downloads Added 10/02/2003 Add Comment PermaLink

Cola Wars
The war of the modern age; Coke vs Pepsi. Red spawns at each end of the word COKE. Blue spawns at each end of the word PEPSI. The team with the highest score wins.

By Spinney DFBHDTS SP 2,656 Downloads Added 07/25/2007 Updated 09/23/07 Add Comment PermaLink

Kidnap The Nuke Scientist
SP: (updated version, bugs out) Iran have released a game called "Rescue The Nuke Scientist" so this is a kind of response. This, of course goes the other way round. Wouldn't the world be a better place if we kicked each others arses through PC games rather than in real life. Perhaps I'm turning into a hippy in my old age. Anyway, follow the instructions and you'll do OK. Be careful leaving the first village. You'll see why. Any comments? Any improvements?