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By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 357 Downloads Added 07/11/2017 14 Comments PermaLink

Last Call
___Hello Everyone. Today I Am Back With Single Player Mission Map. And At Last , Now I can Provide Actual Picture Of Map As Well. I Put Huge Amount Of Time And Effort To Create This Mission. So I Hope All Of You Will Enjoy Playing It. Files Contain ,,READ ME'' So If You Have Any Problems Later On , Read It Carefully.
___Situation Description : After Accomplishing Many Deadly Missions , American Soldiers Finally Have Been Promised Sending Them Back To Their Families For A While , After Long Time No See. However, Situation Has Changed At The Last Minute. Once Again , Their Brave Hearts And Experiences Are Needed. Raging Soldiers Don't Have a Choice. This Is Their Last Mission. This Is Their Last Call...
___Mission Description : Enemies Fortified Themselves On This Island. They Think , They Have The Advantage. And They Do ... However , That Being Said , They Are Underestimating Us. We Are Going To Attack Island From Multiple Directions , Both From Sea And Sky. Once Their Defense Line Is Penetrated , Advantage Will Be Ours. We Will Destroy Them From Inside Out. We Will Not Stop. We Will Not Show Mercy. This Is The End Of The Line. This Is Our Last Mission. This Is Our Last Call...

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS TDM 319 Downloads Added 07/08/2017 4 Comments PermaLink

Ocean Fight
Ladies And Gentlemen, it's fishing time... ok Not really hehe. this is my third TDM map. I find creating tdm maps very easy and not fun. Therefore My next map will be either Cooperative or Single player Mission.
Map Description : Fight is taking place in the middle of ocean, on oil derricks. Third Floor is Blocked with barricades. Only way to attack enemy is through second floor. I even placed some arrows on ground to give you hint where to go. it's only 1 way to attack enemy and there is only 1 way you might be attacked by them so you will get used to map really soon. There are 5 PSP in total. Teams have enough time to capture 2 PSP for themselves with ease. However fifth PSP is right in the middle of map. Which Team is gonna be faster? Team Blue or Team Red? We will see about that.

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS SP 283 Downloads Added 07/08/2017 4 Comments PermaLink

Tutorial for mapping
hello while i was testing this map...something happened....:ohnoes
if you would look at the BlackHawk you would see two pilots which
scares me...to investigate open my map's mission file so you can
override my weapon On/Off make sure you use M21 i recomend it not
barret or MCRT 500. Tactical.I'm sure it's a glitch however if you
want to take a look at it do as what as follows-
pick an M21 before you start a mission as the Pavelow lands get out
quickly and take a look at the Black Hawk pilots if you don't see a
thing zoom out if no the BH is close.Please reply at the comments
for further information at the map i saw this before and here it again

Hello i made this map for Lunnatic so he can understand wac and wac is
Positive on this map so you need a /d command at your shortcut BHDTS
It explains to open doors of MH53 and Fastrope method but that thing
is very complicated.THIS IS JUST A DEMO MAP.You can still use it on
your maps....

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS TDM 323 Downloads Added 07/04/2017 6 Comments PermaLink

Abandoned Town
This is My Second and I guess Final TeamDeathMatch map i have created. Please Leave A comment. How good are my TDM maps? or are they good at all? Feel Free to be honest. Don't be Jerk though. Be Polite. If you want more TDM maps by me then definitely comment on this.
Map Description : Map is Big. it's for many people. Map has 6 roofs those could be used by Snipers. Map Has tunnel network as well (Mostly for CQB guys) Clays are at their Best in Tunnels. There are 6 Hammers circling territory. Getting out of map is impossible. I couldn't find glitches. As far as pic goes .... like i said earlier you have my apologies for that. My Pc is pretty old. Enjoy Map and don't forget to rate it so i know your opinion about this. or you can comment.

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS TDM 306 Downloads Added 07/02/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

Unfinished Business
Hello Everyone. This Map is Not Single Player or Cooperative like rest of my maps. This is TDM. Do you Have what it takes to win? Then Let's go and Destroy Opposite Team.
Map Description : Higher The Number of Players, Better is gameplay. Conflict is Taking Place Between 2 Bases connected by Demolished road. Each Team owes 1 fortified camp. There are 4 PSPs in total. Each Team is meant to capture 2 for themselves at the start of the match. Also Each Team has it's own Black Hawk to provide Air Support. To Make Helicopter Fly , Shoot Barrels beside it. Black Hawks will move on circles and give players a chance to take a perfect look on enemy positions. Each time Helicopter will go close to Where it Started, it will slow down so you can get on it. All you need to do is press Shrift When it's too close and get on minigun and you are in for a second ride!
!!! Warning !!! helicopters will not actually land on roof and then go on another circle. They never stop moving. So you don't have Luxury of relax Soldier... Once Helicopter is in reach Just run to it and grab it's minigun. It's that Simple.

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS CO-OP 334 Downloads Added 07/01/2017 1 Comment PermaLink

Shaky Road
______Welcome To My Asylum This is Strictly Cooperative Map. Single Players will be Crushed like Ants. This Map is For AT LEAST 3 Players Who are Really good in Teamwork.______________________________
______In this Mission, Rebels are trying to take over whole town. Ground And Air Forces have been sent to neutralize the situation. Whole Town is gone to hell. While This madness is taking place in town, Our scout drones detected Nearby located Fortress. We have high activity of enemy forces in Fortress territory. After you will reach Second Spawn point, you will notice 3 Little birds. They are inbound to penetrate enemy fire line and drop you right in the middle of Fortress. Also Be careful not to walk on little bird's blades... always crouch before getting off it or you will die.__________________
______Objectives : 1) According to Intel , There are 2 Garage Buildings with some dangerous verhicles in it as well as some radio equipment. Destroy Them! 2) Scout Drones located 3 Communication Towers under use of enemy forces. Show them no mercy. Eliminate Them!
After Fulfilling Objectives, Ally Forces will Show up Shortly. Good Luck Soldier!

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS SP 235 Downloads Added 06/26/2017 3 Comments PermaLink

Perimeter Fall

Hello,This map is just a AI Vs AI Battle.You can still Help blue kill red
You will also learn something on here like=
The No Die Smoking Little bird= to Destroyable Bird but you need the
Pappy's Unlocked Mission Editor
and etc etc etc

To win wait for the BH to come in..
Ranger 1-Sir glad you make it we recieved a Distress call from the Ajafians they said "GET OUT RUN FOR YOUR LIFE EXPERIMENTAL BODIES GOT LOOSE"
Player-What the.Did they experimented and got loose?!
Ranger 1-Yes sir were locked and Loaded sir
Player-Have you send a Distress call?
Ranger 1-Yes they said a BlackHawk is inbound ETA 6 Minutes
Player-Oh Thank God...
Ranger 2-Oh no Here they Comes
Team Sabre 4-Same here they have RPG's TOO!!
Player-It's Gonna be Hell of a Firefight.........

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP, CO-OP 301 Downloads Added 06/24/2017 1 Comment PermaLink

Noisy Town
This is My second map. much like first one this map does NOT contain any wac bin end and stuff. But you people liked my first map ,,Island Prison'' anyways. just Today I got New editor. So from now on my maps will improve more and more.
In this mission Ally Ground forces have been attacked by unsuspected enemy. They Have many wounded and taking heavy fire. HQ sent Reinforcements right away. You and 3 other choppers are nearest Air units so you get to reach designated area way too early. Your Mission is to Destroy enemy radio towers so enemy can't have the ability to call for their own reinforcements. After Destroying radio towers you must make sure your ground forces reach end of the town safely. Losing Ground Forces will cause game over. Good Luck.

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS SP 229 Downloads Added 06/23/2017 Updated 07/09/17 Watch video 9 Comments PermaLink

AJFP The last stand
As you can see there's a .WAC available so you must have a /d command
on your shortcut if it did not work just walk it off

Briefing is available on the map..

This is still a part map the second one is coming soon....

This map has never happened on the real life but the Marawi clash is True.But the AJFP never existed it is also know as

1#Armed Joint Forces of the Philippines.

2#Advanced Joint Forces of the Philippines.
there's an upcoming version of this map which has really a wac so hang tight till the next map comes..
with special thanks to Medic/Spotter for all his help and cooperation

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP, CO-OP 312 Downloads Added 06/21/2017 23 Comments PermaLink

Island Prison
This is My First Try of Editing. So Don't expect anything extraordinary. This Mission is Single Player However I made it playable for Cooperative too (it's not like it's hard for single player and easy for coop So you can have some fun times with your friends as well.
And Sorry about picture. My pc has problems lately and I can't take pics.
So in this mission You are entering in enemy territory with boats under cover of Air Support. Your Allies are staying on boat. You can also stay on boat and shoot from 50cal or you can go on Helicopter and be air support yourself. preventing your men from dying is NOT main priority however if you did manage to prevent them from dying, they will be great asset later on. In Order to win the map you have to complete following objectives : 1)Destroy Enemy Verhicles 2) Destroy Enemy Helicopters 3) Destroy enemy radio towers and 4) Free their hostage. WARNING: You need to destroy radio towers first and then try to free the hostage, which is located on second floor of building.
As I said before this mission is Single Player BUT it can be played as team. Coop fans will have good time.
By the way I tried to put some sound affects and conversations but they are too complicated for me and I failed to do so. Even though I think this version of map is worth giving a shot.

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS TDM 268 Downloads Added 06/07/2017 Updated 06/07/17 Add Comment PermaLink

BHDTS Shore War B
No available pictures.....

what team will you join Blue or Red?

each team has different modes like

The other team will defend and the other team will attack however the defending team has no emplaced weapons the other team lots of them including a tank.but the other team which is running for cover and attacking opposing forces they have an air support but that is limited the main obj. for them is take the psp same for the opposing team.

TDM Map not Attack and Defend
One last thing the host must edit the map to unlock the air support

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS TDM 228 Downloads Added 06/07/2017 Updated 06/07/17 Add Comment PermaLink

BHDTS Shore War A
No available pictures.....

what team will you join Blue or Red?

each team has different modes like

The other team will defend and the other team will attack however the defending team has no emplaced weapons the other team lots of them including a tank.but the other team which is running for cover and attacking opposing forces they have an air support but that is limited the main obj. for them is take the psp same for the opposing team.

TDM Map not Attack and Defend
one last thing the host must edit the map to unlock the air support

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS CO-OP 268 Downloads Added 06/05/2017 4 Comments PermaLink

COOP on ISIS territory
This is a TS map my MED does not recognize/Sees the TS Items.
And if i play the map i cannot submit the Map.
That means map is un tested still things might not work





By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS TDM, TKOTH 221 Downloads Added 06/04/2017 1 Comment PermaLink

WAR and Blood

Tracers everywhere little birds strafing and in the middle..

A fully armed BUNKER but if you got hit by a squib your dead but a psp is on the bunker so you'll be fine maybe...

this map is for TKOTH and TDM ...

the map is created for 2 SERVER the other one where i was Punted lol

and a surprise in the zip. file muhahahaha it's not a virus.
A TUT found on the ZIP. File

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS TDM, TKOTH 222 Downloads Added 06/01/2017 Updated 06/03/17 1 Comment PermaLink


Good map for TDM and TKOTH.

************** Enjoy*************

<<<Don't look at the image its not what you think.

I used Sub-Pictures............LOL

By Z.SpecOps,Age DFBHDTS SP 312 Downloads Added 06/01/2017 11 Comments PermaLink

SAS and Delta
*****First map to be created****


Two twin US buildings have been attacked.Remaining forces who tried to retake the building have failed causing death of two rangers.The british SAS have agreed to join forces together with SFOD-Delta.Go and storm our taken building and await further orders.

On the streets it maybe medium hard but one you reached and have eyes on the twin buildings Air support comes....

Causalities is not accepted.To finish the Mission go in the front of the last US build (COMMAND AND CONTROL CENTRE)........

Sorry for no available image...

By tony991 DFBHDTS SP 488 Downloads Added 03/26/2017 1 Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO MOD

Russian Krug CDAA
** Requires NSO MOD **

**This is the sequel of the Russian Woodpecker map** The main task of the Krug system was to test the parameters of the ionosphere and to determine the best operating frequency for the Duga-3 (Russian Woodpecker). The optimal propagation frequency depended on the current ionosphere condition, which changes within the day and is direction dependent. It consists of large antennas in a diameter of about 300m. In the center of the circle there's a one-storied building with reception equipment. The Soviets are now aware of your presence after the destruction of the Duga-3 array so resistance will be much larger. You must destroy the electronic reception equipment in the Krug building to guarantee total deactivation of the arrays.. Good Luck!!
Please rate and comment!

By tony991 DFBHDTS SP 484 Downloads Added 03/15/2017 4 Comments PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO MOD

Russian Woodpecker
** Requires NSO MOD **

Starting in 1976 a new and powerful radio signal was detected worldwide. It was later determined that the origin of the interference was somewhere in the USSR. The Duga-3 facility was erected between 1970 and 1975 and used as an enormous antenna. It is a huge lattice mega-structure, 150 meters wide, 90 high, and 750 long. To man the radar system, a small secret city was built, in which 1000 people lived. Duga-3 is a Soviet early missile detection system (over-the-horizon radar system). This site was NATO codenamed, "Steelyard”. It was nicknamed “Russian Woodpecker” due to the signal that could be heard on the shortwave radio bands worldwide between July 1976 and December 1989. It sounded like a sharp, repetitive tapping noise, at 10 Hz, giving rise to the "Woodpecker" name. The random frequency disrupted legitimate broadcast, amateur radio, and utility transmissions and resulted in thousands of complaints by many countries worldwide. You must enter the facility without setting off any alarms. You must destroy the Soviet radio equipment in the main communications building. After the radios have been destroyed Soviet patrols will not be able to radio in your presence. Proceed to the Duga-3 array and place C-4 charges and once you’re clear detonate the C-4.
Please Rate and Comment!

By M@hdi MM DFBHDTS SP, CO-OP, DM, TDM, KOTH, TKOTH, CTF, FB, AD, SD, AS, C&C 599 Downloads Added 08/10/2016 Add Comment PermaLink


By [CSS]FireStorm DFBHDTS TDM, TKOTH 236 Downloads Added 07/25/2016 Add Comment PermaLink

US Fortress
This is TDM map and this is not a very big map.10-30 players can play this because this has many hiding spots and places for camp .by the way download this map and enjoy.dont forget to comment.
i have no any screen recorder so thats why i cant upload an image.

By [CSS]FireStorm DFBHDTS DM, TDM, KOTH, TKOTH, CTF 245 Downloads Added 07/22/2016 Add Comment PermaLink

Just Survive
This is multiple game map.you can play TKOTH,KOTH,CTF,TDM,DM game modes.it is night map but not NIGHT 1.so you can see everything.also it ahs hovering helos and a smuggling plane.they are rounding out of the map and never land.so super download and enjoy .
dont forget to comment.

By [CSS]FireStorm DFBHDTS DM, TDM, TKOTH, CTF 199 Downloads Added 07/22/2016 Add Comment PermaLink

This is a beautiful map and has TKOTH,TDM,DM and CTF game modes.also it has 2nd Floor .plz download and enjoy and also comment.
flat terrain,no water,has no chance to outmap.

By [CSS]FireStorm DFBHDTS TDM, TKOTH 213 Downloads Added 07/10/2016 1 Comment PermaLink

CrossFire by FireStorm
This is newest map i was created.this is daytime map and it is just like abundant garage..download and enjoy.!!!!!!!!!!

By mahdi95bk DFBHDTS SP, CO-OP, DM, TDM, KOTH, TKOTH, CTF, FB, AD, SD, AS, C&C 620 Downloads Added 05/30/2016 1 Comment PermaLink

SkyFall By M@hdi ^[(M16°)]

ENJOY MAP....M@hdi ^[(M16°)]

By blake DFBHDTS TDM 332 Downloads Added 04/27/2016 Add Comment PermaLink

White Wash
Tried to mess up a bit with Druglord's villa. Ideal for 6-10 players and is total fun to hunt players. Its a complete medic/cqb map and you can also snipe but only at your own risk
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