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By rocklin DF2 SP 1,699 Downloads Added 01/17/2016 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink

The Numbers Station
Take No Prisoners!.

Shoot everything that moves and blow up everything that doesn't.

It is essential that you read the mission instructions otherwise you may shoot the wrong target.

By rocklin DF2 SP, CO-OP 1,801 Downloads Added 01/02/2016 Add Comment PermaLink

Lost In The Snow
Destroy the Armour Located at Obj Blizzard.

Destroy the power generating Equipment at Obj Chain.

Eliminate all hostiles.

Reach the extraction point.

single player and multiplayer version.

This was only a quick 2 hour build so enjoy.

By rocklin DF2 DM, TDM 1,691 Downloads Added 10/10/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Dark swampy map

By nicolita_doru DF2 CO-OP 1,912 Downloads Added 08/29/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation The Runer Part III: Blind Way
In the third part of the Operation The Runer campaign you must infiltrate rebel's compound and destroy all their ammunition in order to slow down their advancing. After that, capture a boat and rendezvous with Black Widow for extraction.

The rebels attacked a UN convoy and seized all their ammunition and supplies. Command wants you to infiltrate in the compound, destroy all ammo and then take command of an boat to make your way through LZ.

By luk108 DF2 SP 1,798 Downloads Added 08/24/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Bandit Pit
The local militia has started an illegal weapon commercialization, increasing the crime and violence in the country. Your job is to destroy the weapons crates at objective Vandal. Alpha and Charlie team will bring safe passes to the extraction point.

By nicolita_doru DF2 CO-OP 1,706 Downloads Added 08/21/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Superguns v2
This is an update of the original Superguns mission including wav files, new patrols and new decorations. More missions to coming....

A U-2 overflight has detected several SCUD Launchers in Northern Irak believe to contain nerve gas. Proceed and destroy this SCUDs before they can be used.

By nicolita_doru DF2 CO-OP 1,762 Downloads Added 08/21/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation The Runer Part II: Checkmate
Capturing general Cruchev in the previous mission give us some important information. Few hours ago pro-russian rebel leader Yevgheny Zaitsev meet with Vladimir Putin in Moscow and they are plan to invade the rest of Ukraine. Meanwhile, a train munition bound to Donetk has just left Moscow. Your mission is to take out the locomotive before it crosses the border.

By luk108 DF2 SP 1,774 Downloads Added 08/20/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Hidden Rat
Intelligence has identified the location of the enemy lieutenant, your job is to capture the lieutenant and escort him to the extraction point. Be careful compound is heavely patrolled, good luck.

By luk108 DF2 SP 1,841 Downloads Added 08/20/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Tallest Hit
The Talibans have set an observation post, keeping US forces from mobilizing in the area. Also there's a book inside the compound that has information about enemy activity in the region. Your job is to secure the OP and steal that book, good luck.

By luk108 DF2 SP 1,735 Downloads Added 08/15/2015 1 Comment PermaLink

The UN has delivered food and other resources to a small african village. The Militia of the region has taken control of this village, having access to the supplies. Your job is to keep the militia from stealing the UN supplies.

By nicolita_doru DF2 CO-OP 1,614 Downloads Added 07/30/2015 Updated 08/31/15 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation The Runer Part I: The Catching
Based on "Four Horseman" campaign mission. Spetsnaz detachment will assist you in this mission as well as Alpha & Charlie Teams. Good Luck !! This is the original map, i finally completed.

A U-2 overflight has discovered general's Cruchev main base in Russia in which we believe they are plan to strike in Europe. Infiltrate the camp and capture the general. Spetsnaz Detachment will assist you.

By nicolita_doru DF2 CO-OP 1,555 Downloads Added 07/28/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Cold Stone v2
This is version 2 of the original Cold Stone with wav files, more patrols and new decorations. Enjoy !!!

Intel has discover a large camp with Scud activity in Iceland. Proceed to the camp and destroy all scud launchers to prevent further attacks.

By icaandy DF2 CTF 1,447 Downloads Added 03/06/2015 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: Vietnam Mod

Fluvias xD
After so many years, we comeback with another war to win and another game to play, come on and join the game.

By nicolita_doru DF2 SP 1,644 Downloads Added 09/10/2014 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation Rescue
I`m back and this is my new map with wav files.

An group of tourists have been pinned down by opposing forces and they are held hostages. You are ordered to infiltrate the camp and free the hostages. Once the hostages are free destroy the Sam sites so Black Widow can extract your team.

By DennisRotten DF2 SP 1,687 Downloads Added 07/04/2014 Add Comment PermaLink

Ever played counter-strike 1.6?
This map is kind of lookalike de_nuke, but in DF2 style off course!

Defuse the bombs and eliminate all hostiles.
Map by: Dennis.
Original by Jo Bieg.

By DennisRotten DF2 SP 1,654 Downloads Added 06/16/2014 Add Comment PermaLink

First Class 2014
An Estonian first class flight have been hijacked by terrorist and contact was lost in Peru, where you are located together with an US helicopter.
You'll have to begin search for survivors imminently but be aware of terrorist forces that could be nearby. Mike (US heli pilot) and your vacation in Peru Could have been better...
This is a foggy hostages map with rain. Mp 5 is recommended weapon for this mission (to make it harder.)

By DennisRotten DF2 SP 1,754 Downloads Added 06/01/2014 1 Comment PermaLink

Boko Haram 2014
Looking for a hard and big, hehe ^^.....
Hostages map with allot of firepower?
Then download my map Boko Haram 2014. It includes allot of shooting, exploding, decorations and off course teamwork. Remember to read the readme file included
You can see a video here of how the map looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvMqaY61Lvs
Have fun you guys! Free cookie if you win in first time playing it. xD

By DennisRotten DF2 SP 1,758 Downloads Added 05/11/2014 1 Comment PermaLink

Crimean crises
Your defending an Ukrainian military base when suddenly Russians attacking. There is no special tasks in this one, just survive and try to save as many of your teammates as possible. Hostiles have alot of foot soldiers but they also have some tanks. I put alot of work in placing "decorations" in this map hope you'll notice. :3
And read the text file that's lay in the rar file before comment!
If you serarch for DennisRotten on youtube you might find a video over this map!
Have an azzum day you guys! =)

By weekend_warrior DF2 SP 1,797 Downloads Added 11/03/2013 1 Comment PermaLink

All out war with 10 different entry points. No winning this map, just a matter of how long you can outsmart the enemy. Note: there are 3 attack helos you must take out - ONE of them can be shot down with a rifle. Also, there are many 'pot of gold' exit points

By weekend_warrior DF2 SP 1,733 Downloads Added 11/03/2013 Add Comment PermaLink

Sneak into launch facility, sabotage by reaching the launch control, escape by helo. Fail to sneak in and pay the price!

By weekend_warrior DF2 SP 1,709 Downloads Added 11/03/2013 Add Comment PermaLink

Destroy a lab inside a pyramid, escape by sky hook from the top of lookout tower. Note: deadly biohazard materials are also stored in the pyramid so be careful!

By SCP TFD DF2 SP 1,818 Downloads Added 10/27/2013 1 Comment PermaLink

Black Hawk Down
an African General was onboard a Blackhawk but it was shot down by a Rocket Propelled Grenade and crashed in a little city. your objective is to eliminate all hostiles at OBJ BLIZZARD and OBJ VAMPIRE and rescue the General

By Shobhit Kumar DF2 SP 1,952 Downloads Added 08/27/2013 Add Comment PermaLink

The Training Base
The Taliban has captured a small village naer the border of Afghanistan and using it as a Training Base.Your work is to attack it and capture it.

Very interesting mission Alpha and Charlie will help you do your work.

By habilis DF2 SP 2,043 Downloads Added 07/04/2013 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: EXP2 Terranova

POW Camp [habilis edition]
The main objective is to locate the hostages and securing them.

By Shobhit Kumar DF2 SP 1,819 Downloads Added 06/27/2013 1 Comment PermaLink

Operation Village assault
A terrorist force has taken over a village in AFRICA and are using it as a storage of rockets and radioactive materials,your work is to eliminate all hostiles present there and secure the hostages.Alpha and Charlie teams will support you.