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By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 461 Downloads Added 01/01/2018 Add Comment PermaLink

Camp Raid Crock
Seventh Mission in Campaign:
We have found the camp in which the hijacked bus was going to be taken. Destroy the camp.

By tony991 DFBHDTS SP 521 Downloads Added 12/31/2017 Watch video 2 Comments PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO Deadline

Deadline 1: Awaken
The threat of radiation still looms in the newspapers from a failed military experiment. The papers are saying it’s affecting human life. The military denies these allegations. This was four days ago... Today, your alarm did not go off, you have over slept and now you're late for work. A siren and the sound of military vehicles passing by awakens you. You jump out of bed and grab a kitchen knife...

Please rate and comment!!

This is the first of eight Deadline campaign maps to come. I wish I was able to get them out much sooner but life happens.


By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 535 Downloads Added 12/22/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

Sixth Mission in Campaign:
A bus with foreign tourists has been hijacked by Magrucho Paulo's guerrillas for immunity. You have to infil by local pickup truck, secure and exfil in the hijacked bus. There are 4 hostages in the bus including the driver.

By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 517 Downloads Added 12/19/2017 Updated 12/24/17 Add Comment PermaLink

Fifth Mission in Campaign:
Magrucho Paulo's agents stole 2 Blackhawk helicopters from a US camp. Their location pinpoints to a facility in a village. Infiltrate the village by APC. Clear the village. Destroy all drugs and weapons. Eliminate all resistance and destroy any airborne Blackhawks. If there are grounded Blackhawks, commandeer them back to base. DO NOT DESTROY meat since it will be fed to jaguars.

By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 575 Downloads Added 12/17/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

Protect your ship from pirates.

By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 497 Downloads Added 12/16/2017 Updated 12/17/17 Add Comment PermaLink

Protect your base from stealth enemy attacks.

By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 606 Downloads Added 12/13/2017 Updated 12/24/17 Add Comment PermaLink

Techno Meat
Fourth Mission in Campaign:
There is a village under Magrucho Paulo's control from where he supplies drugs/meat to nearby villages. Attack and capture the village and destroy all drug and weapon shipments. There are civilians in the village so check your fire. There are also civilian vehicles in the area so only engage armed vehicles or vehicles carrying drugs/weapons. DO NOT DESTROY meat since it will be fed to jaguars. We have to also retrieve his techbooks so search in every corner and every furniture.

By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 555 Downloads Added 12/09/2017 Updated 12/13/17 Add Comment PermaLink

Facility Protection
Second Mission in Campaign:
Protect the captured facility.

By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 555 Downloads Added 12/09/2017 Updated 12/13/17 2 Comments PermaLink

Smuggling Harbour
Third Mission in Campaign:
Satellite imagery pinpoints another Magrucho Paulo's hunting and transport facility. Infiltrate and shut it down by Blackhawks, destroy all drugs and weapons. DO NOT destroy the meat since it will be fed to jaguars.

By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 582 Downloads Added 12/08/2017 Updated 03/02/18 11 Comments PermaLink

Hunter Hunted
First mission in campaign:
A smuggler, Magrucho Paulo controls many forested parts of Columbia. A narco submarine intercepted by coast guards in US was found to have crocodile meat, drugs and weapons. The commander of the submarine has interrogated to prevent death sentence. The intel we received pinpoints to some facilities in Columbia. Infiltrate Paulo's crocodile hunting facility, eliminate all hostiles and destroy all drugs and weapons. DO NOT destroy the meat since it will be fed to jaguars.

By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 633 Downloads Added 12/01/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

Deciduous Forest Camp Raid
You have to infiltrate an enemy camp by Jeep Willys. Eliminate all resistance and destroy all enemy weapons and vehicles. Even after the camp is defended by 2 ZSU AAAs we are risking to send 4 Little Birds or else this mission will be almost impossible.

By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 631 Downloads Added 11/25/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

Attack 3
You have to infiltrate an enemy base by RHIB. Protect yourself from enemy patrol boats, land on the docks. Destroy the wooden dock, boats, ship and warehouse storage. Protect yourself from enemy helicopter. Destroy enemy military base, AAAs and snipers at the airbase to enable a helicopter landing. Then go to the airbase via tunnel and destroy it. Make sure that all ammo in the tunnel is destroyed and then wait for helicopter landing. This is the continuation of my Siege 2 mission. From the intel you got from there, you know this base's location.

By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 634 Downloads Added 11/21/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

Tunnel Infiltration
You have to infiltrate and destroy an enemy camp in a forest by Blackhawk.

By SpecOpsSniper DFBHDTS SP 633 Downloads Added 11/18/2017 Updated 11/25/17 1 Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: TIO Coop

AJFP Death Dunes
*This map is the first of 3 series we are now in the third campaign of the series. Map contains .bms .mis .WAC .til .ifl and atlast .bin
TIO COOP 9.2 are needed in the series.


IAJ have ambushed 101st Cavalry of Pakistan they wanted every suplies
they need. You and Mike will have to get to the site ASAP!
you will be deployed via HUMMMER.

This map took my 2-3 days to complete i hope you guys like it
if you like it please Like, Comment , Share.

PS: Map thumbnail or picture is edited.

By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 653 Downloads Added 11/16/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

Base Assault
Assault enemy base on Kharg Island.

By Seahawk DFBHDTS SP 631 Downloads Added 11/13/2017 Updated 11/24/17 Add Comment PermaLink

Siege 3
You have to break a naval siege at you base and destroy enemy aircraft.

By Creator DFBHDTS SP 720 Downloads Added 11/05/2017 2 Comments PermaLink

Jungle Attack
Antonio Paulo use some private airplanes to carry heavy loads of drugs. The Intelligence has discovered a load in the jungle with a plane departing in no time. Your job is to hook up with trucks and with your rangers, destroy a radio equipment in a small village, reach the airport, kill all the smugglers, destroy the drug crates and destroy the airplane.
Good luck 2-1

By DFBHD_360 DFBHDTS SP 679 Downloads Added 11/04/2017 2 Comments PermaLink

Ambush !
Thank you NovaHQ for letting me join the community.

This map is situated in a fuel depot, where the player must defend the depot agaisnt enemy militias. This sounds easy, but trust me, altough they came in a huge horde, they can still injure or even, kill you or your teammates.

Challenge : Complete the map without suffering much casualties

I'm new to the community.

Part 2 coming soon

By thrasherstone DFBHDTS SP 749 Downloads Added 11/04/2017 Watch video 1 Comment PermaLink

Operation Raining Blood
Hello guys! Sorry on my last single player map, it didn't do so hot... But I just finished a new single player map that I worked on for a week. I've been busy with work so I now have less time to make maps. But I still will be making maps for you guys! If anyone wants to collab on a map, let me know!

Operation Raining Blood
By TIO Thrasher Stone

Chemical bombs known as "Raining Blood" has been detonated by Aidid's forces in the outskirts of Mogadishu. It has made the air toxic, but it won't harm you instantly... Your mission is to find the missing soldiers in the town and escort them to safety. There will be a Black Hawk and two AH6 Little Birds waiting for you and your squad. We will exfil once everyone has made it on board. Once you guys hit the air, you will provide cover for the convoy and escort them to the safety drop off point. Once you've made it there, everyone will leave on the AC-130 gunships.

By SpecOpsSniper DFBHDTS SP 763 Downloads Added 10/31/2017 3 Comments PermaLink

Plane Take-Off

A another map in the SpecOpsSniper directory trust me its a "noob" map LOL
it shows how to properly make a dc3 plane take off...
this map is not copied i took the idea on tsbhd2 but i changed my mind. there was another way on easily making a dc3 plane take off,
and it's here .
.zip description;
Name: Plane Take-Off
Type: WinRAR ZIP archive
Size: 8.44 KB
items: .mis .bms .til .txt .ifl

note: you can change the map for your own personal use.

By SpecOpsSniper DFBHDTS SP 740 Downloads Added 10/29/2017 Updated 10/31/17 3 Comments PermaLink
MOD Required: NSO Deadline

DL Final Escape
DL Final Escape

Briefing will be on the menu.
You are a R.C.P.D Police Officer something not supposed to happened at your city the military have the convoy positioned at your location
tonight you will be now as a Ranger you will be the lead hummer gunner your task is to clear a path for the convoy until we reach that peak so the BlackHawk can provide help after that we extract leave the city and get your relatives to safety.

History Begins.........

By Thrasher Stone & Daewolf DFBHDTS SP 395 Downloads Added 10/18/2017 Updated 11/07/17 Watch video 2 Comments PermaLink

Save Durant (Super Six Four)
(Update: Made a few changes since the last upload, the pilot is now destructible and there are more enemy waves, but less enemies per wave. Added more decorations and enemy RPG's. The pilot's fire timer is now set to 1. He is able to defend himself better. It will be harder for him to die which will lead to mission fail if he dies.)

Map Description: Based off an actual event, Super Six Four has been shot down by an RPG to the tail rotor. You and a Delta sniper will fight your way to the crash site after being dropped off by a Black Hawk. Find Super Six Four's crash site and provide a defensive perimeter to keep hostiles away from the pilot. Command isn't sure when a rescue convoy will arrive to the crash site, so be prepared for heavy waves of enemies. Make your shots count!

- TIO Thrasher Stone

By SpecOpsSniper DFBHDTS SP 363 Downloads Added 10/17/2017 Updated 10/20/17 4 Comments PermaLink

AJFP Nuclear Warfare
***LAST MAP IN AJFP-AMCA-Pakistani Campaign***

Description; Map has no text voice or anything to guide you only the briefing can only guide you..password for the archive
if you can't understand pls PM me

While Extracting back to base the Division grouped with 5 ships escorting a nuclear warships and submarines however.. those WMD packages were hijjacked. Amcanian forces transported you on the T.A join with Cobra disable the WMD.

By thrasherstone DFBHDTS SP 420 Downloads Added 10/16/2017 Updated 10/16/17 4 Comments PermaLink

Operation Eagle Soar
(Update: Found a few bugs on the first upload but fixed them.)
New single player map added! Instead of playing as Coach, you get to fight along his side! You play as a Delta operator taking orders from Delta 5-1 aka Coach. This is a joint operation with US Rangers, SAS, and Delta Force. There is music in the map, it won't play until the battle begins! The beginning has a lot of dialog, so make sure to put in the .wac file.
Operation Eagle Soar
Date: October 15th, 1995 - 1400 Hours
Location: Kharg Island, Iran.

A shipment of drugs and weapons are being sent to Aidid. Since we are no longer in Somalia, we can still hit Aidid's weapon and drug supplier. Aidid will become weak and taken over by another clan that oppose him. First, link up with the SAS at objective ALPHA. Then, take down 3 AA guns so US Rangers can infil by an AH6 little bird. After everyone links up, take down weapon and drug crates at the airfield. Make sure no one escapes the airfield. The enemy will radio for reinforcements so make sure to take down the radio tower and equipment that is located north at a small town. Reach the end of the town which will lead you to the harbor. Take down any cargo ships that are going to Somalia.

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 419 Downloads Added 10/15/2017 4 Comments PermaLink

Fallen Eagle
>>> 1993 Year. Battle Of Mogadishu. Black Hawk Went Down For The Second Time. Only 1 Pilot - Michael Durant Survived The Impact. Convoy Lead Was Trying It's Best To Reach The Crash Site But Time Was Running Out. Then Out Of The Blue , 2 Rangers, Gary Gordon And Randy Shughart Asked For Permission To Be Dropped Off Near Crash Site, In Fully Hostile Territory. This Was not Any Kind Of Order. This 2 Men Wanted To Risk Their Lives And Hold Positions Until Convoy's Arrival. Deep Down They Both Knew It Was Suicide Mission But They Never Faired. So They Got Dropped Off And They Managed To Defend Positions For Quite Some Time But It Was 2 vs Whole Town And Eventually They Got Overwhelmed By Somalians. Pilot Was Taken As A Hostage. And Rangers...They Both Died That Day But Their Name And Their Actions Still Live On. <<<

>>> This Time You Can Rewrite The History. Or Can You? Will You Be Able To Defend The Crash Site And Rescue The Pilot? It's All Up To You. Good Luck <<<