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By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 36 Downloads Added 08/14/2018 Add Comment PermaLink

Hostage Escort
Tenth Mission in Campaign:
Escort a convoy of civilians back to base.
Special Thanks to: Baldo De Don

By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 62 Downloads Added 08/09/2018 Add Comment PermaLink

Decoy Destruction
Ninth mission is campaign
You have to destroy the decoy convoy in stealth.

By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 68 Downloads Added 08/09/2018 Add Comment PermaLink

Convoy Escort
Eighth Mission in Campaign:
Escort the convoy through enemy territory.
To admin: Fix the map's HMMWV waypoints

By By Dj DFBHDTS SP 98 Downloads Added 08/07/2018 1 Comment PermaLink

Operation: Rising Sun #4
After Chemical Trucks Secure. Delta Team 5-1 / 3-1 / 2-1 Needs to leave Airplane Base. Because Paulo's Lieutenant still making Drug Trafficking with speed boats. Delta 5-1 will infil with rhib. Take Paulo's outpost for any intel. Support to 3-1 for landing. Eliminate Lieutenant & Speed Boats and Exfil.

By By Dj DFBHDTS SP 110 Downloads Added 08/04/2018 1 Comment PermaLink

Operation: Tired Lion #3
After we secure Paulos Airfield. We using that airfield as our base. Today our objective is secure Chemical Trucks and Enemy Convoy somewhere in jungle. We have to catch and secure Chemical Trucks because They Highly Dangerous. After we secure Trucks. Our Black Hawk Down. We have to secure crash site and survivors. And Exfil with Humvee

By By Dj DFBHDTS SP 156 Downloads Added 08/01/2018 5 Comments PermaLink

Operation: Drunk Animal #2
Mission Continues... Antonio Paulo is dead. But him Drug Plane still working for Drug Trafficking. You have to destroy him Drug Plane & Airfield. But your first objective destroy radio equiment for smugglers not alert the airfield for operation.

By By Dj DFBHDTS SP 185 Downloads Added 07/28/2018 9 Comments PermaLink

Operation: Frozen Money | #1
Drug Lord , Antonio Paulo seen on Ixtana Village a few hours before. We're going to Ixtana for cut him escape available. Destroy him Technicals and cut Communication from Radio Equiments. After destroy them. You have to Destroy any Anti AAA Gun for Air Support. When you board the Helicopter. You have to make suppressive fire from minigun but be careful civilians down in the Antonio's Villa. You have to Kill Paulo , Rescue Civilians and Return to Base with them.

By Maverick_Y DFBHDTS SP 248 Downloads Added 07/23/2018 5 Comments PermaLink

It's a quite difficult map.If you find it too hard for you, here are some tips:
*Change game difficulty to easy
*Remember to use your claymore. They are really useful
*Switch your M16 from Auto to Semi, in case enemy come but you are changing. If so, remember your have a handgun
*Push forward ASAP in the tunnel, enemy back is unlimited. All heavy weapon in tunnel is marked on your map.
*If you got surrounded, handle enemy back first.
*Remember to use F5 key to save your game. Suggested save point is given
*Follow the tips in the game. Press U key to review if you miss it.
*Remember to use Q key and E key.
*Take extremely care once you get out of the tunnel. You can wait for the enemy back come, kill them and go on pushing, wait them, kill them, pushing... and you will finally made it

This is the first step in Pakistan. Keep the area safe while Pakistani army giving out some food.

Easter egg:
There are 4 hidden goals and several funny ways to fail. Can you find them?

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 278 Downloads Added 07/17/2018 8 Comments PermaLink

Operation White Rabbit
Mission Briefing >>> Interrogation Reveals That There Will Be Meeting Of 3 Top Enemy Leaders On This Island. Subject Of Meeting Is Buying New Weaponry, New War Technology, Drugs And E.t.c. Whatever They Are Going To Plan, One Thing Is For Sure - It Will Be Nothing Good For Us Or For Peaceful Civilians. Therefore, We Must Take Action Before it's Out Of Our Hands. <<<

Primary Objective >>> Capture Or Eliminate All 3 Of Enemy Leaders Before They Escape <<<

Mission Situation >>> Earlier Today Our Ground Forces Have Been Sent In. Not To Capture Leader Or Anything. They Just Set Up Defensive Perimeter To Hold Their Ground. Sending Ground Forces In Was Just A Trap. A Diversion. A Key To A Victory In This Operation Is Not The Ground Forces. It's Air Forces Which Includes You And Your Highly Trained Team. While Enemy Is Too Concentrated On Our Ground Forces, 6 Choppers Will Attack Enemy Right In The Opening, Crushing Their Central Core. This Will Cause Enemy To Be Disorganized For A While
Which Will Give Us Advantage. Element Of Surprise Must Be Sustained Until You Capture All 3 Of Leaders. Once That's Done, Chopper Will Extract Hostages Along With You And Your Team. <<<

HINTS >>> Do Not Waste Bullets. Or You Might Find Yourself In Huge Trouble. <<<

HINTS >>> Palace Doors Are Indestructable Until You Destroy Trucks And Radio Equipment In Garage. So Destroy Garage First. Then Go For Palace. <<<

Hints >>> There Are 3 VBL Cars In The North As You Will Soon Find Out. 2 Black And 1 Blue Marked On Your GPS. You Must Take Blue Car. Black Ones Are For Your Teammates. <<<

Hints >>> While Crossing Enemy Patrol, Do Not Shoot Them Or Your Disguise Will Be Blown And Your Team Will Be Inevitably Killed Along With You. <<<

HINTS >>> Don't Shoot Yellow Enemy Chopper When Chopper Chase Will Start. Your Allie Chopper Is Gonna Take Down Enemy Chopper With Very Spectacular Way. Just Watch And Enjoy Show <<<

Mission End Results >>> You have Successfully Captured And Prisoned 2 Enemy Leaders. You Failed To Capture Third But Since You Managed To Stop His Escape Attempt By Killing Him, Your Mission Is Accomplished. Well Done Commander. <<<

Mission Difficulty >>> Medium - Hard <<<

Possible Saves >>> 6 <<<

>>> File Contains READ ME FIRST Text File. I Hope All Of You Will Enjoy Playing This Operation. Don't Forget To Rate And Leave Comment. Good Luck And Have Fun. <<<

By Manhatin DFBHDTS TDM 215 Downloads Added 07/12/2018 Updated 07/25/18 1 Comment PermaLink

DNA sample
This map has four flours and DNA helix around and there is a new air tunnel method it is a new experience Guys check this out. I have its Eight floor sample if you need that then leave the comment
...I can also make maps on order if you want...........

By batman91 DFBHDTS SP 333 Downloads Added 07/11/2018 1 Comment PermaLink

DFBHDTS Complete Pack
My complete mission pack. Enjoy and vote! Team Sabre only!

By thrasherstone DFBHDTS CO-OP 481 Downloads Added 06/05/2018 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: TIO Coop

TIO Shadow Moses (Metal Gear Solid)
TIO COOP 1.9.2. is required to play this COOP map!

Play solo or team up with friends to play a remake of Shadow Moses from Hideo Kojima's game "Metal Gear Solid". The map starts off in front of a weapons disposal facility on Shadow Moses island. It ends where you fight Sniper Wolf. Clear all enemies on the map in order to get picked up by a Black Hawk!

By thrasherstone DFBHDTS SP 700 Downloads Added 05/23/2018 Updated 06/05/18 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink

Operation Lone Ranger
-UPDATED- (Fixed a few bugs.)
Operation: Lone Ranger
Date: May 11th, 1994 - 1200 Hours
Location: Outskirts of Kharg Island, Iran

A small Ranger crew was sent out to a small town to sabotage a radio station. They encountered an ambush and are heavily outnumbered by Iran soldiers and armed civilians. Your mission is to locate and escort any Rangers. Your squad will infil by boat, and a Black Hawk will provide you cover while you infil. Once you make it to land, take you and your squad to the town and give support to the Rangers!

By SpecOpsSniper DFBHDTS SP 980 Downloads Added 04/06/2018 Updated 04/11/18 Watch video 4 Comments PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO Deadline

JAF Operation Red Dawn
Hello Everybody the last map is here (me: finnaly!)

JAF Operation Red Dawn

We've finnaly pin pointed the exact location of the International
Anti JAF Head Quarters. It is somewhere in the parts of Middle East.
They've been Robbering, Human Trafficking, R****g, Kidnapping and much more on that region. They kept doing that on the nearby 'ghost' city. But we're sending you(Eric), Mike and John on a Stealth Entry
via BlackHawk. Remember not to expose your self or the mission will
be very hard. They are wearing some vests so a Head Shot would count!
Every Agency is on standby and eager to attack but
Advanced Aerial Combat Agency is halted because of stolen S.A.M Launchers on that site-Disable the SAM First
The Advanced Maritime Combat Agency is halted to provide Artillery
Support because of Radars on the region-Killing the Radios will cut off there connection from every region on the region.
Ajafian Special SPACE Agency is even more halted because of present Rebels on the atmosphere-We've made a major jump on time
so they are.
I'm not going to provide you anymore details of the halted forces
just get in there and END this WAR.
The content you might download contain(s) some SPG Content.
obviously lol
Texts does not appear on screen
Dumb author forgot to place in NSO Deadline MOD
end LOG

By tony991 DFBHDTS SP 1,008 Downloads Added 03/29/2018 Watch video 2 Comments PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO Deadline

Deadline 7: Trip to the Garage
You managed to escape from the military that was holding you captive. You figure they were probably going to harvest your blood in attempt to synthesize a cure for the virus. Most likely with complete disregard for your life judging by how they went about it. I won't be telling anyone about my immunity from here on out. - You emerge from the sewer soaked, stinky and ready for this nightmare to end!

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By SpecOpsSniper DFBHDTS SP 988 Downloads Added 03/28/2018 1 Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO Deadline

AACA BadLands PART 2
Hello Everybody Part two is now here!

After being shot down after a Recon mission you fell into the hands of IAJ (International Anti JAF) JAF's Greatest Enemy. They have taken
you as their Hostage. They can Torture you, Ransom you or even abuse you! Right now they are transporting you into their hell facility
together with your comrades but this is not it, You are somewhere
inside the borders of Pakistan. Even if you managed to escape...ISIS and ISIL Awaits for you. It's going to be a miracle if someone outside or inside rescues you but let's hope for the best.

"Wag palagi mag aasa sa gusto nyo"
-Eric (Louis)
Translate- Limit yourselves from hoping from the best
Means too much hoping often results to danger
am i right?

By SpecOpsSniper DFBHDTS SP 991 Downloads Added 03/24/2018 1 Comment PermaLink

AACA BadLands
Hello Everybody Spec_Ops AKA SpecOpsSniper is back!
Its been long since i last uploaded here but i am back with the campaign with classic chat system and classic stuff. although
i did not used the TioCoop 9.2 because the MOD is in the other computer that is rekted (again).

Have you guys though of what happened after "AJFP-Alliance"? well
here it is. You play as one of the soldiers fast roped at the vicinity. Although These is YEARS back (in-campaign) but there's an event or happening in the map after that you will be flashed back into the present day of his life(in-campaign) something bad happened to that poor guy but it's not just him who experienced the tragedy. There were others....

Some Content of the Map contains SPG Content (L)
Some Content also contains some rudeness to People
Please Play With Supervision(If Possible)

Please Like, Share , and Comment...
The following content used belongs to their respective owners (the picture i'm saying) and should not be distributed but be used here in this site. The map or any of my maps can be distributed just not the picture.

By thrasherstone DFBHDTS SP 1,085 Downloads Added 03/22/2018 Updated 03/24/18 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink

Operation Desert Fox
Haven't been mapping much due to being busy with life, but I finally finished a map I've been working on for a while!

In this single player map, your mission is to infiltrate a building and escort 2 hostages safely from the enemy. There will be close quarter combat throughout the mission. Once you escort the hostages, you all will ride out in a cargo truck. Protect the cargo truck until you and everyone else has made it out of the city.

By tony991 DFBHDTS SP 1,034 Downloads Added 03/20/2018 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO Deadline

Deadline 6: Breakdown of Society
After fighting along side the military in the subway station, You told them that you're unaffected by the undead biting you. This has turned out to be a big mistake. You were rifle butted and locked in a cell - After all, the lives of many outweigh the life of one. Right?

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By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 1,092 Downloads Added 03/18/2018 4 Comments PermaLink

Operation Lonewolf 2
>>> Black Hawk 6 1 Went Down Not Too Long Ago. We Can Still Save The Helicopter Crew And Pilot If We Act Real Quick. Unfortunately Convoy Has To Split Up In 2 Parts. Convoy 4 2 Will Take Hostages Taken In Previous Operation To Our Nearest Base. Since We Don't Have Much Time, Convoy 5 1 Will Go Straight To Crash Site To Secure The Area And Hold Positions Until Convoy 4 2 Arrives To Extract The Team And Survivors. Enemy Knows Exactly Where We Are Headed So We Should Expect Heavy Resistance And Roadblocks. Little Birds, Romeo 9 And Romeo 3 Will Provide Much Needed Air Support On The Way. Once Convoy 5 1 Reaches The Crash Site, Medivac Will Be Dispatched To Pick Up The Wounded. Upon Starting This Operation Command Will Give You Further Instructions. <<<

>>> Your Objective Is To Reach The Crash Site. Try Not To Lose Your Men As They Are Only Ones You Can Depend On.Your Primary Objective Is To Save Anyone Who Has Survived From Crashed Black Hawk Crew. <<<

>>> HINTS : Once You Get To Crash Site Search For Most Secure Spot For Yourself As Soon Your Entire Team Will Be Attacked From All Directions. <<<

>>> HINTS : Don't Waste Bullets. There Are No Ammo Crates Or Armories On The Map. Make Every Last One Of Them Count. <<<

>>> HINTS : Do Your Best To Protect The Crash Site From Overwhelming Enemies. Your Team Alone Will Not Be Able To Handle Incoming Wild Attacks. They Are All Mortals And Destroyable So Help Them <<<

>>> GOOD LUCK : File Contains READ THIS. Read It Carefully As You Will Find Many Things Very Interesting. Lunaticc Here. I Hope You Will Enjoy Playing This Mission. Good Luck And Have Fun <<<

By tony991 DFBHDTS SP 1,081 Downloads Added 03/07/2018 Watch video 4 Comments PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO Deadline

Deadline 5: Glimmer of Hope
You've gotten off the streets and found shelter, but let's not pop the champagne open yet. I'm assuming that survivors are holding up down here... Seek police or military personnel.

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By Creator DFBHDTS SP 1,303 Downloads Added 02/16/2018 6 Comments PermaLink

Rebel General Haatim Jaareah Bin Shamim Kalb and his remaining rebel troops have fled to a medieval stronghold near Yasuj and are holding a Delta operative hostage. Delta will insert via Blackhawk, navigate the fortress city and attempt to rescue the hostage. You must disable all air defenses before the hostage can be extracted. Once he is secured, you will infiltrate the stronghold itself and eliminate the General.

By tony991 DFBHDTS SP 1,199 Downloads Added 02/11/2018 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO Deadline

Deadline 4: Subway of Terrors
After finding yourself fighting your way through the city, you decide that being outdoors may not be such a good idea.. The subway must be a safe place.... It's underground!!

There's a secret boss in this map. The hint to its location is in the screenshot.

Don't forget to rate and comment!!

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 1,369 Downloads Added 02/03/2018 5 Comments PermaLink

Operation Lonewolf
>>> This is Command. Intel Reports That Aidid Leaders As Well As Several Extremely Dangerous Drug Dealers Have A Meeting In This Building To Discuss About ,,Peaceful Resolutions''. Since We Have A Pretty Good Idea Just What ,,Peace'' Truly Means For Aidid Leaders, We Will Not Let This Meeting To Run It's Course <<<
>>> Little Birds And Black Hawks Will invade Airspace. While Black Hawks Provide Air Support , Little Birds Must Drop off Rangers On Rooftops. Once Target Building Is Secured And All Evildoers Are Apprehended, Rangers Will Create Defensive Perimeter For Convoys Arrival. As They Arrive, Rangers Will Make Sure Caught Evildoers Are Ready To Extract. After That Convoy Will Return To Base To Refuel And Reload. Good Luck <<<

>>> Hello Everyone. How Have You Been? I am Finally Back. I Have Been Extremely Busy This Last Months. That's Why It Took Me So Long To Upload This New Map. I Hope All Of You Will Enjoy Playing It <<<

By tony991 DFBHDTS SP 1,381 Downloads Added 01/24/2018 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO Deadline

Deadline 3: City of the Damned
You're sure glad that you found your way out of the maintenance tunnel... Alive! Now, you have a bigger problem to face... The City of the Damned... Find your way to a safer place. Perhaps the subway?

This is the third of eight Deadline campaign maps to come.

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